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鈥淒arkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that," the Goddess Amaltheia said as she held William in her loving embrace. "Hate cannot drive out hate, only Love can do that.鈥滻n order to help his little brothers and sisters at the orphanage, and save the person he loves, William decided to make the ultimate sacrifice.This selfless act moved the hearts of the Gods into gifting William the opportunity to enter the Cycle of Reincarnation with their blessings. Together with his Mama Ella, and a herd of goats, William embarks on a new journey to find the meaning of happiness in his new life.In a world of Swords and Magic, where adventures roam wild and free, the tale of the Legendary Shepherd is about to begin![Disclaimer: You might get addicted reading this story.]-----If you are sick and tired of reading the same old isekai, reincarnation, system, and OP MCs then this novel will give you a breath of fresh air.So...Prepare yourself to read a story youve never read before.P..
Chapter 1: Ranking Systems
Chapter 1: Iu2019m Going Ahead Firstu2026 Donu2019t Miss Me Too Much
Chapter 2: Temple Of Ten Thousand Gods
Chapter 3: Finding A Patron God
Chapter 4: Williamu2019s Choice
Chapter 5: Signing Of Contract
Chapter 6: Iu2019m Going To Fcking Dismantle You!
Chapter 7: William Von Ainsworth
Chapter 8: Fiefdom of Lont
Chapter 9: Escape! I Must Escape!
Chapter 10: Time To Fight Back!
Chapter 11: Choosing A Path [Part 1]
Chapter 12: Choosing A Path [Part 2]
Chapter 13: Cooked Rice
Chapter 14: Cheat Codes
Chapter 15: Finding A Suitable Target
Chapter 16: A Storm Is Brewing
Chapter 17: Guests From Afar [Part 1]
Chapter 18: Guests From Afar [Part 2]
Chapter 19: Williamu2019s Compromise [Part 1]
Chapter 20: Williamu2019s Compromise [Part 2]
Chapter 21: Stormcaller
Chapter 22: The Power Of The Elements
Chapter 23: Troll Warrior With Steroids
Chapter 24: First Boss Fight
Chapter 25: Wolf Tide [Part 1]
Chapter 26: Wolf Tide [Part 2]
Chapter 27: Wolf Tide [Part 3]
Chapter 28: Williamu2019s Secret
Chapter 29: Arrival Of The Boss Monster
Chapter 30: All Your Exp. Belongs To Me!
Chapter 31: Either It Dies, Or We Die
Chapter 32: Message from the Author
Chapter 33: Storm Annihilation [Part 1]
Chapter 34: Storm Annihilation [Part 2]
Chapter 35: Looking For A Second Opinion
Chapter 36: Williamu2019s Naming Sense
Chapter 37: The Dungeon Raid [Part 1]
Chapter 38: The Dungeon Raid [Part 2]
Chapter 39: The Expansion Of Lont
Chapter 40: A Stubborn Fool
Chapter 41: Letu2019s Cross That Bridge When We Get There
Chapter 42: A Fatheru2019s Love
Chapter 43: Return To The Goblin Crypt
Chapter 44: Williamu2019s Fall
Chapter 45: The Old Ginger Is Still Spicy
Chapter 46: Fight Fire With Fire
Chapter 47: Your Fifteen Minutes Starts Now
Chapter 48: Dont Regret Your Decision, Little Will
Chapter 49: Latest News From The Kingdom
Chapter 50: Hidden Danger Within The Depths
Chapter 51: Job Advancement In The Midst Of Battle
Chapter 52: A Chance To Turn The Tables [Part 1]
Chapter 53: A Chance To Turn The Tables [Part 2]
Chapter 54: Elven Prophecy [Part 1]
Chapter 55: Elven Prophecy [Part 2]
Chapter 56: A Motheru2019s Love
Chapter 57: Reaping Benefits Amidst The Chaos
Chapter 58: Time For You To Become My Slave~
Chapter 59: Enjoy Your First Taste Of Suffering
Chapter 60: A Man Must Learn How To Pay His Debts
Chapter 61: Arwenu2019s Long Awaited Letter
Chapter 62: Time To Go To The Temple
Chapter 63: Traveling Together [Part 1]
Chapter 64: Traveling Together [Part 2]
Chapter 65: When The Sky Falls Down
Chapter 66: The Price For Freedom
Chapter 67: Big Brother, Are You Happy WIth Your Current Life?
Chapter 68: God Points
Chapter 69: May The Odds Be In Your Favor
Chapter 70: Parting Of Ways
Chapter 71: Reaching A Compromise
Chapter 72: Challenge Of Courage [Part 1]
Chapter 73: Challenge Of Courage [Part 2]
Chapter 74: Someone Who Was Favored By The Gods
Chapter 75: Bestow Your Power Upon My Unworthy Hands
Chapter 76: Unpleasant To The Eyes
Chapter 77: Are We Now Friends?
Chapter 78: The Old Duke Of Griffith
Chapter 79: A Match Made In Heaven
Chapter 80: Duel After 7 Years
Chapter 81: Following The Script
Chapter 82: Itu2019s Fine If No One Sees
Chapter 83: A Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 84: Would You Like William To Become Your Exclusive Slave?
Chapter 85: Williamu2019s Dilemma
Chapter 86: The Last Nail In The Coffin
Chapter 87: Rankings And Professions [Part 1]
Chapter 88: Rankings And Professions [Part 2]
Chapter 89: The Dungeon Conqueror [Part 1]
Chapter 90: The Dungeon Conqueror [Part 2]
Chapter 91: Owenu2019s Stamina Training
Chapter 92: Inside the Silent Forest [Part 1]
Chapter 93: Inside the Silent Forest [Part 2]
Chapter 94: Dwayneu2019s Martial Arts Training [Part 1]
Chapter 95: Dwayneu2019s Martial Arts Training [Part 2]
Chapter 96: Dwayneu2019s Martial Arts Training [Part 3]
Chapter 97: Hitting The Target [Part 1]
Chapter 98: Hitting The Target [Part 2]
Chapter 99: Long Time No See, Master
Chapter 100: M-Master, Itu2019s My First Time
Chapter 101: Ignorance is Bliss [Part 1]
Chapter 102: Ignorance is Bliss [Part 2]
Chapter 103: Master, I Miss You
Chapter 104: Aura Training [Part 1]
Chapter 105: Aura Training [Part 2]
Chapter 106: Aura Training [Part 3]
Chapter 107: Bell of Anthanasia
Chapter 108: Those Who Reside In The Darkness [Part 1]
Chapter 109: Those Who Reside In The Darkness [Part 2]
Chapter 110: Why Is Human Life So Fragile?
Chapter 111: Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate, Only Love Can Do That.
Chapter 112: Final Heaven [Part 1]
Chapter 113: Final Heaven [Part 2]
Chapter 114: The Choice Is Up To You To Make
Chapter 115: Breaking Free From The Shackles
Chapter 116: Forever Loving You
Chapter 117: March Towards The Capital
Chapter 118: I Wish Not For Dominion, But I Cant Let The Innocent Suffer
Chapter 119: Gladiolus, The Capital City Of The Hellan Kingdom
Chapter 120: Reunion After Four Years
Chapter 121: Enrollment Test [Part 1]
Chapter 122: Enrollment Test [Part 2]
Chapter 123: Said West Only My Perfection!
Chapter 124: William Vs Psoglav [Part 1]
Chapter 125: William Vs Psoglav [Part 2]
Chapter 126: William Vs Psoglav [Part 3]
Chapter 127: Did I Fail?
Chapter 128: You Tricked Me!
