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Along With The Wind
Along With The Wind
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Join Lu Yin on an epic journey across the Universe, pursuing the truth and tragedy of his past. This is a world of science fantasy where the older generations step back and allow the young to take charge of affairs. Heart-wrenching separations, terrifying situations, all with comic relief that will leave you coming back for more. This is a world where the other characters actually matter, and are revisited frequently as their own lives unfold. Dotting Lu Yin鈥檚 path are monumental feats of kingdom-building and treacherous political situations where he must tread carefully if he wants to get to the truth of his history.
Chapter 1119: Remnant
Chapter 1120: Ancient Battle
Chapter 1121: Design
Chapter 1122: The Cosmic Sectu2019s Secret Technique
Chapter 1123: Splitting Mountains And Inheritances
Chapter 1124: Five Mountains
Chapter 1125: Burial Gardenu2019s Inheritor
Chapter 1126: Lu Yin Vs Yu Qi
Chapter 1128: The Ghost Monkeyu2019s Name
Chapter 1129: Youu2019ve Won
Chapter 1130: Xia Jiuyou
Chapter 1131: Nine Clones Secret Technique
Chapter 1132: Contest of Strength
Chapter 1133: Total Oppression
Chapter 1136: Black Coffin
Chapter 1137: Peerless Sword Technique
Chapter 1138: Looking For Treasures
Chapter 1139: Pleading Words
Chapter 1140: The Thirteenth Sword
Chapter 1141: Shaman God
Chapter 1142: Declaration Of War
Chapter 1143: Strength And Its Usage
Chapter 1144: Progenitor Chen
Chapter 1145: Worldliness And Array
Chapter 1146: Vanish
Chapter 1147: Capture And Chaos
Chapter 1148: A Plot Spanning Eons
Chapter 1149: Aeternus Nation
Chapter 1150: Ultimatum
Chapter 1151: Aeterna
Chapter 1152: Absorbing
Chapter 1153: Break Through
Chapter 1154: Ultimate Weapon
Chapter 1155: A Minor Episode
Chapter 1156: A Black and White Mist
Chapter 1157: The Seven Courts
Chapter 1158: Progenitor Chenu2019s Clones
Chapter 1159: Liberation
Chapter 1161: ZENITH
Chapter 1162: Big Bro Monkey
Chapter 1164: Bottom Of The Pool
Chapter 1165: Exposed
Chapter 1166: Breakthrough
Chapter 1167: The Second Innate Gift
Chapter 1168: Group Tactics
Chapter 1169: Anointing A Champion
Chapter 1170: Lead The Way
Chapter 1171: Giantu2019s Memories
Chapter 1172: Realm Of Memories
Chapter 1173: Bully
Chapter 1174: Assail
Chapter 1176: The Specter Clan
Chapter 1177: News
Chapter 1178: Honor Zone
Chapter 1179: Absorbing The World
Chapter 1180: Vitality-Draining Poison
Chapter 1181: Arbitration World
Chapter 1182: Judgment
Chapter 1184: A Familiar Stranger
Chapter 1185: CyNetu2019s Boss
Chapter 1186: The Great Eastern Alliance Convention
Chapter 1187: Edible Forest
Chapter 1188: Lu Yin And Bu Laoweng
Chapter 1189: Not Giving Up
Chapter 1190: Eversky Islandu2019s Style
Chapter 1191: Overseer Xin
Chapter 1192: Mushroom Head
Chapter 1193: A Mere Commotion
Chapter 1194: God Of Death
Chapter 1195: Array Master
Chapter 1196: The Pride Of A Lockbreaker
Chapter 1197: Energy Flow
Chapter 1198: Sourceboxu2019s Contents
Chapter 1199: Star Devourer
Chapter 1200: Inception Array
Chapter 1201: The End Of The Inheritance Corridor
Chapter 1202: Daynight Praises
Chapter 1203: The Champions Stage Titles
Chapter 1204: Rebel
Chapter 1205: The First Disciple
