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I Am Pure
I Am Pure
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Xiang Shaoyun is the young master of an influential and powerful sect and is blessed with an extreme latent talent in martial cultivation. From talent comes confidence, and from confidence comes a declaration to give all the so-called geniuses a head start of ten years before catching up to them.Ten years later, Xiang Shaoyun appears at a tiny sect of a tiny town. Betrayed and disgraced by his own sect, he is penniless and powerless, his cultivation level lower than his peers鈥
Chapter 1353: Identity Exposed
Chapter 1354: Versus Di Mie
Chapter 1355: A Great Saint Enters The Fight
Chapter 1356: Remarkable Slaughter
Chapter 1357: Nether Yin Devil Appears
Chapter 1358: Great Saint Killing
Chapter 1359: Battle Against The Saints
Chapter 1360: Youre Not Allowed To Harm The Overlord
Chapter 1363: Powerful Ice Dragon
Chapter 1364: Moneys Chance
Chapter 1365: Di Batian Returns
Chapter 1366: Powerful Defensive Formation
Chapter 1367: Brothers Appearing Together
Chapter 1368: Truefire Domain
Chapter 1369: Divine Travel Diagram
Chapter 1370: Gravekeeper Elder Leaves the Grave
Chapter 1371: Anxious Within Ice
Chapter 1372: Marquis Versus Ice Dragon
Chapter 1373: Im His Master
Chapter 1374: Conversation Between Master and Disciple
Chapter 1375: Its Good To Be Alive
Chapter 1376: I Told You To Not Provoke Me
Chapter 1377: So Be It
Chapter 1378: Scram
Chapter 1380: You Lost
Chapter 1381: Im A Devil
Chapter 1382: Devil Cultivations Strength
Chapter 1383: Dao of Devilish Energy
Chapter 1384: Holy Son Beiming Tianpeng
Chapter 1385: Black Yin Magnetic Energy
Chapter 1386: Battle of the Three Demons
Chapter 1387: Comprehending the Profundity of Magnetism
Chapter 1388: Black Yin Magnetic Field
Chapter 1389: Controlling the Black Yin Magnetic Field
Chapter 1390: Unrivalled Magnetic Field
Chapter 1391: Black Yin Pearls Initial Form
Chapter 1392: Great Saint Weapon, Lotus Device
Chapter 1393: The Brutal Devil
Chapter 1394: Using the Yin Mother Sword
Chapter 1395: Emotionless Sword Dao
Chapter 1396: Devil Extermination Operation Ends
Chapter 1397: Fox Princess
Chapter 1398: Hes My Man
Chapter 1401: The Gathering of Three Saints
Chapter 1402: Go Together
Chapter 1404: Sky Measuring Step
Chapter 1403: Nobody Can Take My Life
Chapter 1405: Updated
Chapter 1406: Worthy Son-In-Law
Chapter 1407: Farewell and Departure
Chapter 1408: Imperial Nether Clans Misery
Chapter 1409: Whats the Point of Pretending to Be Me?
Chapter 1410: Imperial Dusk City
Chapter 1411: Saintly Forest Courtyard
Chapter 1413: Second Princes Olive Branch
Chapter 1414: Entering the Saintly Forest Ranking
Chapter 1415: Worthy of Your Fame
Chapter 1416: Nine Stars Become One
Chapter 1417: Robbing the World of Its Fortune, Ranked First on the Saintly Ranking
Chapter 1418: Primal Chaos Lightning
Chapter 1419: Forging a God Body
Chapter 1420: Appoint You As An External Prince
Chapter 1421: Have You Eaten?