Chapter 129: The Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World
Chapter 130: Williamu2019s Roommate
Chapter 131: Who Do You Think Will Win?
Chapter 132: Is Goat Milk Really That Good?
Chapter 133: Enchanted Forest [Part 1]
Chapter 134: Enchanted Forest [Part 2]
Chapter 135: Bruiser of Ancient Power
Chapter 136: Night Raid Inside the Enchanted Forest [Part 1]
Chapter 137: Night Raid Inside the Enchanted Forest [Part 2]
Chapter 138: An Archeru2019s Pride [Part 1]
Chapter 139: An Archeru2019s Pride [Part 2]
Chapter 140: I Fought For Love
Chapter 141: The Fight For The Position Of Vice-Prefect
Chapter 142: Glory To The Demon Race! [R-18]
Chapter 143: Inner Circle Of Friends
Chapter 144: Collaboration
Chapter 145: Turn The Royal Academy Upside Down
Chapter 146: Donu2019t Hold Back And Crush Them
Chapter 147: Might Over Magic [Part 1]
Chapter 148: Might Over Magic [Part 2]
Chapter 149: This Is Why They Are Called Heroes
Chapter 200: The Fishermanu2019s Game [Part 1]
Chapter 201: The Fishermanu2019s Game [Part 2]
Chapter 202: Williams Return To Lont
Chapter 203: Conradu2019s Greatest Dream
Chapter 204: Dragon Knight of War
Chapter 205: Temptation That Is Very Hard To Resist
Chapter 206: Slowly Staining Their Hearts In Darkness
Chapter 207: The Star Of The Show Has Arrived
Chapter 208: Commander Of The Angorian War Sovereign
Chapter 209: Tragic End
Chapter 210: I Am Someone Who Holds Grudges
Chapter 211: Would You Like To Join My Knight Order?
Chapter 212: Beauty And The Bestie
Chapter 213: The Princes Of The Hellan Kingdom
Chapter 214: A Key That Would Bring The World To Ruin
Chapter 215: That Slave Collar On Your Neck Suits You Perfectly
Chapter 216: The Lady Behind The Glasses
Chapter 217: Condition For Joining The Knight Order
Chapter 218: The Baron Of Brandford
Chapter 219: Soleil, The Flower That Blooms In The Battlefield
Chapter 220: He Who Dwells In The Marshes
Chapter 221: Vanguards That Would Lead Him To Victory
Chapter 222: The Siscon Brothers
Chapter 223: Until The Bitter End
Chapter 224: Underground Base [Part 1]
Chapter 225: Underground Base [Part 2]
Chapter 226: Yin Yang Cauldron
Chapter 227: Oathkeeperu2019s Key
Chapter 228: Thousand Beast Domain [Part 1]
Chapter 229: Thousand Beast Domain [Part 2]
Chapter 230: Estu2019s And Williamu2019s Bet
Chapter 231: Sweeter Than Candy
Chapter 232: Change Of Plans
Chapter 233: A Talk With The Youngest Prince
Chapter 234: The Town Of Northwell
Chapter 235: Tribe Gathering
Chapter 236: The Two Of You Will Become My Fiance
Chapter 237: A Wolf In Sheepu2019s Clothing
Chapter 238: Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 239: The Deity Of The Sky
Chapter 240: Iu2019m Rolling!
Chapter 241: The Laws Of The Kyrintor Mountains
Chapter 242: My Future Husband Is The Best
Chapter 243: Williams Undercover Plan
Chapter 244: The Role Of A Chess Piece
Chapter 245: Connal, The Second Warrior Of The Northern Tribe
Chapter 246: The Wind May Blow, But The Ice Will Never Melt
Chapter 247: Donu2019t Worry. I Wonu2019t Let Him Marry You
Chapter 248: Lightning God War Art, Eighth Form
Chapter 249: Duelu2019s End
Chapter 150: Valuable Lessons
Chapter 151: Planting Seeds
Chapter 152: The Carrot And Stick Approach
Chapter 153: The Town of Hartlepool
Chapter 154: Goblin Crypt [Part 1]
Chapter 155: Goblin Crypt [Part 2]
Chapter 156: Goblin Crypt [Part 3]
Chapter 157: Goblin Crypt [Part 4]
Chapter 158: Goblin Crypt [End]
Chapter 159: You Can Repay Me With Your Body
Chapter 160: A Tale Of Tears, Blood, And Suffering
Chapter 161: Wendyu2019s Secret Place
Chapter 162: Williamu2019s Story [Part 1]
Chapter 163: Williamu2019s Story [Part 2]
Chapter 164: Canu2019t Friends Hold Hands?
Chapter 165: State Of Emergency
Chapter 166: Dungeon Outbreak [Part 1]
Chapter 167: Dungeon Outbreak [Part 2]
Chapter 168: Donu2019t Worry. Iu2019ll Keep Your Little Prince Safe
Chapter 169: Creatures Of Myths And Legends [Part 1]
Chapter 170: Creatures Of Myths And Legends [Part 2]
Chapter 171: Corrupted Dungeon Cores [Part 1]
Chapter 172: Corrupted Dungeon Cores [Part 2]
Chapter 173: Corrupted Dungeon Cores [Part 3]
Chapter 174: A Mission That Takes Precedence
Chapter 175: Filled To The Brim With Love [R-18]
Chapter 176: New Members Of The Family [Part 1]
Chapter 177: New Members Of The Family [Part 2]
Chapter 178: Turning The Dungeon Upside Down
Chapter 179: Kennethu2019s Secret [Part 1]
Chapter 180: Kennethu2019s Secret [Part 2]
Chapter 181: The Strongest Person In Lont
Chapter 182: Reincarnated With The Strongest System
Chapter 183: Promise Between Men
Chapter 184: You May Now Kiss The Bride!
Chapter 185: Thunder Godu2019s Wrath
Chapter 186: When Was The Last Time You Boys Brushed Your Teeth?
Chapter 187: Order Of The Angorian War Sovereign [Part 1]
Chapter 188: Order Of The Angorian War Sovereign [Part 2]
Chapter 189: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Tongue
Chapter 190: Jamesu2019 Old Nemesis
Chapter 191: A Senior Dares To Bully Children?
Chapter 192: I Will Not Allow Others To Use Me As A Stepping Stone
Chapter 193: The Sword Saintu2019s Condition
Chapter 194: Big Game Hunters
Chapter 195: Williamu2019s Demonic Business Partner
Chapter 196: The Crusader Of The Sky
Chapter 197: Can We Talk In Private?
Chapter 198: Bastian Of The Chiron Tribe
Chapter 199: Your Name Will Be Aethon
Chapter 300: Fall In Love All Over Again
Chapter 301: Joined At The Hips
Chapter 302: Lilyu2019s Lollipop [Part 1]
Chapter 303: Lilyu2019s Lollipop [Part 2]
Chapter 304: A Secret Meeting With Mother-In-Law
Chapter 305: The Jack Of All Trades Is A Useless Profession [Part 1]
Chapter 306: The Jack Of All Trades Is A Useless Profession [Part 2]
Chapter 307: The Goddess Of Lust [Part 1]
Chapter 308: The Goddess Of Lust [Part 2]
Chapter 309: Preparation For Departure
Chapter 310: Good Things Should Belong To The Family
Chapter 311: Sancus and Williamu2019s Fated Meeting [Part 1]
Chapter 312: Sancus and Williamu2019s Fated Meeting [Part 2]
Chapter 313: Sacrificial Offering
Chapter 314: The Next Stage Of The Shepherd Job Class
Chapter 315: What Is A Shepherd?