Chapter 1206: Grandmaster
Chapter 1207: First Flowzone
Chapter 1208: War Against The Sect
Chapter 1209: Internal Strife
Chapter 1210: Lu Yinu2019s Confidence
Chapter 1211: Sword Qi Barrier
Chapter 1212: Lu Yin And Liu Qianjue
Chapter 774: Sheepshead Port
Chapter 1213: The Purge
Chapter 1214: Sword Formation
Chapter 946: Surprise Reinforcements
Chapter 1127: Swallowed
Chapter 1215: A Request
Chapter 1216: Altercation
Chapter 1217: Mutual Destruction*
Chapter 1218: Unexpected Aid
Chapter 1219: Royal Frost Continent
Chapter 1220: Sealing Array
Chapter 1221: Repair
Chapter 1222: Temptation
Chapter 1223: Exploitation
Chapter 1224: Masters Of Blazing Mist Flowzone
Chapter 1225: Itu2019s Worth It
Chapter 1226: Exposed
Chapter 1227: Geoffrey
Chapter 1228: Progenitor Huiu2019s Insignia
Chapter 1229: The Froststone And The Frostgate Army
Chapter 1230: Attack
Chapter 1231: The Battle Of The Blaze Realm
Chapter 1232: Lu Yin And Leader Hong
Chapter 1233: Lu Yin VS Leader Hong
Chapter 1234: Summoning A Champion
Chapter 1235: The Blaze Realmu2019s Collapse
Chapter 1236: Lu Yins Self-esteem
Chapter 1237: Lu Yins Status
Chapter 1238: Command
Chapter 1239: Zenith Mountain
Chapter 1240: Registration
Chapter 1241: Bright Starry Sky
Chapter 1242: Mentoru2019s Help
Chapter 1243: Big Gamble
Chapter 1244: Masteru2019s Order
Chapter 1245: Masteru2019s Gift
Chapter 1246: Pinnacle Of Comprehension
Chapter 1247: Upper Realm
Chapter 1248: Predicted List
Chapter 1249: Coincidence
Chapter 1250: Resolution
Chapter 1251: Circumstances
Chapter 1252: The Friendship Of The Ten Academies
Chapter 1253: Challenge
Chapter 1254: Lu Yin VS Lightson
Chapter 1255: Lu Yin And Wu Taibai
Chapter 1256: Attack
Chapter 1134: Ultimate Confrontation
Chapter 1135: Destiny
Chapter 1160: An Opening And Conditions
Chapter 1175: Attitude
Chapter 1183: Not To Be Disclosed
Chapter 1257: Declaration
Chapter 1258: ZENITH Begins
Chapter 1259: Breeze
Chapter 1260: Lu Yinu2019s Power
Chapter 1261: No Restrictions
Chapter 1262: A Bunch of Familiar Faces
Chapter 1263: Mixed Battle
Chapter 1264: Mavis And Lu Yin
Chapter 1265: Lu Yinu2019s Power
Chapter 1266: Attitude
Chapter 1267: Guess
Chapter 1268: Lu Yinu2019s Standards
Chapter 1269: Clearing The Checkpoint
Chapter 1270: Boring
Chapter 1271: An Old Enemy
Chapter 1272: The Invincible Progenitor Chen
Chapter 1273: Poor Di Fa
Chapter 1274: The Third Layer
Chapter 1275: Ability And Luck
Chapter 1276: Outlook and Scope
Chapter 1277: The Hall Of Honoru2019s Disgrace
Chapter 1278: Unique Battle Technique
Chapter 1279: Gaias Swamp
Chapter 1280: Not Living Up To The Name
Chapter 1281: Way of Doing Things
Chapter 1282: State of Mind
Chapter 1283: Horrifying Spiritual Force
Chapter 1284: Exposed
Chapter 1285: The Strength Of A Palm
Chapter 1286: Liquor Herou2019s Strength
Chapter 1287: Supreme Statue
Chapter 1288: Regression of the Times
Chapter 1290: Infinite Power
Chapter 1291: A Recognized Monster
Chapter 1292: Making A Reputation
Chapter 1293: Down The Liquor
Chapter 1294: Creation
Chapter 1295: Knowing Or Not
Chapter 1296: Incredible Methods
Chapter 1297: Baring Fangs
Chapter 1298: Lu Yin And Liu Tianmu
Chapter 1299: Celestial Demonu2019s Howl
Chapter 1300: Unable to Divine
Chapter 1301: The Thirteen Swords
Chapter 1302: The Thirteenth Sword
Chapter 1303: Is It Over?
