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On Azure Phoenix Peak
On Azure Phoenix Peak
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Yang Ye鈥檚 entire family relied on him to keep them safe, but just when everything seemed to be going well, misfortune struck in droves!How will he overcome the odds and rise up to protect his loved ones?This novel tells the tale of Yang Ye, a ruthless yet loving young man who鈥檚 driven by his desire to protect his loved ones. It鈥檚 set in a world where most only value strength and gain above all else, yet Yang Ye who鈥檚 shaped by his experiences during his youth proves to be unlike everyone else.
Chapter 1 u2013 Little Sweeper
Chapter 2 u2013 Beat Him to Death!
Chapter 3 u2013 Vortex Dantian
Chapter 4 u2013 Battling the Colossal Python King
Chapter 5 u2013 The Dao of Talismans
Chapter 6 u2013 Conflict Arises Again
Chapter 7 u2013 The Outer Court Rankings
Chapter 8 u2013 Life and Death Arena
Chapter 9 u2013 Gamble
Chapter 10 u2013 Basic Sword Technique
Chapter 11 u2013 Aggrieved Elders
Chapter 12 u2013 Gifts From The Elders
Chapter 13 u2013 Baou2019eru2019s Shock
Chapter 14 u2013 Outer Court Exam
Chapter 15 u2013 Mysterious Vortex
Chapter 16 u2013 Grand Myriad Mountains
Chapter 17 u2013 The Value Of Talismans
Chapter 18 u2013 Twin Wing Python
Chapter 19 u2013 Inner Core
Chapter 20 u2013 Unexpected Even
Chapter 21 u2013 It Was Yang Yeu2019s Fault!
Chapter 22 u2013 Explosive Increase Of Strength
Chapter 23 u2013 Brightmoon Sec
Chapter 24 u2013 Mysterious Little Fellow
Chapter 25 u2013 Attached To Him!
Chapter 26 u2013 Battle
Chapter 27 u2013 Fight!
Chapter 28 u2013 Unexpected Even
Chapter 29 u2013 Making A Move
Chapter 30 u2013 Fleeing
Chapter 31 u2013 Jump
Chapter 32 u2013 Beauty In His Embrace
Chapter 33 u2013 Made A Fortune
Chapter 34 u2013 Unexpected Even
Chapter 35 u2013 Bloodline Pressure
Chapter 36 u2013 The Disaster That The Little Fellow Caused
Chapter 37 u2013 Ascension Rankings
Chapter 38 u2013 Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 39 u2013 Giving A Treasure Away
Chapter 40 u2013 Returning To The Sect! Cultivating!
Chapter 41 u2013 The Little Fellowu2019s Charm
Chapter 42 u2013 The Outer Court Exam Begins
Chapter 43 u2013 Lost In The Illusion?
Chapter 44 u2013 Sword Servant Pagoda
Chapter 45 u2013 Be
Chapter 46 u2013 Smashing Through All Obstacles
Chapter 47 u2013 Shock
Chapter 48 u2013 Reactive Strike
Chapter 49 u2013 Arduous Battle
Chapter 50 u2013 The First Heaven Realm!
Chapter 101 u2013 Instant Karma
Chapter 102 u2013 True Strength
Chapter 103 u2013 The Earth Bear Kingu2019s True Strength
Chapter 104 u2013 Spoils, Assassin, Departure
Chapter 105 u2013 Human Cavalry!
Chapter 106 u2013 Chaotic Battle!
Chapter 107 u2013 I Refuse To Let Go Of You!
Chapter 108 u2013 Shock
Chapter 109 u2013 Youu2019re Unbeatable!
Chapter 110 u2013 Itu2019s Time For You To Demonstrate Your Migh
Chapter 111 u2013 Weu2019re Here!
Chapter 112 u2013 Husband!
Chapter 113 u2013 Bai Jiang
Chapter 114 u2013 The Truth
Chapter 115 u2013 Husband Again
Chapter 116 u2013 A Force Of His Own
Chapter 117 u2013 The League Of Doom
Chapter 118 u2013 Su Xiaoxiao
Chapter 119 u2013 A Yellow Rank Technique!
Chapter 120 u2013 The Entrance Is Open
Chapter 121 u2013 Trouble
Chapter 122 u2013 How Audacious!
Chapter 123 u2013 Attack!
Chapter 124 u2013 Finally Free!
