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Ye Chen was an honest and hardworking man, but he caught his girlfriend who was having an affair with a wealthy second generation, because of his sadness he decided to return to his hometown to calm down, while on his way he met a god cultivator and ended up being his student.After that his life began to change, on the right and left arms holding the Beautiful girl, from the start of the School flower, rich young women, beautiful teachers, beauty presidents, famous beauty stars, beautiful goddesses. one by one the women came to him.
Chapter 1446 - I Didnt Expect That You Have The Inheritance Of The Sage God
Chapter 1447 - The Past Of The Great War In God Realm
Chapter 1448 - A Surprising Present From Huang Ying (1)
Chapter 1449 - A Surprising Present From Huang Ying (2)
Chapter 1450 - Confess Feelings To Huang Ying (1)
Chapter 1451 - Confess Feelings To Huang Ying (2)
Chapter 1452 - Get The Beautiful Goddess Huang Ying As A Wife
Chapter 1453 - Leaving The Bottom Of The Lake
Chapter 1454 - Leave The Valley Of Memories
Chapter 1455 - Eternal Freeze
Chapter 1456 - Chu Yuechan Is Showing Her Seniority
Chapter 1457 - The Mystery Of The Ruler Behind The God Realm
Chapter 1458 - This Is Too Mushy
Chapter 1459 - Battle Challenge From Luo Tian
Chapter 1460 - Whats Wrong, Are You Afraid Ill Steal It From You
Chapter 1461 - Teaching Female Disciple Jade Lotus Peak
Chapter 1462 - Punishing Song Ziyu In Public
Chapter 1463 - Arent You The First To Tease Me?
Chapter 1464 - Yan Feis Problem
Chapter 1465 - Luo Clan Looking For Trouble
Chapter 1466 - Luo Clan Launched An Attack
Chapter 1467 - Ye Chen Vs Luo Ruin
Chapter 1468 - Destroying Luo Clan Manor
Chapter 1469 - [Bonus ]Im Just A Small Cultivator
Chapter 1470 - Luo Clan Perished
Chapter 1471 - Riot In The Sky Cloud Peak Star Realm
Chapter 1472 - Huang Ying And Mu Xueyings Confrontation
Chapter 1473 - Then Ill Just Spend Time With You Guys
Chapter 1474 - Met Luo Bing By Accident
Chapter 1475 - Chang Er & Luo Bing
Chapter 1476 - Do You Think This Womans Eyes Are Myopic?
Chapter 1477 - Chat With Luo Bing
Chapter 1478 - Ye Chen Rejected Chang Er
Chapter 1479 - Ye Chen Vs Luo Tian (1)
Chapter 1480 - Ye Chen Vs Luo Tian (2)
Chapter 1481 - Ye Chen Vs Luo Tian (3)
Chapter 1482 - Nine Immortals Slauger Law
Chapter 1483 - Ye Chen Vs Luo Tian Battle Ending
Chapter 1484 - Ye Chen Withstood The Attack From Lord Peak Shin
Chapter 1485 - It Is A Danger Alert
Chapter 1486 - Infiltrated The Territory Of The Code Breaker Organization
Chapter 1487 - Holding Song Ziyu
Chapter 1488 - Sabotage The Enemys Ark
Chapter 1489 - Surprise Attack From Heavyweight Weapons
Chapter 1490 - What Clothes Did You Give Me?