Chapter 316: Little Brother, You Are Far Too Naive
Chapter 317: Heroic Avatar
Chapter 318: I Chooseu2026 You!
Chapter 319: Quick Shot War Arts
Chapter 320: You Donu2019t Have Much Time, Will
Chapter 321: The Day The Sky Fell
Chapter 322: The Shepherd Versus The Celestial Army [Part 1]
Chapter 323: The Shepherd Versus The Celestial Army [Part 2]
Chapter 324: Unwanted Guests That Came From Distant Lands
Chapter 325: Escape From Ravenlord Citadel
Chapter 326: World Shaking Battle Of Epic Proportions
Chapter 327: Williamu2019s and Shau2019s Collaboration [Part 1]
Chapter 328: Williamu2019s and Shau2019s Collaboration [Part 2]
Chapter 329: Break All Walls That Stand Before Me! [Part 1]
Chapter 330: Break All Walls That Stand Before Me! [Part 2]
Chapter 331: Our Battle Will Be Legendary [Part 1]
Chapter 332: Our Battle Will Be Legendary [Part 2]
Chapter 333: A Godu2019s Pride
Chapter 334: Returning To The Temple Of The Gods
Chapter 335: What I Want, Is You
Chapter 336: Donu2019t Cause Too Much Of A Ruckus In Hell
Chapter 337: The Undying Lands
Chapter 338: Invaders Of The Southern Continent
Chapter 339: Gavinu2019s True Form
Chapter 340: Blame The Fact That Your Surname Is Ainsworth
Chapter 341: The Wrath Of The Righteous
Chapter 342: Letu2019s Return To Lont First
Chapter 343: The Presence Of A Demigod
Chapter 344: One Of The Four Evils
Chapter 345: Tempted To Give A Good Spanking
Chapter 346: No One Is Allowed To Leave Alive
Chapter 347: The Undying Lands
Chapter 348: God Points Donu2019t Fall Down From The Sky
Chapter 349: Unexpected Turn Of Events
Chapter 250: Calm Your Tiddies, You Bunch Of Pus*ies!
Chapter 251: Youu2019re Not Qualified To Fight Me
Chapter 252: Distant Relative
Chapter 253: The Law Of Equivalent Exchange
Chapter 254: My Name Is Will [Part 1]
Chapter 255: My Name Is Will [Part 2]
Chapter 256: The Ending Of A Fairy Tale [Part 1]
Chapter 257: The Ending Of A Fairy Tale [Part 2]
Chapter 258: The Ending Of A Fairy Tale [Part 3]
Chapter 259: Letu2019s Meet Again When The Sky Falls
Chapter 260: For The Sake Of My Cute Little Sister
Chapter 261: A Short Visit To Lont
Chapter 262: Just Wait, My Beloved Little Pets
Chapter 263: Williamu2019s Gamble
Chapter 264: Promises That He Would No Longer Be Able To Keep
Chapter 265: A Farce With A Tragic Ending
Chapter 266: Lost Memories
Chapter 267: Iu2019m Sorry
Chapter 268: Would You Like To Kiss Me?
Chapter 269: A Vessel That Held Limitless Possibilities
Chapter 270: Pain Is Temporary, But My Fists Are Eternal
Chapter 271: A Night In Valhalla [Rated-18]
Chapter 272: I Canu2019t Believe We Did Thirty Rounds
Chapter 273: I Knew That Following Him Was Not A Mistake
Chapter 274: The Meaning Of Discretion
Chapter 275: Will He Be Able To Resist My Charm?
Chapter 276: Conquest Of The Southern Continent
Chapter 277: Guests From The Kingdom Of Freesia [Part 1]
Chapter 278: Guests From The Kingdom Of Freesia [Part 2]
Chapter 279: I Hope That The Two Of You Can Meet Soon
Chapter 280: The Crown Princeu2019s Jealousy
Chapter 281: Isle Of Hope, Isle Of Tears
Chapter 282: Lord William, You Are Loved
Chapter 283: Day Of The Inter-Division Battle [Part 1]
Chapter 284: Day Of The Inter-Division Battle [Part 2]
Chapter 285: Start Of A Massacre
Chapter 286: On The Verge Of Collapse
Chapter 287: Took You Long Enough
Chapter 288: The Power Of The Jack Of All Trades [Part 1]
Chapter 289: The Power Of The Jack Of All Trades [Part 2]
Chapter 290: Are You Also In Love With Will?
Chapter 291: Duty Calls And The Enemy Awaits!
Chapter 292: First Step For World Domination
Chapter 293: Important Talk With The Gods
Chapter 294: Heart To Heart Talk [Part 1]
Chapter 295: Heart To Heart Talk [Part 2]
Chapter 296: I Canu2019t Die Even If I Want To
Chapter 297: First Familia Member [Part 1]
Chapter 298: First Familia Member [Part 2]
Chapter 299: One-Sided Massacre
Chapter 650: Master, Please, Enjoy My Blood To Your Heartu2019s Content
Chapter 651: What Virtue Do You Represent?
Chapter 652: Unexpected Guests In The Floor Of Asgard
Chapter 653: The Juggernaut Of Hestia Academy [Part 1]
Chapter 654: The Juggernaut Of Hestia Academy [Part 2]
Chapter 655: Charge, My Knights Of The Round Table! [Part 1]
Chapter 656: Charge, My Knights Of The Round Table! [Part 2]
Chapter 657: Collecting The Sinful Ladies Of The World
Chapter 658: Lesson About Familiars
Chapter 659: This Is A Good Day To Be Born In This World
Chapter 660: Angels And Devils [Part 1]
Chapter 661: Angels And Devils [Part 2]
Chapter 662: James Arrival At The Central Continent [Part 1]
Chapter 663: James Arrival At The Central Continent [Part 2]
Chapter 664: Glories Of Gods Long Forgotten
Chapter 665: We Will Lose Face When That Happens
Chapter 550: Devoureru2019s Gauntlets
Chapter 551: A Petty God
Chapter 552: Are You Planning To Commit Suicide?
Chapter 553: I Promise That Iu2019ll Be A Good Girl, So Please, Donu2019t Leave Me Behind [Part 1]
Chapter 554: I Promise That Iu2019ll Be A Good Girl, So Please, Donu2019t Leave Me Behind [Part 2]
Chapter 555: Letu2019s Talk About You And Her Wedding
Chapter 556: To Infinity And Beyond
Chapter 557: Fate Really Knows How To Crack A Joke
Chapter 558: You Also Carry A Sin
Chapter 559: Are You Ready For Your Last Lesson? [Part 1]
Chapter 560: Are You Ready For Your Last Lesson? [Part 2]
Chapter 561: Eternity With You - R18
Chapter 562: Darling~ You Can Still Do It, Right?
Chapter 563: I Canu2019t Wait To Step On Your Face
Chapter 564: Iu2019m Sorry, But This Is Our Bottom Line
Chapter 565: Genesis, The First Floor Of The Tower Of Babylon
Chapter 566: Trial Of Dominion [Part 1]
Chapter 567: Trial Of Dominion [Part 2]
Chapter 568: The Guardian Of The First Floor Of Babylon
Chapter 569: Championu2019s Den
Chapter 570: Scheme Of The Agnis Family
Chapter 571: We Need To Get Rid Of That Boy
Chapter 572: Do You Miss Him?