Chapter 125 u2013 Princess Of The Shang Dynasty
Chapter 126 u2013 What A Cute Tail
Chapter 127 u2013 The Number One Exper
Chapter 128 u2013 Husband Again!
Chapter 129 u2013 Enlightened Sword Hear
Chapter 130 u2013 Conflict!
Chapter 131 u2013 Follow You!
Chapter 132 u2013 A Petty Man!
Chapter 133 u2013 Youu2019re Really Hardcore!
Chapter 134 u2013 Self Detonation
Chapter 135 u2013 Making A Move!
Chapter 136 u2013 Success!
Chapter 137 u2013 Iu2019ll Make You Feel Moved!
Chapter 138 u2013 Pleasant Surprise!
Chapter 139 u2013 Old Man!
Chapter 140 u2013 Tempering The Body!
Chapter 141 u2013 Sword Emperor!
Chapter 142 u2013 Sword Control Technique
Chapter 143 u2013 Battling A Spirit Realm Expert!
Chapter 144 u2013 Intense Battle Of Life and Death
Chapter 145 u2013 Heavily Injured!
Chapter 146 u2013 Kill!
Chapter 147 u2013 Meeting Su Qingshi Again!
Chapter 148 u2013 Discussion
Chapter 149 u2013 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 150 u2013 Murong Yao
Chapter 51 u2013 Iu2019ll Bet With You
Chapter 52 u2013 Fight!
Chapter 53 u2013 The 20th Level!
Chapter 54 u2013 A Terrifying Opponen
Chapter 55 u2013 The 21st Level!
Chapter 56 u2013 Choice
Chapter 57 u2013 The 22nd level!
Chapter 58 u2013 Sword Control Technique
Chapter 59 u2013 An Utter Humiliation!
Chapter 60 u2013 A Letter From Home
Chapter 61 u2013 Returning Home!
Chapter 62 u2013 Giving The Sword Chest Away
Chapter 63 u2013 Keep A Slightly Low Profile?
Chapter 64 u2013 The Status Of Talisman Masters
Chapter 65 u2013 Whou2019s Your Master?
Chapter 66 u2013 Tes
Chapter 67 u2013 High-grade Talisman
Chapter 68 u2013 Departure Fee?
Chapter 69 u2013 Master?
Chapter 70 u2013 Taking A Disciple
Chapter 71 u2013 Danger
Chapter 72 u2013 Flower Guard
Chapter 73 u2013 Feng Yu
Chapter 74 u2013 Beneath The Sky And Above The Ground
Chapter 75 u2013 Letu2019s Fight?
Chapter 76 u2013 The Liu Clan
Chapter 77 u2013 Is It Worth It?
Chapter 78 u2013 Master Linu2019s Disciple!
Chapter 79 u2013 Techniques
Chapter 80 u2013 Life and Death Arena?
Chapter 81 u2013 Sword School
Chapter 82 u2013 Incomplete Copy
Chapter 83 u2013 Help!
Chapter 84 u2013 Oblivious State
Chapter 85 u2013 A Treasure!
Chapter 86 u2013 Seizing The Treasure!
Chapter 87 u2013 Pearl Of Baleful Blood
Chapter 88 u2013 Sword Intent! Life And Death Arena!
Chapter 89 u2013 Instant Annihilation!
Chapter 90 u2013 Youu2019re Not A Disciple Of The Sword Sect!
Chapter 91 u2013 Regret!
Chapter 92 u2013 Intentions!
Chapter 93 u2013 Technique Talismans
Chapter 94 u2013 Ascension Token
Chapter 95 u2013 Mortal Assassin, Advancement!
Chapter 96 u2013 Darkbeast Army!
Chapter 97 u2013 The Real Battle Starts Now!
Chapter 98 u2013 Silver!
Chapter 99 u2013 Battle
Chapter 100 u2013 Earth Bear King
Chapter 251 u2013 Wenren Yue!
Chapter 252 u2013 Fierce Battle!
Chapter 253 u2013 I Admit Defeat!
Chapter 254 u2013 Hao Ming!
Chapter 255 u2013 Survive An Attack Of Mine!
Chapter 256 u2013 What If I Gained The 1st?
Chapter 257 u2013 Yuan Tongu2019s Terrifying Strength!
Chapter 258 u2013 A Level Of Sword Intent With Every Step!
Chapter 259 u2013 Swords! Come To Me!