Chapter 1422: Marriage
Chapter 1423: The Devils Have Arrived
Chapter 1424: Fairy Zi Xiang
Chapter 1425: Shaoyun, Youre Too Dull
Chapter 1426: Righteous Buddhist Branch Temple
Chapter 1427: The Buddhist Waters Run Deep
Chapter 1428: Devil Subduing Formations Might
Chapter 1429: Devil Subduing Vajra
Chapter 1430: Devil Subduing Formation Breaks
Chapter 1431: Four Night Saints
Chapter 1432: Controlling the Four Night Saints
Chapter 1433: What A Wealthy Son-In-Law
Chapter 1434: Sandstorm of Despair
Chapter 1435: Sand Essence and Saint Crystal Mine
Chapter 1436: Its Still Not Too Late to Submit
Chapter 1437: Saber of Despair
Chapter 1438: Despair Submits
Chapter 1439: Reunion With Wife and Child
Chapter 1440: Welcome Back, Young Sect Master
Chapter 1441: Guardians Guild
Chapter 1442: Campaign Against Dragon Society
Chapter 1443: Dragon Society
Chapter 1444: Sweeping Through the Border
Chapter 1445: Mighty Rooster
Chapter 1446: Long Juns Proposal
Chapter 1447: Battle
Chapter 1448: The Young Madam Is Amazing
Chapter 1449: Unrivalled Turtle Fist
Chapter 1450: Visitors From Taiqing Sect
Chapter 1451: How Hard Can It Be To Kill You?
Chapter 1452: The Dragon Society Submits
Chapter 1453: I Want Chen Zilong
Chapter 1454: Upgraded To High-Grade Dragon Vein
Chapter 1455: Give You A Chance
Chapter 1456: Primal Chaos, Bloom
Chapter 1457: Tier-8 Organization Advancement
Chapter 1458: Advancement Complete
Chapter 1459: Imperial Nether Clans Visitor
Chapter 1460: Youve Finally Returned
Chapter 1461: Returning to Dragon Phoenix Academy
Chapter 1462: Masters Instructions
Chapter 1463: Secrets of the Strongest
Chapter 1464: I Dont Ask For A Lot
Chapter 1465: Preaching The Dao In The Restaurant
Chapter 1466: Returning to the City of Light
Chapter 1467: Dark Devourer Clans Surprise Appearance
Chapter 1468: One Hit
Chapter 1469: Urgent Situation
Chapter 1470: Masters Move
Chapter 1471: Outside Domain Aliens
Chapter 1472: Sea of Fiery Dragon Clouds
Chapter 1473: The Overlord Is Crazy
Chapter 1474: Entering the Imperial Nether Province
Chapter 1475: Mission Completion
Chapter 1476: Imperial Nether Clans Withdrawal
Chapter 1477: Huang Tian of the Nine Supreme Beings
Chapter 1478: Darkdevil Sect
Chapter 1479: I Want It Today
Chapter 1480: I Wont Abandon Her
Chapter 1481: Unparalleled Genius
Chapter 1482: I Can Let You Have The First Three Moves
Chapter 1483: Victory
Chapter 1484: Heavenly Regret Staff
Chapter 1485: Consecutive Victories
Chapter 1486: Purple Wind Lightning Physique
Chapter 1487: Refuse My Kindness
Chapter 1488: Indestructible Avatar
Chapter 1489: Fighting With Full Strength
Chapter 1490: Black Yin Magnetic Field
Chapter 1491: Death Eyes
Chapter 1492: Comprehending the Profundity of Primal Chaos
Chapter 1493: Celestial Darkdevil Tree
Chapter 1494: Refusing the Tree Spirit
Chapter 1495: Too Late
Chapter 1496: Forbidden Zone, Wumo Pass
Chapter 1497: Sealing Power
Chapter 1498: Old Drunkards Death
Chapter 1499: Tai Chi Yin Yang Palm
Chapter 1500: Rebirth Flower
Chapter 1501: The Yellow Springs and The Grave
Chapter 1502: Aliens
Chapter 1503: Outside Battlefield
Chapter 1504: Fighting Shi Chen
Chapter 1505: Phantasma Race
Chapter 1506: Slaughtering Aliens
Chapter 1507: Yuan Shis Inheritance
Chapter 1508: Zombie God
Chapter 1509: Something Terrifying Is Hidden In This Coffin
Chapter 1510: Guardians Declaration
Chapter 1511: Yu Provinces Yu Clan
Chapter 1512: Shameless
Chapter 1513: Yes, Im Here To Kick Up A Fuss
Chapter 1514: Havoc in Yu Clan
Chapter 1515: Reckless Fool
Chapter 1516: Yu Jichuan
Chapter 1517: Escaping the Yu Clan
Chapter 1518: Completing the Nine Star Pagodas
Chapter 1519: Devil Domains New Entrance
Chapter 1520: Huang Tianji Reappears
Chapter 1521: Penetrating Criticism
Chapter 1522: The Might of the Two Women
Chapter 1523: Troublesome Pestering
Chapter 1524: What Kind of Consequences?