Chapter 573: I Walk In The Darkness So That Others May See The Light
Chapter 574: Oogweiu2019s Test
Chapter 575: Donutella Versus Chiffon
Chapter 576: Kawabangga Motherf*ckers! [Part 1]
Chapter 577: Kawabangga Motherf*ckers! [Part 2]
Chapter 578: Reunion in Hestia Academy [Part 1]
Chapter 579: Games Of Intrigue
Chapter 580: Reunion in Hestia Academy [Part 2]
Chapter 581: Floor of Partings
Chapter 582: Weu2019ll See Who Will Have The Last Laugh
Chapter 583: Big Brother Was So Small and Cute
Chapter 584: Big Brother, Do Not Resist
Chapter 585: As Long As You Promise Not To Eat Me
Chapter 586: I Guess I Will Have To Do This The Hard Way
Chapter 587: I Guess I Will Have To Do This The Hard Way [Part 2]
Chapter 588: Nothing Is Permanent. Not Even The End Of The World
Chapter 589: Let Me Eat You. I Promise It Wonu2019t Hurt
Chapter 590: I Will Destroy You With All My Might!
Chapter 591: Breaking The Rules Of The Floor Of Partings
Chapter 592: An Existence That Threatened Their Beloved
Chapter 593: Finding Answers Without Resorting To Violence
Chapter 594: Over My Drop Dead Gorgeous Body
Chapter 595: Big Brother, I Want To Eat You Soon
Chapter 596: The Rice Has Already Been Cooked
Chapter 597: Chiffonu2019s First Fishing Experience
Chapter 598: Connoisseur Of Men
Chapter 599: William Von Ainsworth, Launching!
Chapter 350: Kiss My Hand To Show Your Undying Loyalty
Chapter 351: Give Me Your Babies
Chapter 352: Are You Going To Submit Or Not?
Chapter 353: The Sin Of Lust
Chapter 354: Not On The Same Side
Chapter 355: Invaders From The Kraetor Empire
Chapter 356: To Our Successful Collaboration
Chapter 357: Conneru2019s Final Decision
Chapter 358: We Will Be Waiting For You At The Peak Of Divinity
Chapter 359: Who Dares To Get In My Way?!
Chapter 360: We Meet Again, Little Will
Chapter 361: Loving Someone Hurts
Chapter 362: When A Demigod Sets Up A Flag
Chapter 363: Iu2019ll Come Running To Hide Under Your Skirt
Chapter 364: I Was Born Ready
Chapter 365: Williamu2019s Kingu2019s Legion [Part 1]
Chapter 366: Williamu2019s Kingu2019s Legion [Part 2]
Chapter 367: Williamu2019s Kingu2019s Legion [Part 3]
Chapter 368: Entering Avalon
Chapter 369: Flames of Purification
Chapter 370: Eveu2019s Extortion
Chapter 371: The Leaders of Deus [Part 1]
Chapter 372: The Leaders of Deus [Part 2]
Chapter 373: The Betrayer Of The Hellan Kingdom
Chapter 374: Visitors From Outside The Borders Of The Hellan Kingdom
Chapter 375: Dark And Difficult Times
Chapter 376: Quick Shot Shepherd Skills
Chapter 377: Fight For Me, And I Shall Hold Your Vows Fulfilled
Chapter 378: The Calm Before The Storm
Chapter 379: This Child Is As Good As Mine
Chapter 380: Bad Birds Needs To Be Punished
Chapter 381: All Troublemakers Will Be Left Behind!
Chapter 382: The True Meaning Of Jealousy
Chapter 383: Ambitionu2019s End [Part 1]
Chapter 384: Ambitionu2019s End [Part 2]
Chapter 385: Meeting With The Diabolical Hell Ape [Part 1]
Chapter 386: Meeting With The Diabolical Hell Ape [Part 2]
Chapter 387: Lord Of The Wilds [Part 1]
Chapter 388: Lord Of The Wilds [Part 2]
Chapter 389: Negotiation With The Centaur Race [Part 1]
Chapter 390: Negotiation With The Centaur Race [Part 2]
Chapter 391: Thousand Beast Valley
Chapter 392: The Best Gift Of All [Part 1]
Chapter 393: The Best Gift Of All [Part 2]
Chapter 394: Return To The Kingdom Of Freesia
Chapter 395: I Donu2019t Trust You
Chapter 396: Takamu2019s Errand
Chapter 397: This Time, I Will Not Let You Fight Alone
Chapter 398: Conquering The Goblin Crypt [Part 1]
Chapter 399: Conquering The Goblin Crypt [Part 2]
Chapter 450: A Temporary Truce
Chapter 451: The Dice Has Been Cast [Part 1]
Chapter 452: The Dice Has Been Cast [Part 2]
Chapter 453: Dungeon Upgrade
Chapter 454: The Fate Of The Two Princes Of The Hellan Kingdom
Chapter 455: Conneru2019s Choices
Chapter 456: Taking One For The Team
Chapter 457: In The Midst Of Chaos, There Is Also Opportunity
Chapter 458: If Worse Comes To Worst, Iu2019ll Just Give Her My Babies
Chapter 459: We Will Cross That Bridge When We Get There
Chapter 460: What Can You Offer Me In Exchange For An Alliance?
Chapter 461: You Dare Look Down Upon My Presence?
Chapter 462: Women Held Grudges As Well
Chapter 463: Divide And Conquer
Chapter 464: If Only It Were True
Chapter 465: Menu2019s Intuition
Chapter 466: Love Is Like A Stretched Rubber Band
Chapter 467: Where Do You Think Youu2019re Going?
Chapter 468: Do You Have Good News For Me?
Chapter 469: Canu2019t We Just Kill Him?
Chapter 470: Diversionary Tactics
Chapter 471: I Need No Introductions [Part 1]
Chapter 472: I Need No Introductions [Part 2]
Chapter 473: Nice To Meet You, Fellow Demigod
Chapter 474: The Kind-Hearted Yet Easily Offended Deity Of The Sky
Chapter 475: Go And Welcome Our Guest
Chapter 476: Atonement For A Broken Oath
Chapter 477: And So It Begins
Chapter 478: The Biggest Mistake Of Their Lives
Chapter 479: A Qilin Blinded By Rage [Part 1]
Chapter 480: A Qilin Blinded By Rage [Part 2]
Chapter 481: Will We Make It In Time?
Chapter 482: It Always Seems Impossible Until Itu2019s Done
Chapter 483: All Is Fair In Love And Lust
Chapter 484: The Stage Had Been Set
Chapter 485: One-Sided Slaughter [Part 1]
Chapter 486: One-Sided Slaughter [Part 2]
Chapter 487: How Long Do You Plan To Make Me Wait?
Chapter 488: I. AM. NEVER. ALONE! [Part 1]
Chapter 489: I. AM. NEVER. ALONE! [Part 2]
Chapter 490: The Kind-Hearted Yet Easily Offended Deity Of The Sky
Chapter 491: Accompany Me To The Afterlife [Part 1]
Chapter 492: Accompany Me To The Afterlife [Part 2]
Chapter 493: Emotions That Could No Longer Be Held Back [Part 1]
Chapter 494: Emotions That Could No Longer Be Held Back [Part 2]
Chapter 495: The Thing That May Destroy The World
Chapter 496: You Finally Returned
Chapter 497: I Came Here To Bargain
Chapter 498: Elven Bombardment
Chapter 499: A Man That Didnu2019t Deserve To Be Loved
Chapter 600: The Smile Of A Devil
Chapter 601: From Now On, Your Name Will Be Optimus
Chapter 602: Acting High And Mighty Doesnu2019t Suit your Senile Face
Chapter 603: Prince Maximilianu2019s Unexpected Move
Chapter 604: A Thousand Years Of Waiting [Part 1]
Chapter 605: A Thousand Years Of Waiting [Part 2]
Chapter 606: Devilu2019s Floor [Part 1]
Chapter 607: Devilu2019s Floor [Part 2]
Chapter 608: I Will Bulldoze My Way Through
Chapter 609: Such A Waste Of Good Genes
Chapter 610: You Can Stop Daydreaming
Chapter 611: Afterall, We Are Family, Right?