Chapter 260 u2013 Break! Break! Break!
Chapter 261 u2013 A Close Quarter Battle
Chapter 262 u2013 The King Realm! Sword Spirit!
Chapter 263 u2013 Impossible To Utilize!
Chapter 264 u2013 Defeat!
Chapter 265 u2013 The Overlords Gather!
Chapter 266 u2013 The Ancient Battlefield?
Chapter 267 u2013 The Rewards Of The Ascension Rankings!
Chapter 268 u2013 Return The Azure Sword?
Chapter 269 u2013 Profounder Continent?
Chapter 270 u2013 Courting Death!
Chapter 271 u2013 Meeting Yin Xuanu2019er Again!
Chapter 272 u2013 Karmic Luck!
Chapter 273 u2013 Heading To The Ancient Battlefield
Chapter 274 u2013 Assassination!
Chapter 275 u2013 Surprise Attack!
Chapter 276 u2013 Kill!
Chapter 277 u2013 The Southern Territory Is At The Bottom!
Chapter 278 u2013 Horde of Darkbeasts!
Chapter 279 u2013 The Little Fellow Is About To Awaken!
Chapter 280 u2013 Repaying Kindness With Evil!
Chapter 281 u2013 Change In The Situation
Chapter 282 u2013 Withstand A Strike Of My Sword?
Chapter 283 u2013 Nether Energy of Death!
Chapter 284 u2013 Separating The Soul!
Chapter 285 u2013 The Demon Territory!
Chapter 286 u2013 Dispelling The Poison
Chapter 287 u2013 Submission!
Chapter 288 u2013 The Poor Leng Yin!
Chapter 289 u2013 Advancement!
Chapter 290 u2013 The Beast Emperor!
Chapter 291 u2013 Violetgold Armor!
Chapter 292 u2013 The King Realm!
Chapter 293 u2013 Four Entrances!
Chapter 294 u2013 The Dangers of the Entrances!
Chapter 295 u2013 I Like It!
Chapter 296 u2013 Too Weak!
Chapter 297 u2013 The Heaven Entrance!
Chapter 298 u2013 Unexpected Event!
Chapter 299 u2013 Heavily Injured!
Chapter 300 u2013 The Terrifying Heaven Entrance!
Chapter 301 u2013 The Infuriated Violet Mink!
Chapter 302 u2013 The Devil Territory! The Nether Territory! The Demon Territory!
Chapter 303 u2013 Converging!
Chapter 304 u2013 Huge Increase In Strength!
Chapter 305 u2013 Iu2019ll Let You Strike Me Once!
Chapter 306 u2013 Ji Yanshi!
Chapter 307 u2013 Surprise Attack!
Chapter 308 u2013 The Violet Mink Reappears!
Chapter 309 u2013 Madman Huang!
Chapter 310 u2013 The Mink Emperor! The Demon Empress!
Chapter 311 u2013 Space Mirror! The Passionless Cliff!
Chapter 312 u2013 Mutating!
Chapter 313 u2013 White Haired Woman!
Chapter 314 u2013 6th Level Saber Inten
Chapter 315 u2013 7th Level Saber Intent!
Chapter 316 u2013 Iu2019m With You!
Chapter 317 u2013 Slaughter Until The End!
Chapter 318 u2013 Inquiring About Someone!
Chapter 319 u2013 How Did You Save Me?
Chapter 320 u2013 A Hundred Swords Rise With A Single Command
Chapter 321 u2013 Shattered Dantian!
Chapter 322 u2013 A Ticket To Hell!
Chapter 323 u2013 Kill As Many As Possible!
Chapter 324 u2013 The Violet Mink?
Chapter 325 u2013 Xiao Tianji!
Chapter 326 u2013 Mu Jun!
Chapter 327 u2013 Die Again?
Chapter 328 u2013 The Ninth Hell Cold Gale Appears!
Chapter 329 u2013 I Come And Go As I Please!
Chapter 330 u2013 Change In The Situation!
Chapter 331 u2013 Critical Moment!
Chapter 332 u2013 Mental State!
Chapter 333 u2013 Vitality Ignition!
Chapter 334 u2013 Regret!
Chapter 335 u2013 An Arm!
Chapter 336 u2013 Intense Battle!
Chapter 337 u2013 Drop!
Chapter 338 u2013 Ghostflame Sword Formation!