Chapter 1304: Hidden Innate Gift
Chapter 1305: The Final Ten
Chapter 1306: Lighting The Joss Stick
Chapter 1307: Fairness?
Chapter 1308: Channeling Diagram
Chapter 1309: Lu Yin VS. Wang Yi
Chapter 1310: The Invincible Progenitor Chen
Chapter 1311: Arrival Of A Progenitor
Chapter 1312: The Fourth Aspect (of Qiu Shi)
Chapter 1313: Peerless Battle Technique
Chapter 1314: Completely Suppressed
Chapter 1315: Top Five
Chapter 1316: Xia Jiuyou VS Lu Yin
Chapter 1317: Joining Forces
Chapter 1318: Unknown Innate Gift
Chapter 1319: The Third Stream Of Ancestral Qi
Chapter 1320: A Battle of Despair
Chapter 1321: God of Death Transformation
Chapter 1322: All Together
Chapter 1323: Absolutely Invincible
Chapter 1324: Top Prize
Chapter 1325: Attempt
Chapter 1326: Rewind
Chapter 1327: Means
Chapter 1328: Income
Chapter 1329: A Sudden Attack
Chapter 1330: Meeting
Chapter 1331: Treasure Of The Ages
Chapter 1332: Starsibyl Planet
Chapter 1333: One Attacks, Another Defends
Chapter 1334: Aid Requested From The Hidden Earth Society
Chapter 1335: Back To The Academy
Chapter 1336: Boundless
Chapter 1337: Trading Pointers
Chapter 1338: Ambush
Chapter 1339: Merging
Chapter 1340: Leaving A Name On Boundless
Chapter 1341: Cultivation Method
Chapter 1342: True Universe
Chapter 1343: Source
Chapter 1344: Laying Down
Chapter 1345: Luo Shenu2019s Dance Performance
Chapter 1346: Jiang Chen
Chapter 1347: Black Street
Chapter 1348: Vanish
Chapter 1349: Strange Place
Chapter 1350: Long Qi Of The White Dragon Clan
Chapter 1351: Celestial Frost Sect
Chapter 1352: Lu Yin And Long Xi
Chapter 1353: Promotion
Chapter 1354: White Mountain Library
Chapter 1355: Legend
Chapter 1356: Seed Garden
Chapter 1357: Shenwus Sky
Chapter 1358: Roving White Dragon
Chapter 1359: Bifrost
Chapter 1360: Lower Realm
Chapter 1361: White Dragon Rolls Over
Chapter 1362: Realmless
Chapter 1363: The Legend Of Wu Tian
Chapter 1364: Humilityu2019s Gate
Chapter 1365: Yinshan District
Chapter 1366: Yu Chen
Chapter 1367: Luck
Chapter 1368: Where Opportunity Lies
Chapter 1369: Top Secret
Chapter 1370: Confrontation
Chapter 1371: Expelled
Chapter 1372: The Situation
Chapter 1373: Way of Doing Things
Chapter 1374: Multiple Arrests
Chapter 1375: A Favor
Chapter 1376: That Person At The Top
Chapter 1377: Encouragement
Chapter 1378: Yet Another Acquaintance
Chapter 1379: Wager
Chapter 1380: Trust Me
Chapter 1381: Time Needed For Retirement
Chapter 1382: Evidence
Chapter 1383: Supervisor Of The Nine Gates
Chapter 1384: Stubborn To The End
Chapter 1385: The Fourteenth Gate
Chapter 1386: Observing The Sword Monument
Chapter 1387: Missions and Rewards
Chapter 1388: The Woman With The Liu Surname
Chapter 1389: The Sword Monumentu2019s Inheritance
Chapter 1390: Unravel
Chapter 1391: Multiple Inheritances
Chapter 1392: Kui Luo
Chapter 1393: Flying Armor Pass
Chapter 1394: Powerhouses From Various Factions
Chapter 1395: Stellular Tribulation
Chapter 1396: Rewards
Chapter 1397: Tribulation Crystals
Chapter 1398: The Battlefield Behind The Mother Tree
Chapter 1399: Opening The Three Meridian Points
Chapter 1400: Tribulation Crystal Pillar
Chapter 1401: Transformation
Chapter 1402: Can I Snatch it?
Chapter 1403: Flying Armor Array
Chapter 1404: Biased
Chapter 1405: Decisive