Chapter 612: The Future Belongs To Me
Chapter 613: Humans Are Truly Despicable
Chapter 614: I Will Set You Free
Chapter 615: A Past That Was Left Behind
Chapter 616: A Motheru2019s Final Request [Part 1]
Chapter 617: A Motheru2019s Final Request [Part 2]
Chapter 618: Justice Always Wins
Chapter 619: Itu2019s Up To You Whether To Believe Me Or Not
Chapter 620: Chiffonu2019s Heart Devil
Chapter 621: I Think I Am Really In Love With You
Chapter 622: We Wonu2019t Lose To Those Puny Mortals!
Chapter 623: The Semifinals [Part 1]
Chapter 624: The Semifinals [Part 2]
Chapter 625: The Moment A Heart Breaks [Part 1]
Chapter 626: The Moment A Heart Breaks [Part 2]
Chapter 627: I Will End Your Sinful Existence!
Chapter 628: Is He A Boy Or A Girl?
Chapter 629: The Past Cannot Be Changed, But The Present Belongs To Us
Chapter 630: Wedding Preparations
Chapter 631: Heroes Of Valhalla
Chapter 632: You Leave Me No Choice!
Chapter 633: The Heart Moves Where The Heart Wills [Part 1]
Chapter 634: The Heart Moves Where The Heart Wills [Part 2]
Chapter 635: Iu2019m Still Hungry. I Have Room For Desserts
Chapter 636: The Final Match Of The Tournament Of Champions [Part 1]
Chapter 637: The Final Match Of The Tournament Of Champions [Part 2]
Chapter 638: His Legend Is About To Begin [Part 1]
Chapter 639: His Legend Is About To Begin [Part 2]
Chapter 640: The Floor Of Asgard
Chapter 641: Honeymoon in Valhalla [Part 1]
Chapter 642: Honeymoon In Valhalla [Part 2] - Rated 18
Chapter 643: Looking For Treasures [Part 1]
Chapter 644: Looking For Treasures [Part 2]
Chapter 645: Looking For Treasures [Part 3]
Chapter 646: Enuma Elish
Chapter 647: Chiffonu2019s Choices [Part 1]
Chapter 648: Chiffonu2019s Choices [Part 2]
Chapter 649: I Will Show You Who Your New Master Is
Chapter 500: Give Me The Honor Of Being Your First
Chapter 501: I Thank Whatever Gods May Be For My Unconquerable Soul
Chapter 502: The Wrath Of The Righteous [Part 1]
Chapter 503: The Wrath Of The Righteous [Part 2]
Chapter 504: The Wrath Of The Righteous [Part 3]
Chapter 505: The Darkest Places In Hell [Part 1]
Chapter 506: The Darkest Places In Hell [Part 2]
Chapter 507: Making A Mark In The Pages Of History [Part 1]
Chapter 508: Making A Mark In The Pages Of History [Part 2]
Chapter 509: Making A Mark In The Pages Of History [Part 3]
Chapter 510: On Behalf Of Humanity, Please, Accept My Sincerest Gratitude
Chapter 511: When The Past No Longer illuminates The Future, The Spirit Walks In Darkness [Part 1]
Chapter 512: When The Past No Longer illuminates The Future, The Spirit Walks In Darkness [Part 2]
Chapter 513: The Beginning After The End
Chapter 514: Williamu2019s First Day At Silverwind Academy
Chapter 515: When In Rome, Do As Romans Do
Chapter 516: Rainbow-Colored Calamity
Chapter 517: You Are Now In My Home Turf
Chapter 518: Hunger That Knew No Bounds [Part 1]
Chapter 519: Hunger That Knew No Bounds [Part 2]
Chapter 520: You Are Too Defenseless
Chapter 521: A Sense Of Euphoria
Chapter 522: I Will Never Do Anything Shameless
Chapter 523: I Will Teach You How To Smile
Chapter 524: I Will Be This Girlu2019s Caretaker
Chapter 525: The Mirage Caverns
Chapter 526: Farming Merit Points
Chapter 527: This Is What Happens When I Become Serious
Chapter 528: A Thorny Path Called Life
Chapter 529: Is Your Academy Teaching Weaklings? [Part 1]
Chapter 530: Is Your Academy Teaching Weaklings? [Part 2]
Chapter 531: Wrapped In Tender Feelings
Chapter 532: My Era Has Come
Chapter 533: Short-Lived Happiness
Chapter 534: Letu2019s Go Darling. Itu2019s Now Time For Our Date
Chapter 535: My Business Is None Of Your Business
Chapter 536: Sweeter Than Lollipops
Chapter 537: Is This What It Feels Like To Have A Pet?
Chapter 538: Ianu2019s and Chiffonu2019s Secret
Chapter 539: My Taste In Men Is Simply Amazing
Chapter 540: Too Smart For Your Own Good
Chapter 541: I Am The One That Makes The Rules
Chapter 542: To Damnation And Beyond
Chapter 543: When Was The Last Time You Ate Trash?
Chapter 544: Your Souls Are Mine
Chapter 545: Your Daughteru2019s Lover Is A Good Person
Chapter 546: A Sin That Is Too Much To Bear
Chapter 547: The Vault Of The Vanished Warlord
Chapter 548: Eradicate! World End Tempest!
Chapter 549: I Donu2019t Get Hungry For A Day After Eating It
Chapter 400: Boss Room Battle [Part 1]
Chapter 401: Boss Room Battle [Part 2]
Chapter 402: Boss Room Battle [End]
Chapter 403: We, Are, Never, Alone!
Chapter 404: The Color Of Your Blood Is The Same As Mine
Chapter 405: Whether He Lives Or Dies Depends On Her Highnessu2019 Wishes
Chapter 406: New Dungeon Acquired!
Chapter 407: Subclass Integration
Chapter 408: A Midsummer Nightu2019s Dream [Part 1]
Chapter 409: A Midsummer Nightu2019s Dream [Part 2] Rated-18
Chapter 410: The Aftermath Of A Night Of Passion
Chapter 411: Kisses Are For Adults
Chapter 412: Atlantis, The New Frontier
Chapter 413: Sovereign Of The Ocean
Chapter 414: Asheu2019s Dreamworld
Chapter 415: The Lady Of The Lake
Chapter 416: Dungeon Points
Chapter 417: Williamu2019s Third Knight
Chapter 418: Princess Sidonieu2019s and Morganau2019s Versions Of Love [Part 1]
Chapter 419: Princess Sidonieu2019s and Morganau2019s Versions Of Love [Part 2]
Chapter 420: Love Sure Makes People Become Weird
Chapter 421: Is He Cheating On Us?
Chapter 422: This Is The Power Of Love
Chapter 423: Estu2019s Innocence [Part 1]
Chapter 424: Estu2019s Innocence [Part 2]
Chapter 425: Pillar Of Support
Chapter 426: His Name Is...
Chapter 427: Killing Two Dumb Birds
Chapter 428: A Meeting With the Elven Princess
Chapter 429: Choices Were Millions Of Lives Were At Stake
Chapter 430: A Paradise Within Atlantis
Chapter 431: Second Top Priority
Chapter 432: So, You Chose, Death
Chapter 433: Let Me See How Fast You Will Run
Chapter 434: Kinship Evolution
Chapter 435: Stabbing A Tender Heart
Chapter 436: Wars Doesnu2019t Prove Whos Right Or Wrong [Part 1]
Chapter 437: Wars Doesnu2019t Prove Whos Right Or Wrong [Part 2]
Chapter 438: Confrontation At The Gate Of Beginnings [Part 1]
Chapter 439: Confrontation At The Gate Of Beginnings [Part 2]
Chapter 440: William Vs Elandorr [Part 1]
Chapter 441: William Vs Elandorr [Part 2]
Chapter 442: Sweep Away All Adversaries!