Chapter 339 u2013 Curse!
Chapter 340 u2013 Mutual Cultivation Technique!
Chapter 341 u2013 Traversing The Heaven Entrance!
Chapter 342 u2013 Encountering An Acquaintance!
Chapter 343 u2013 Cooperate
Chapter 344 u2013 Just Die!
Chapter 345 u2013 Die!
Chapter 346 u2013 Do You Dare?
Chapter 347 u2013 Dividing The Spoils!
Chapter 348 u2013 Iu2019m The Sword Master!
Chapter 349 u2013 The Price!
Chapter 350 u2013 Conflict!
Chapter 201 u2013 Meeting
Chapter 202 u2013 Borrow The Little Fellow?
Chapter 203 u2013 50% Of His Strength
Chapter 204 u2013 Let Me Experience It For Myself!
Chapter 205 u2013 The Darkbeast Army Attacks!
Chapter 206 u2013 Leaving
Chapter 207 u2013 Yang Yeu2019s True Strength
Chapter 208 u2013 The Path of The Martial God!
Chapter 209 u2013 Swift Annihilation!
Chapter 210 u2013 Treasure
Chapter 211 u2013 Grab and Run!
Chapter 212 u2013 Eat!
Chapter 213 u2013 Advancement!
Chapter 214 u2013 Bet!
Chapter 215 u2013 Fight!
Chapter 216 u2013 Submit!
Chapter 217 u2013 Internal Strife Of The Sword Sec
Chapter 218 u2013 Oriole
Chapter 219 u2013 Making A Move!
Chapter 220 u2013 The Violet Minks Terrifying Ability!
Chapter 221 u2013 Pursuit!
Chapter 222 u2013 Furious Spirit Rank Expert!
Chapter 223 u2013 Come On Over here!
Chapter 224 u2013 Not Running Anymore!
Chapter 225 u2013 The Sword Formationu2019s Might!
Chapter 226 u2013 Domineering Old Daoist!
Chapter 227 u2013 Encountering Acquaintances!
Chapter 228 u2013 Kill!
Chapter 229 u2013 Cultivating!
Chapter 230 u2013 Battle!
Chapter 231 u2013 Death!
Chapter 232 u2013 Value!
Chapter 233 u2013 Returning To The Imperial Capital!
Chapter 234 u2013 Idiot!
Chapter 235 u2013 The Yang Clan?
Chapter 236 u2013 Returning To The Talisman Masteru2019s Association!
Chapter 237 u2013 Leaving The Talisman Masteru2019s Association!
Chapter 238 u2013 The Ascension Rankingu2019s Prizes
Chapter 239 u2013 Beiming Youyu
Chapter 240 u2013 The Ghost Sectu2019s Li Xianjun
Chapter 241 u2013 Fierce Battle!
Chapter 242 u2013 Sword Intent Vs Slaughter Intent!
Chapter 243 u2013 Intense Battle!
Chapter 244 u2013 Death!
Chapter 245 u2013 Sword Intent Again!
Chapter 246 u2013 Extraordinary Dark Horse!
Chapter 247 u2013 Bite Me!
Chapter 248 u2013 Advancement!
Chapter 249 - A Collision Between Two Formidable Experts!
Chapter 250 u2013 Kill!
Chapter 151 u2013 Su Qingshiu2019s Worries!
Chapter 152 u2013 Collaboration?
Chapter 153 u2013 The Sword Sectu2019s Path Is Mistaken!
Chapter 154 u2013 The Little Fellow Advances
Chapter 155 u2013 Challenge!
Chapter 156 u2013 Itchy Skin?
Chapter 157 u2013 The Entrance Of The Imperial Capital
Chapter 158 u2013 93!
Chapter 159 u2013 The Flower Palace!
Chapter 160 u2013 The Origin School!
Chapter 161 u2013 Acting Against Him!