Chapter 1491 - Sleeping On The Same Bed As Song Ziyu
Chapter 1492 - Song Ziyu Is Delirious
Chapter 1493 - Song Ziyu Wakes Up
Chapter 1494 - Song Ziyu Has Been Subdued
Chapter 1495 - [Bonus ]I Didnt Expect You To Have Eaten Song Ziyu
Chapter 1496 - Traitor In The Army
Chapter 1497 - Ye Chen Vs Number Two (1)
Chapter 1498 - Ye Chen Vs Number Two (2)
Chapter 1499 - Ye Chen Fought Hundreds Of Thousands Of Troops From The Immortal Sky Empire
Chapter 1500 - Infiltrate The Immortal Sky Empire
Chapter 1501 - Division Of Tasks
Chapter 1502 - Enter Cold Palace
Chapter 1503 - Li Jingyi Vs Li Gun
Chapter 1504 - Water Glory Purgation
Chapter 1505 - Mastermind Behind Immortal Sky Empires Riot
Chapter 1506 - Tai Eng
Chapter 1507 - Tai Engs Power
Chapter 1508 - Enemy Lost Control And Went Crazy
Chapter 1509 - Rebellion Problem Solved
Chapter 1510 - In The Morning Mu Xueying Is So Cute
Chapter 1511 - Master, I Have A Good Thing For You
Chapter 1512 - Ning Xias Arrival At Ye Chens House
Chapter 1513 - Ning Xias Gaze Is Like Looking At A Criminal
Chapter 1514 - If You Can Find It, Ill Give You A Present
Chapter 1515 - What Do You Want From Me ?
Chapter 1516 - How About You Put It On For Me
Chapter 1517 - Chang Ers Offer
Chapter 1518 - You Will Know The Consequences
Chapter 1519 - Looks Like You Missed A Punishment
Chapter 1520 - Force Chang Er
Chapter 1521 - A Letter From Chi Shui
Chapter 1522 - Try Gravity Domain Practice Room
Chapter 1523 - White Rose Star Realm
Chapter 1524 - A Woman Covered In A Very Strong Charm
Chapter 1525 - Arrived At Heaven Dream Sect
Chapter 1526 - Red Rose Heaven Land
Chapter 1527 - Yong Hu The Slave Seller
Chapter 1528 - One Second Beats Hundreds Of Thousands Of People
Chapter 1529 - An Invitation From Succubus
Chapter 1530 - Ye Chen & Chi Shui (1)
Chapter 1531 - Ye Chen & Chi Shui (2)
Chapter 1532 - Ye Chen & Chi Shui (3)
Chapter 1533 - Chi Shui Asks For Help
Chapter 1534 - Ye Chen Against Heaven Dream Sect
Chapter 1535 - Nice Bath Time The Joy Suddenly Turned Into War
Chapter 1536 - Mysterious Iron Cube
Chapter 1537 - Auction Leak
Chapter 1538 - Stone Gambling
Chapter 1539 - Sao Zhinmi & San Tiaye
Chapter 1540 - Betting Challenge From Sao Zhinmi
Chapter 1541 - Chi Shuis Victory
Chapter 1542 - Second Half Bet
Chapter 1543 - Looks Like This Time We Have The Same Fate
Chapter 1544 - Red Rose Heaven Land Auction Begins
Chapter 1545 - Price Battle At Auction
Chapter 1546 - Yong Hu Looking For Trouble
Chapter 1547 - Qi Yunzhi
Chapter 1548 - Tore The Contract In Front Of Qi Yunzhi
Chapter 1549 - Qi Yunzhi Following Ye Chen
Chapter 1550 - Young Master, Would You Like Some Tea?