Chapter 1525: Are You Sorry?
Chapter 1526: Mighty Xiang Shaoyun
Chapter 1527: Battling the Diabolic Dragon Pseudo-God
Chapter 1528: Impending Crisis
Chapter 1529: If You Want To Fight, We Fight
Chapter 1530: Youre Little Cat?
Chapter 1531: Entering the Devil Domain
Chapter 1532: Assassination
Chapter 1533: All Out Effort Against the Devil God
Chapter 1534: Controlling the Devil Army
Chapter 1535: Eunuch Dong
Chapter 1536: Nine Yin Spirit Claw Technique
Chapter 1537: Xiang Yangzhan
Chapter 1538: Boundary Meteorite
Chapter 1539: Purple Star River
Chapter 1540: Main Body Versus Pseudo-God
Chapter 1541: Its Good To Have Father Around
Chapter 1542: Shocking Change
Chapter 1543: Righteous Gold Leaf
Chapter 1544: Fury For The Beauty
Chapter 1545: Kidnapped Yu Caidie
Chapter 1546: Huayan, Let Me Help You
Chapter 1547: Ziling Sect Members
Chapter 1548: Di Clan
Chapter 1549: Di Monarch
Chapter 1550: Fight
Chapter 1551: God Realm Formation Master
Chapter 1552: Mutual Reliance
Chapter 1553: Di Batians Fall
Chapter 1554: New Wolf Guards
Chapter 1555: Grandpa Grandson Meeting
Chapter 1556: Dong Ziwans Arrival
Chapter 1557: Trip to the Southern Wasteland
Chapter 1558: Dynastic Remains
Chapter 1559: Breaking the God-grade Formation
Chapter 1560: Barbaric Dynasty
Chapter 1561: Divine Dynastic Vault
Chapter 1562: Goldscale Dragon Fish
Chapter 1563: Tool Nourishing Technique
Chapter 1564: The Might of the Flower Fairies
Chapter 1565: Youre Not Qualified to Know
Chapter 1566: Visit
Chapter 1567: One Against Two
Chapter 1568: Subduing the Flower Fairies
Chapter 1569: Allied Alien Army
Chapter 1570: Ge Yi Holding The Fort
Chapter 1571: Rise of Geniuses
Chapter 1572: Three Lives Fist
Chapter 1573: Powerful Exit From Seclusion
Chapter 1574: Punching Through the Aliens
Chapter 1361: Stars Destroyed
Chapter 1362: Ice Dragons Sudden Appearance
Chapter 1379: The Tree Wishes to Be Still, the Wind Forbids
Chapter 1412: How Rich
Chapter 1575: Three Consecutive Punches
Chapter 1576: War God Rank Life Forms
Chapter 1577: Controlling Lie Xiong
Chapter 1578: Onward To Immortal Dynasty
Chapter 1579: Immortal Capital
Chapter 1580: Immortal Arena
Chapter 1581: You Talk Too Much
Chapter 1582: Courting Trouble For The Overlord
Chapter 1583: The Overlord Continuing The Challenge
Chapter 1584: Versus Immortal Road Chambers Immortal Child
Chapter 1585: Imperial Immortal Palace
Chapter 1586: Reactions
Chapter 1587: Greenlife Flame
Chapter 1588: Fastest Record
Chapter 1589: Interact As Equals
Chapter 1590: Immortal Fairy Chamber
Chapter 1591: Discussion
Chapter 1592: Ancient Battlefield Opened
Chapter 1593: Skeleton Soldiers
Chapter 1594: Be More Interesting
Chapter 1595: Domineering Slaughter
Chapter 1596: The Scheme of the Aliens