Chapter 162 u2013 Secrets
Chapter 163 u2013 Monstrous Geniuses
Chapter 164 u2013 Taking Revenge
Chapter 165 u2013 Overcoming The Situation
Chapter 166 u2013 Fighting A King Realm Exper
Chapter 167 u2013 Slaughter
Chapter 168 u2013 Second Prince
Chapter 169 u2013 Domineering
Chapter 170 u2013 Fame
Chapter 171 u2013 Intentions
Chapter 172 u2013 Teasing
Chapter 173 u2013 Agreemen
Chapter 174 u2013 Profligate Disciple
Chapter 175 u2013 Unforeseen Even
Chapter 176 u2013 Senior Sister
Chapter 177 u2013 Feng Yang
Chapter 178 u2013 Schemes
Chapter 179 u2013 Grandpa
Chapter 180 u2013 Asylum
Chapter 181 u2013 The Curtains Rise
Chapter 182 u2013 Conflic
Chapter 183 u2013 Slaughter Inten
Chapter 184 u2013 Taking Action
Chapter 185 u2013 Debate
Chapter 186 u2013 Wenren Yue
Chapter 187 u2013 Probe
Chapter 188 u2013 Retrea
Chapter 189 u2013 Courting Death
Chapter 190 u2013 Diverting Trouble
Chapter 191 u2013 An Idiot?
Chapter 192 u2013 Annihilation
Chapter 193 u2013 Rumor!
Chapter 194 u2013 Advancement!
Chapter 195 u2013 Violet Robed Young Man!
Chapter 196 u2013 Shapeshifted Darkbeast!
Chapter 197 u2013 Battle!
Chapter 198 u2013 The Violet Mink Displaying Its Might!
Chapter 199 u2013 He Has Actually Comprehended Sword Intent!
Chapter 200 u2013 Triple Kill!
Chapter 1651 u2013 Snowy! Lend Me Your Sword!
Chapter 1652 u2013 Snowy With A Sword!
Chapter 1653 u2013 Weu2019ll Take It From The Ku Clan!
Chapter 1654 u2013 Swordswoman From The Ku Clan!
Chapter 1655 u2013 Sword Soul Technique!
Chapter 1656 u2013 Learning The Technique!
Chapter 1657 u2013 My Hand Is Itchy!
Chapter 1658 u2013 Thatu2019s None Of Your Fucking Business!
Chapter 1659 u2013 You Know The Unfettered One?
Chapter 1660 u2013 Thereu2019s Always Someone Stronger!
Chapter 1661 u2013 Old Dog! Iu2019ll Kill You With One Strike!
Chapter 1662 u2013 Iu2019ve Never Backed Down!
Chapter 1663 u2013 You Fight! Iu2019ll Run!
Chapter 1664 u2013 Wait! Thereu2019s Something There!
Chapter 1665 u2013 The Legend Of An Ancient Cultivator!
Chapter 1666 u2013 Little Sky Awakens!
Chapter 1667 u2013 Have You Prepared Coffins For Your Whole Family?
Chapter 1668 u2013 Tenth On The Milky Way Rankings!
Chapter 1669 u2013 But Thatu2019s Not My Problem!
Chapter 1670 u2013 If Lightning Doesnu2019t Strike You, I Will!
Chapter 1671 u2013 What Do I Have To Fear?
Chapter 1672 u2013 Take Responsibility?
Chapter 1673 u2013 The Wargodu2019s Arm!
Chapter 1674 u2013 The Unyielding Physique!
Chapter 1675 u2013 Die Before Yielding!
Chapter 1676 u2013 Iu2019ll Run If I Canu2019t Win!
Chapter 1677 u2013 Where I Was Born And Raised!
Chapter 1678 u2013 The Strong Live And The Weak Die!
Chapter 1679 u2013 Iu2019m Not Afraid Of You!
Chapter 1680 u2013 He Didnu2019t Have One!
Chapter 1681 u2013 Lend Me Your Heads!
Chapter 1682 u2013 Let Me Rest For A While!
Chapter 1683 u2013 Please!
Chapter 1684 u2013 Unrivaled Intent!
Chapter 1685 u2013 Iu2019m Not A Member Of The Yang Clan Anymore!
Chapter 1686 u2013 The Yang Clanu2019s Guardian!
Chapter 1687 u2013 Sword Howls Resounding Through The Sky!
Chapter 1688 u2013 A Hopeless Situation!
Chapter 1689 u2013 Continue!
Chapter 1690 u2013 Great Karma And Great Karmic Luck!
Chapter 1691 u2013 Never Afraid!
Chapter 1692 u2013 Burn Phecda City To The Ground!
Chapter 1693 u2013 The Yang Clan Will Be Buried With Him?
Chapter 1694 u2013 Youu2019ve Gone Mad!
Chapter 1695 u2013 Letu2019s Fight!
Chapter 1696 u2013 Tearing Off The Talisman!