Chapter 1551 - Spar With Freedom Garden Sect (1)
Chapter 1552 - Spar With Freedom Garden Sect (2)
Chapter 1554 - Absolute Victory In Sparring
Chapter 1553 - Spar With Freedom Garden Sect (3)
Chapter 1555 - Cant Get Out Of Red Rose Heaven Land
Chapter 1556 - Red Rose Heaven Lands Situation Is Getting Chaotic
Chapter 1557 - Being Monitored By Someone
Chapter 1558 - Qi Yunzhi Is Affected By The Aphrodisiac (1)
Chapter 1559 - Qi Yunzhi Is Affected By The Aphrodisiac (2)
Chapter 1560 - Golden Ilusionis Bell
Chapter 1561 - Awaken Chi Shui
Chapter 1562 - Time To Fight Lord Meng
Chapter 1563 - Discovering Lord Mengs Weakness
Chapter 1564 - Use Heavenly Silver Flame To Fight Against Enemies With Strong Defense
Chapter 1565 - Now Your Fate In My Hand
Chapter 1566 - Find Important Information From Lord Meng
Chapter 1567 - Red Rose Heaven Land Destroyed
Chapter 1568 - Chi Zuiye
Chapter 1569 - Talk To Chi Zuiye
Chapter 1570 - Battle In Dreamland (1)
Chapter 1571 - Battle In Dreamland (2)
Chapter 1572 - Super Charming Illusion Art
Chapter 1573 - Chi Shui Invite Ye Chen To Meet Ancestors
Chapter 1574 - We Meet Again
Chapter 1575 - Trying To Conquer Chi Zuiye
Chapter 1576 - [Bonus Chapter]Ye Chen Dan Chi Zuiye (1)
Chapter 1577 - Ye Chen Dan Chi Zuiye (2)
Chapter 1578 - Heaven Dream Sect Is Under Siege
Chapter 1579 - Heaven Dream Sect In Calamity (1)
Chapter 1580 - Heaven Dream Sect In Calamity (2)
Chapter 1581 - Cant Stand To See Whats Going On
Chapter 1582 - Powerful Lightning Vein Power
Chapter 1583 - Half Of The White Rose Star Realm Was Destroyed
Chapter 1584 - Great Spirit In The Midst Of Despair
Chapter 1585 - Looking For A New Suitable Location For Heaven Dream Sect
Chapter 1586 - Someday I Will Change The Current System
Chapter 1587 - Find Practice Experience For Qi Yunzhi
Chapter 1588 - Waiting Is So Boring, Lets Have A Date
Chapter 1589 - Being Disturbed When It Reaches Comfortable Feeling
Chapter 1590 - Ning Xia Subconsciously Drank The Yang Qi Essence
Chapter 1591 - God Sealing Cube
Chapter 1592 - Looking For Items That Can Raise Inheritance
Chapter 1593 - Pirates Attack
Chapter 1594 - Overcome Pirates Easily
Chapter 1654 Dimension Mastery
Chapter 1655 Mesmerized by Shui Yixians beauty
Chapter 1656 Treat Shui Yixian (1)
Chapter 1657 Treat Shui Yixian (2)
Chapter 1658 Shui Yixians beauty rumors spread
Chapter 1659 Shin Clan kidnapped Shui Yixian
Chapter 1660 [Bonus chapter]Marriage proposal from Sin Xuping
Chapter 1661 Shin Xuing wants to kill Ye Chen
Chapter 1662 controlling Shin Xuing
Chapter 1663 Zhao Yanyan Vs Fu Chou (1)
Chapter 1664 Zhao Yanyan Vs Fu Chou (2)
Chapter 1665 Zhong Yole evolution
Chapter 1666 Zhong Yoles defeat
Chapter 1667 Date with Shui Yixian
Chapter 1668 Zhi Fuxe
Chapter 1669 Wow, you are so beautiful
Chapter 1670 Teach the goddess to swim
Chapter 1671 the beautiful goddess gives her lap
Chapter 1672 Zhi Fuxe find out information about Ye Chen
Chapter 1673 attack on the Shin Clan bussines
Chapter 1674 Shin Chan starts to interfere with business and spread slander
Chapter 1675 fool the impostor
Chapter 1676 Take all the treasures of the Shin Clan
Chapter 1677 Two people who came uninvited
Chapter 1678 the fate of a person who does not want to listen