Chapter 443: A War Cannot Be Won By A Single Individual
Chapter 444: Elven Reinforcement
Chapter 445: Ignorant Child
Chapter 446: What I Want Is Absolute Conquest
Chapter 447: Look At The Bright Side
Chapter 448: Dealing With The Aftermath
Chapter 449: Preparation For A Nasty Surprise
Chapter 666: Surrender Peacefully And You Will Not Be Hurt
Chapter 667: When You See It, Youu2019ll Shit Bricks [Part 1]
Chapter 668: When You See It, Youu2019ll Shit Bricks [Part 2]
Chapter 669: Shes Legal, You Know?
Chapter 670: This Place Brings Back Memories
Chapter 671: Time Waits For No One
Chapter 672: It Is At The Moment Of Death When Life Shines Its Brightest
Chapter 673: I Have A Proposal To Make
Chapter 675: Another Troublesome Character Has Appeared
Chapter 676: I Donu2019t Love You, But I Need You
Chapter 677: Darling, She Bullied Us
Chapter 678: The Amazon Princessu2019 Pride And Dignity
Chapter 679: I Am Not The Prince Of Darkness
Chapter 680: Look For Someone Smart, And Trustworthy
Chapter 681: What Are You Looking At B*tch?
Chapter 682: Elliotu2019s And Conanu2019s Teamwork
Chapter 683: Go For The Kill! Gaebolg!
Chapter 684: Itu2019s A Win-Win For Everyone
Chapter 685: Make Me Feel What Itu2019s Like To Be Loved, Even If Itu2019s Fake
Chapter 686: Having Three Job Classes Sure Comes In Handy
Chapter 687: Reaching A Compromise
Chapter 688: Youu2019re Just A Side Character
Chapter 689: When The Red Plague Ascends, Calamity Descends
Chapter 690: The Eyes Are Useless When The Mind Is Blind
Chapter 691: When Man Has A Virtuous Thought, Heaven Will Grant Him Support
Chapter 692: Well Then, Are You Guys Ready To Rumble?
Chapter 693: I Still Want To Live Dammit!
Chapter 694: I Canu2019t Fall In Love With That Guy
Chapter 695: I Came Here To Help You Beat William
Chapter 696: The Forever Alone
Chapter 697: Looking Forward To An Entertaining Scene
Chapter 698: Donu2019t Worry You Little B*tch
Chapter 699: Prepare For Trouble! And Make It Double!
Chapter 700: If You Donu2019t Want Me To Smash Your Face, You Better Keep Your Hands In The Right Pl
Chapter 704: Bros For Life
Chapter 705: Cry A River Of Blood And Tears
Chapter 706: Iu2019m More Suited To Be The Devil Than Him
Chapter 707: You Dare To Steal What Belongs To Me?
Chapter 708: The Twilight Of The World Is At Hand
Chapter 709: Not All Treasures Are Silver And Gold
Chapter 710: Aamonu2019s Last Trial
Chapter 712: A Battle Of Unprecedented Proportions Was About To Begin
Chapter 713: Letu2019s Keep A Lookout On The People Who Are Going To Die
Chapter 714: Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter 715: My Words Are Law [Part 1]
Chapter 716: My Words Are Law [Part 2]
Chapter 717: When Lust And Chastity Collide
Chapter 718: Stonescream Strongholdu2019s Class S Mission
Chapter 719: Itu2019s Time To Say Hello To Our Future Friends
Chapter 720: I Promise I Wonu2019t Eat Moreu2026 Maybe
Chapter 721: My Precious!
Chapter 722: Donu2019t Believe This Anteater. Heu2019s Just Joking!
Chapter 723: Mysterious Disappearance
Chapter 724: Confrontation With The Headmaster Of Hestia Academy
Chapter 725: What Are You Two Fools Doing?
Chapter 726: The Start Of Your New Journey Begins Today
Chapter 727: Arrival At Hestia Academy
Chapter 728: Class Introductions
Chapter 729: Tales Of The Deity Of The Sky
Chapter 730: William, You Traitor!
Chapter 731: Shed Tears When Others Wonu2019t, And Fight When Others Donu2019t
Chapter 732: A War Where The Entire World Is At Stake
Chapter 734: A World That Is Far From My Reach
Chapter 735: Tomorrow, I Will Paint Again Tomorrow
Chapter 736: I Am Not A Suspicious Person
Chapter 737: The Unsung Heroes Of The World
Chapter 738: Battle Through The Heavens [Part 1]
Chapter 739: Battle Through The Heavens [Part 2]
Chapter 740: Battle Through The Heavens [Part 3]
Chapter 741: For Asgard!
Chapter 742: I Will Laugh At Your Pitiful Death From Hell [Part 1]
Chapter 743: I Will Laugh At Your Pitiful Death From Hell [Part 2]
Chapter 744: To Be Played With By Destinyu2026 You Will Laugh At It In Scorn
Chapter 745: You Were Amazing Last Night
Chapter 756: Conanu2019s Gamble [Part 1]
Chapter 757: Conanu2019s Gamble [Part 2]
Chapter 746: Master Isnu2019t A Pervert
Chapter 747: I Am Not A Toy, You Know?
Chapter 748: A Sad Smile That Lingered In His Memories
Chapter 749: Wielding All The Power Of The Seven Deadly Sins
Chapter 750: Zhuu2019s And Shau2019s Life In Hestia Academy
Chapter 751: Bringing An End To The Rule Of Light
Chapter 752: Spirited Away [Part 1]
Chapter 753: Spirited Away [Part 2]
Chapter 754: Playtimeu2019s Over
Chapter 755: The Next Time You Reincarnate, Make Sure To Live A Better Life
Chapter 758: Are You Ready For Round Two?
Chapter 759: You Call THAT A Perfect Being?
Chapter 760: I See. So, You Are Just His Friend.
Chapter 761: The Thorns Of The Crimson Rose [Part 1]
Chapter 762: The Thorns Of The Crimson Rose [Part 2]
Chapter 763: Will You Reward Me As Well?
Chapter 764: Conquering The Orc Dungeon [Part 1]
Chapter 765: Conquering The Orc Dungeon [Part 2]
Chapter 766: Which One Would You Choose?
Chapter 767: Williamu2019s Choice
Chapter 768: With Great Danger Comes Great Opportunity
Chapter 769: Time For Round Twenty-Three. Are You Game?
Chapter 770: Donu2019t Let Him Cheat On Us, Okay?
Chapter 771: Iu2019m Just Following The Rules [Part 1]
Chapter 772: Iu2019m Just Following The Rules [Part 2]
Chapter 773: Say Hello To My Little Friends
Chapter 774: Wait! Donu2019t You Know How To Count?!
Chapter 775: I Donu2019t Care Who You Are, Who You Know, Or Where Youu2019re From
Chapter 776: Dream An Impossible Dream
Chapter 777: There Is Nothing I Canu2019t Steal
Chapter 778: Do I Look Amazing Enough For You To Surrender Your Seed?