Chapter 1679 Shin Clan lost everything
Chapter 1680 giving a lesson to Qi Yunzhi (1)
Chapter 1681 sucked in by a very strong whirlpool
Chapter 1682 you are late
Chapter 1683 Direction compass
Chapter 1684 sucked in by a very strong whirlpool
Chapter 1685 Fan Fumi
Chapter 1686 Fan Fumi tries to save Ye Chen
Chapter 1687 Happiness forest village
Chapter 1688 Village head Fan Yima
Chapter 1689 monster attack on Happiness forest Village
Chapter 1690 Ye Chen saved the Elf who was in trouble
Chapter 1604 You guys dont deserve to enter this place
Chapter 1605 Statue of the eagle god, Hios
Chapter 1606 Against Hai Ming and the elders (1)
Chapter 1607 Against Hai Ming and the elders (2)
Chapter 1608 Ye Chen and Hai Ming are showing full strength (1)
Chapter 1609 Ye Chen and Hai Ming are showing full strength (2)
Chapter 1610 Celestial Ocean Trident
Chapter 1611 Hai Mings Escape
Chapter 1612 Save Ning Xia
Chapter 1613 Carrying Ning Xia
Chapter 1614 Ahem, Lord Peak Ning, you better not act like that, yours is touching my back
Chapter 1615 Legacy from Hios
Chapter 1616 Ning Xias other personality
Chapter 1617 Chen, please treat me
Chapter 1618 why so rush, lets enjoy this slowly
Chapter 1619 Ye Chen & Ning Xia (1)
Chapter 1620 Ye Chen & Ning Xia (2)
Chapter 1621 Ye Chen & Ning Xia (3)
Chapter 1622 Keep this a secret from others
Chapter 1623 The arrival of the Assassin sent to kill the Mask Hero
Chapter 1624 Eliminating Shin Ba & Elder From Shin Clan
Chapter 1625 Surrounded by troops from Immortal Profound Sea Realm
Chapter 1626 Go, I will be the bait for you
Chapter 1627 Hai Rang
Chapter 1628 Ye Chen Vs Hai Rang
Chapter 1629 Giant hammer broken
Chapter 1630 Ancient magic container crystal
Chapter 1631 She is a very ambitious woman
Chapter 1632 You still remember to visit this old lady
Chapter 1633 I will cheer you up and relieve your tiredness
Chapter 1634 Improve relationship with Fairy Zhen (1)
Chapter 1635 Improve relationship with Fairy Zhen (2)
Chapter 1636 kicked out by Ning Xia
Chapter 1637 looking for Xia Qingyu & Mu Nianci
Chapter 1638 A long abandoned old house
Chapter 1639 strange and senseless monster
Chapter 1640 Dark research with human subjects
Chapter 1641 Release Mu Nianci and Xia Qingyu from captivity
Chapter 1642 Orc Hydra
Chapter 1643 Yin Yinger refuses to help Ye Chen
Chapter 1644 Shui Yixian showed herself in front of Ye Chen
Chapter 1645 Taken away to the origin of the orc Hydra
Chapter 1646 Accidentally touched Shui Yixians
Chapter 1647 Another World abyss
Chapter 1648 Shui Yixian helps treat Ye Chens wounds
Chapter 1649 Only have a little time
Chapter 1650 White Tiger
Chapter 1651 Another World abyss exit is very far away
Chapter 1652 Looking for God Speed Disc
Chapter 1653 Ancient technique to open the God Sealing Cube
Chapter 1595 You can get information in the Guild association
Chapter 1596 Legacy Awakening Fruit
Chapter 1597 Find a crowd of strong people in the middle of the forest
Chapter 1598 Hai Ming arrival
Chapter 1599 The emergence of a high mountain from underground
Chapter 1600 Ning Xia goes forward and shows her strength
Chapter 1601 A big tree in the middle of the forest
Chapter 1602 You are enough, we dont need to help you
Chapter 1603 you are not welcome here
Chapter 1691 [Bonus chapter]train elves in Happiness forest village
Chapter 1692 Fan Fumi wants a powerful technique
Chapter 1693 [Bonus chapter]train elves in Happiness forest village
Chapter 1694 Fan Fumi wants a powerful technique
Chapter 1695 Lord Raven
Chapter 1696 Fan Yima & Fan Fumi Vs Lord Raven
Chapter 1697 night party with Elf
Chapter 1698 Fan Yimas courage
Chapter 1699 Ye Chen, Fan Yima and Fan Fumi (1)
Chapter 1701 Ye Chen, Fan Yima and Fan Fumi (2)
Chapter 1702 Ye Chen, Fan Yima and Fan Fumi (3)
Chapter 1703 Go to the center of Elven Village
Chapter 1704 Thrown in jail
Chapter 1705 Blessing earth essence
Chapter 1706 meet Xing Shenyi and the Six Elder Elf
Chapter 1707 broken tree house
Chapter 1708 A secret visit of the Elf Queen
Chapter 1709 [Bonus chapter]how can I fight old women like them
Chapter 1710 Xing Shenyi peeked at Ye Chen and Fan Fumi
Chapter 1711 given a broken Mine Hoe
Chapter 1712 landed in Forbidden Island Elf
Chapter 1713 Mining Blessing Earth Essence
Chapter 1714 island lord monster gathering
Chapter 1715 Fooling alls lord monster
Chapter 1716 Teng Domi struck by lightning
Chapter 1717 An elf with black hair
Chapter 1718 Han Rizu
Chapter 1719 Big bird monster
Chapter 1720 Tuo Ke submits
Chapter 1721 Discovered the existence of the Flower of Life Seven Color
Chapter 1722 Task of finding the Supreme Earth Orb
Chapter 1723 enter into Lourberd mine
Chapter 1724 cant take the Supreme Earth Orb
Chapter 1725 Picked up
Chapter 1726 Now who is doing business here
Chapter 1727 Trying to punish Ye Chen
Chapter 1728 Xing Shenyi lowered her head and apologized to Ye Chen
Chapter 1729 Ye Chen promised a reward for Elf
Chapter 1730 Xing Shenyi helps Ye Chen take a bath
Chapter 1731 Ye Chen playing with Queen Elf
Chapter 1732 Xing Shenyis chaser is coming
Chapter 1733 Xing Shenyi meet Han Rizu
Chapter 1734 Nan Rou
Chapter 1735 Catch Nan Rou
Chapter 1736 Xing Shenyi jealous?
Chapter 1737 Im not their doll
Chapter 1738 Elf elder meeting
Chapter 1739 Happiness Forest Village under attack
Chapter 1740 looking for evidence
Chapter 1741 Looks like our bait has been eaten really well
Chapter 1742 Expose all the evil that was done by the Elder Elf
Chapter 1743 one move defeat Gao Win
Chapter 1744 Titan
Chapter 1697 Lord Raven lost
Chapter 1698 night party with Elf
Chapter 1699 Fan Yimas courage
Chapter 1700 Ye Chen, Fan Yima and Fan Fumi (1)
Chapter 1751 Xing Shenyi changed the rules
Chapter 1752 Ye Chen & Xing Shenyi (1)
Chapter 1753 Ye Chen & Xing Shenyi (2)
Chapter 1745 Underground battle plan
Chapter 1746 Reduce the size of Titan
Chapter 1747 Gao Win absorbs Essence
Chapter 1748 back against Gao Win
Chapter 1749 Its all over, Im the winner
Chapter 1750 Final battle against Gao Win
Chapter 1754 Ye Chen & Xing Shenyi (3)
Chapter 1755 Ye Chen wants to leave Elven Village
Chapter 1756 Sun Xuanyin and Hai Ming discuss cooperation
Chapter 1757 Sun Xuanyin register in to Nine Immortals Peak Sect
Chapter 1758 hiding the true appearance of Fan Fumi
Chapter 1759 back to modern earth
Chapter 1760 The current state of the earth
Chapter 1761 Ran Giku
Chapter 1762 Interrogated by the police
Chapter 1763 Long Shumin attacked Ye Chen
Chapter 1764 Talk with Long Shumin