Chapter 779: Entering The Forbidden Ground
Chapter 780: Meeting An Old Acquaintance Inside The Forbidden Ground
Chapter 781: The Diabolical Hell Apeu2019s Request
Chapter 782: May The Gods Shower You With Their Blessings
Chapter 783: The Path Of Atonement
Chapter 784: As Long As I Am Alive, There Will Come Another Opportunity
Chapter 785: I Decided To Trust You Once
Chapter 786: A Treasure That Belonged Only To Her
Chapter 787: Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 788: What A Small World
Chapter 789: I Will Stop Him Even If This Body Of Mine Breaks Into Pieces
Chapter 790: The Vengeful Terror Rats
Chapter 791: Stranded In A Strange World
Chapter 792: Welcome To Glory Shelter
Chapter 793: Lilithu2019s Confusion
Chapter 794: Swiperu2019s Ambition [Part 1]
Chapter 795: Swiperu2019s Ambition [Part 2]
Chapter 796: The Haunting [Part 1]
Chapter 797: The Haunting [Part 2]
Chapter 798: Only To The People I Love
Chapter 799: A Beautiful And Loveable Cupid
Chapter 800: Nice Tush
Chapter 801: Uniting Under One Banner [Part 1]
Chapter 802: Uniting Under One Banner [Part 2]
Chapter 803: Infiltrating The Demonic Shelter [Part 1]
Chapter 804: Infiltrating The Demonic Shelter [Part 2]
Chapter 806: Staying With Me Is Akin To Suicide
Chapter 807: Will You Make Me Your Lover?
Chapter 805: Just Look At That Face. I Bet His Own Mother Doesnu2019t Trust Him
Chapter 808: Army Of One
Chapter 809: I Think Itu2019s Worth Taking A Gamble
Chapter 810: The One That Is Pulling The Strings From The Shadows
Chapter 811: Youu2019re So Noisy, Shut Your Trap
Chapter 812: Iu2019m Not That Fragile
Chapter 813: Stop Dilly Dallying And Start Sucking! [Part 1]
Chapter 814: Stop Dilly Dallying And Start Sucking! [Part 2]
Chapter 815: Youu2019ve Created A Miracle
Chapter 816: Iu2019m Sure That Our Suffering Has Just Begun
Chapter 817: Only A Fool Will Believe Such Nonsense
Chapter 818: With This The First Step Has Been Completed
Chapter 819: The Master Is Expecting All Of You
Chapter 820: Iu2019m Going To Ask You One Last Time
Chapter 821: Goddamit! Bro, Are You Mad?!
Chapter 822: A Distant Future That Held Infinite Possibilities
Chapter 823: A Good Deed Must Be Rewarded
Chapter 824: Spoken Like A Real Third Rate Villain
Chapter 825: You Canu2019t Have A Rainbow Without A Little Rain
Chapter 826: Thereu2019s No Need To Think Of The Future. It Will Come Soon Enough
Chapter 827: I Want You As My Life Partner. Your Answer?
Chapter 828: A World Where Hope Was Merely A Fleeting Illusion
Chapter 829: Please, Take Off Your Shirt
Chapter 830: Parallel Wishes
Chapter 831: Dreaming Of Happy Dreams
Chapter 832: Donu2019t You Think A Reward Is In Order?
Chapter 833: Itu2019s Not My Fault For Being Born Handsome, You Know?
Chapter 834: Quality Over Quantity
Chapter 955: Reunion At The Gates Of Hestia Academy
Chapter 956: Perhaps You Wanted To Drink Some Milk First?
Chapter 957: A Third Uninvited Party
Chapter 958: It Is Also Time For Us To Make Our Move
Chapter 959 - Telltale Signs of Invasion
Chapter 960 - The Grudge Of The Demon Lord
Chapter 961 - Rightfully His By Birth
Chapter 701 - One Chance At Redemption
Chapter 702 - Mwahahahaha! Time For You To Suffer [Part 1]
Chapter 703 - Mwahahahaha! Time For You To Suffer [Part 2]
Chapter 711 - My Offer Is Always Available
Chapter 733 - What Makes You Think That I Will Cooperate With You?
Chapter 850 - The Calm Before The Storm [Part 2]
Chapter 851 - Let It Be Known That On This Day, We Dwarves Had Kept Our Oath
Chapter 852 - I Donu2019t Want To Be Cannon Fodder
Chapter 853 - Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Daughter!
Chapter 854 - Will She Be Really Of Any Use?
Chapter 855 - Hurry! Save Her! Save Our Daughter!
Chapter 856 - There Is Nothing In This World That I Canu2019t Steal!
Chapter 857 - Today, I Shall Be The King Of This World
Chapter 858 - Does This Look Like The Face Of Mercy To You?
Chapter 859 - The Strongest Adversary That He Had Faced In His Lifetime
Chapter 860 - I Want To Know How It Will All End
Chapter 861 - Calling A Friend Across Time And Space
Chapter 862 - Do You Know The First Law Of The Universe?
Chapter 863 - Letu2019s Rumble [Part 1]
Chapter 864 - Letu2019s Rumble [Part 2]
Chapter 865 - You Want To Steal My Job?
Chapter 866 - I Will Not Let Anyone Take Anything From Me. Not Even Death!
Chapter 867 - Im Not Dreaming, Right?
Chapter 868 - The Answer Is Yesnu2019t
Chapter 869 - How Many Wives Do You Have?
Chapter 870 - The Time Of Farewell
Chapter 871 - Holding The Future In His Embrace
Chapter 872 - Raizelu2019s Last Goodbye
Chapter 873 - A Place That Was Out Of His Reach
Chapter 874 - Last For A Lifetime
Chapter 875 - Renewing Feelings Of Love
Chapter 876 - Primeval Storm Wolf Randall
Chapter 877 - You Understand How Awesome I Am
Chapter 878 - I Will Watch Over You From The Stars
Chapter 879 - Let Me Show You My Hospitality
Chapter 880 - A Very Special Existence
Chapter 881 - I Donu2019t Want To Be Called A Womanizer
Chapter 882 - It Is Very Rare For Me To Have Guests
Chapter 883 - A Place That Only Belonged To Him
Chapter 884 - When Love And Hate Collides
Chapter 885 - A Battle For Supremacy
Chapter 886 - Thunder Godu2019s Pride
Chapter 887 - I Will Use Any Kind Of Means To Achieve Victory
Chapter 888 - Lightning Thief
Chapter 889 - We Meet Again, Pendragon
Chapter 890 - Under The Moonlight Where No One Could See
Chapter 891 - Iu2019m Not Your Father!
Chapter 892 - Where Do You Want To Sleep Tonight?
Chapter 893 - Please, Let Me Marry Your Daughter
Chapter 894 - Letu2019s Create Beautiful Memories Together
Chapter 895 - Your Daughter Is In Good Hands
Chapter 896 - I Will Give You The Happiest Of Endings
Chapter 897 - Comparing The Sun And The Moon
Chapter 898 - Redheads Cannot Be Trusted!
Chapter 899 - Worries Of The Heart
Chapter 674 - The Amazons Are After Your Genes
Chapter 900 - Sheu2019s Legal, Right?
Chapter 901 - Public Enemy Number One
Chapter 902 - The Smiles Orphanage
Chapter 903 - Theyu2019re Poking The Wrong Tree
Chapter 904 - Face Slapping School of Martial Arts
Chapter 905 - Do You Know Who I Am?
Chapter 906 - Are You Human?
Chapter 907 - The Boy Who Died, So That Others May Live
Chapter 908 - Which One Do You Love More?
Chapter 909 - Are You Perhaps Lost, My Lady?
Chapter 910 - Stop Spouting Nonsense, You Virgin!
Chapter 911 - A New Kind Of Thrill
Chapter 912 - I Have A Bad Feeling About This
Chapter 913 - A Looming Disaster Right Above Their Heads [Part 1]
Chapter 914 - A Looming Disaster Right Above Their Heads [Part 2]
Chapter 915 - Worst Fears Coming To Life
Chapter 916 - Even Heroes Have The Right To Bleed [Part 1]
Chapter 917 - Even Heroes Have The Right To Bleed [Part 2]
Chapter 918 - Sit Down, Son!
Chapter 919 - A Price That He Didnu2019t Want To Pay
Chapter 920 - Iu2019m Sorry, Will
Chapter 921 - A Choice That Makes His Heart Ache
Chapter 922 - Finally, A Worthy Opponent!
Chapter 923 - Ride Of The Valkyries
Chapter 924 - Itu2019s Boring To Punch A Punching Bag
Chapter 925 - The Appearance Of The Final Boss
Chapter 926 - The Time Has Come To Fight Together!
Chapter 927 - Remember My Name, Boy
Chapter 928 - Memories That Burned Brightly
Chapter 929 - I Will Wait For You In My Home Turf
Chapter 930 - The One Who Would Have The Last Laugh
Chapter 931 - Precious Things He Held Dear In His Heart
Chapter 932 - I Will Make Them Agree No Matter What
Chapter 933 - Time Parajokes
Chapter 934 - Vows That Even The Gods Could Take Away From Them
Chapter 935 - Is There Anyone Else Who Opposes This Marriage?
Chapter 936 - Boyfriend That Was Superhero Material
Chapter 937 - Papa Is Marrying His First Love
Chapter 938 - Please, Make As Many Babies As You Can With My Grandson
Chapter 939 - Filling Her Up With His Love [R-18]
Chapter 940 - Hiding Something That Shouldnu2019t Be Seen
Chapter 941 - Father, I Have Important News To Tell You
Chapter 942 - Iu2019m Afraid That I Might Die For Real
Chapter 943 - A Path That Is Meant For Only Me And You
Chapter 944 - You Will See Your Mama Soon
Chapter 945 - Love Will Find A Way [R-18]
Chapter 946 - Who Are The Last Two People You Plan To Marry? [Part 1]
Chapter 947 - Who Are The Last Two People You Plan To Marry? [Part 2]
Chapter 835 - Teach Me How To Make You Feel Good - R18 [Part 1]
Chapter 836 - Teach Me How To Make You Feel Good - R18 [Part 2]
Chapter 837 - Teach Me How To Make You Feel Good - R18 [Part 3]
Chapter 838 - When The Past, Present, and Future Intersect
Chapter 839 - Swiperu2019s Fears
Chapter 840 - A Question Worthy Of Debate
Chapter 841 - Lets See Who Deceives Who In The End
Chapter 842 - I Didnu2019t Know You Swing That Way
Chapter 843 - I Donu2019t Mind Being A Jester Sporting A Crown
Chapter 844 - Iu2019ll Just Ask For Compensation In The Future
Chapter 845 - She Is Waiting For You
Chapter 846 - I Can Only Cheer For You In Places Where You Couldnu2019t See
Chapter 847 - A Gamble Worth Taking
Chapter 848 - Youu2019re Not Getting Any Sleep Tonight
Chapter 849 - The Calm Before The Storm [Part 1]
Chapter 962 - Buy One Take Three For Free
Chapter 963 - Either We All Go, Or We Donu2019t Go At All
Chapter 964 - Not If I Eat You First
Chapter 965 - Do You Believe In Dark Magic?
Chapter 966 - Exploit Me In Any Way You Wish
Chapter 967 - I Dare You To Make Love To Me Right Here, Right Now
Chapter 968 - I Will Treasure This Fleeting Happiness
Chapter 969 - Stop Raising Flags
Chapter 970 - F*ck Your Daddy!
Chapter 971 - The Place Where My Two Feet Stand Is My Territory
Chapter 972 - Cant You See How Red My Hair Is?
Chapter 973 - Our Master Is Invincible!
Chapter 974 - A Broken Vow
Chapter 975 - Journey To The North
Chapter 976 - A Thousand Year Promise [Part 1]
Chapter 977 - A Thousand Year Promise [Part 2]
Chapter 978 - A Thousand Year Promise [Part 3]
Chapter 979 - Williamu2019s New Mounts
Chapter 980 - Do Your Worst, You Fiend!
Chapter 981 - Can I Be Part Of Your World As Well?
Chapter 982 - Flying Armored Elephants Perform Tricks?
Chapter 983 - Did Any Of You Ask For My Permission
Chapter 984 - Looking At Things In Black And White
Chapter 985 - In Pursuit Of Happiness
Chapter 986 - I Donu2019t Mind This Petty Move Of Yours
Chapter 987 - Tell Me, Who Is Stronger, Your Demon Lord Or Me?
Chapter 988 - Did You Forget Who I Am?
Chapter 989 - From This Moment Onwards, All Of You Will No Longer Be Alone [Part 1]
Chapter 990 - From This Moment Onwards, All Of You Will No Longer Be Alone [Part 2]
Chapter 991 - The Greatest Adventure Of His Life
Chapter 992 - The Start Of An Unforgettable Night
Chapter 993 - A Smile That Held The Promise Of Vengeance
Chapter 994 - YOU HATING? Iu2019M ROLLING!
Chapter 1000 - I Don Want To Get The Two Of You In Trouble
Chapter 995 - You Have Earned The Right To Know My Exalted Name
Chapter 996 - Dont Play Favorites, Kiss Me Too!
Chapter 997 - Just What Is That Old Lizard Thinking?
Chapter 998 - Whatever Will Decides, I Will Support With Everything I Have
Chapter 999 - u201cSo, Are You In, Or Out?u201d
Chapter 1001 - Already Riding The Tigers Back
Chapter 1002 - Talking To The Big Boss
Chapter 1003 - There Will Be No Next Time
Chapter 1004 - Making Vesta Fall
Chapter 1005 - Welcome To The Isle Of Desolation
Chapter 1006 - Wait For Me. I Am Coming For You
Chapter 1007 - This Is Why You Are A Late Bloomer
Chapter 1008 - The Secret Of The Holy Land
Chapter 1009 - Promises Of The Past, Present, And Future
Chapter 1010 - The Price For Freedom
Chapter 1011 - Elliots Disciple
Chapter 1012 - Through Damnation And Beyond
Chapter 1013 - I Wont Be Killing Anyone Unless They Deserve To Die
Chapter 1014 - To A Long And Lasting Partnership
Chapter 1015 - Our Daughter Might Have Developed A Crush On Him
Chapter 1016 - Second Son Of The Rhanes Clan
Chapter 1017 - Special Aromatherapy
Chapter 1018 -Desert Battle [Part 1]
Chapter 1019 - Desert Battle [Part 2]
Chapter 1020 - The New Overlord Of The Desert
Chapter 1021 - Will Of The Desert People [Part 1]
Chapter 1022 - Will Of The Desert People [Part 2]
Chapter 1023 - Times like this, I Wish You Were Here, Grandpa
Chapter 1024 - Williamu2019s Unexpected Proposal
Chapter 1025 - How Can I Become The Demon Lord?
Chapter 1026 - Days Of Bitterness And Suffering [Part 1]
Chapter 1027 - Days Of Bitterness And Suffering [Part 2]
Chapter 1028 - So, What Do You Think About My Proposal?
Chapter 1029 - The Call Of Darkness [Part 1]
Chapter 1030 - The Call Of Darkness [Part 2]
Chapter 1031 - Dozedars Nightmare [Part 1]