Chapter 401 u2013 The Blood Of A True Dragon!
Chapter 402 u2013 Little Girl!
Chapter 403 u2013 Formidable Little Girl!
Chapter 404 u2013 Absorbed!
Chapter 405 u2013 The Hidden Dragon Pagoda
Chapter 406 u2013 Luo Feng! Concubine!
Chapter 407 u2013 With Skysplit In Hand!
Chapter 408 u2013 Xiao Tianji!
Chapter 409 u2013 Doom!
Chapter 410 u2013 White Dragon!
Chapter 411 u2013 Xiao Yuxi!
Chapter 412 u2013 The Question Regarding Children!
Chapter 413 u2013 Treasures!
Chapter 414 u2013 Back To The Treasure Gathering Room!
Chapter 415 u2013 Shock!
Chapter 416 u2013 Returning To The Southern Territory!
Chapter 417 u2013 The Sword Sectu2019s Decision!
Chapter 418 u2013 I Wonu2019t Kill You!
Chapter 419 u2013 Exposed!
Chapter 420 u2013 Experts From The Flower Palace!
Chapter 421 u2013 The Situation Is Bad!
Chapter 422 u2013 Battle Against An Exalt Realm Expert!
Chapter 423 u2013 Spatial Cage!
Chapter 424 u2013 Sword Domain!
Chapter 425 u2013 A Fifth Rank Exalt!
Chapter 426 u2013 The Power Of Money!
Chapter 427 u2013 Spare No One!
Chapter 428 u2013 Heavenpath Part 1/3
Chapter 429 u2013 Heavenpath Part 2/3
Chapter 430 u2013 Heavenpath Part 3/3
Chapter 431 u2013 Pavilion Master!
Chapter 432 u2013 Arrogance?
Chapter 433 u2013 His True Support!
Chapter 434 u2013 Merge!
Chapter 435 u2013 Sword Of Elements!
Chapter 436 u2013 The Unfettered One!
Chapter 437 u2013 Void Flash!
Chapter 438 u2013 Sword Soul!
Chapter 439 u2013 Passionless Cliff!
Chapter 440 u2013 A Vessel Without Life!
Chapter 441 u2013 Origins!
Chapter 442 u2013 The Mortal Emperor Sword!
Chapter 443 u2013 Shocking Change In The Situation!
Chapter 444 u2013 A Bloody Battle In The Flower Palace! Part 1/2
Chapter 445 u2013 A Bloody Battle In The Flower Palace! Part 2/2
Chapter 446 u2013 A Surprise Attack!
Chapter 447 u2013 Secret Technique!
Chapter 448 u2013 Iu2019ll Finish You With One Strike!
Chapter 449 u2013 The Graveyard of Flowers!
Chapter 450 u2013 Destruction!
Chapter 451 u2013 The Master Of All Mortals!
Chapter 452 u2013 The Mortal Emperor Sword!
Chapter 453 u2013 Souleater
Chapter 454 u2013 The Grave Of The Grea
Chapter 455 u2013 Regardless!
Chapter 456 u2013 Betrothal Gift!
Chapter 457 u2013 Seeking Her Hand In Marriage!
Chapter 458 u2013 Yang Yeu2019s Reputation!
Chapter 459 u2013 Taken A Liking To Xiao Yuxi?
Chapter 460 u2013 Just Watch!
Chapter 461 u2013 No!
Chapter 462 u2013 His Reverse Scale!
Chapter 463 u2013 Sword Demon!
Chapter 464 u2013 Ancient Domain City
Chapter 465 u2013 Submit?
Chapter 466 u2013 The Ancient Sheathu2019s Sword VS The Mortal Emperor Sword!
Chapter 467 u2013 Acknowledged!
Chapter 468 u2013 The City Governoru2019s Estate
Chapter 469 u2013 The World Portrai
Chapter 470 u2013 Assassins!
Chapter 471 u2013 Kill Without Mercy!
Chapter 472 u2013 Escape!
Chapter 473 u2013 Kill!
Chapter 474 u2013 Trump Card!
Chapter 475 u2013 The Ocean of Anarchy!
Chapter 476 u2013 How Do I Get There?
Chapter 477 u2013 Gone?
Chapter 478 u2013 Monstrous Genius!
Chapter 479 u2013 Fight!
Chapter 480 u2013 Revealing His Trump Card!
Chapter 481 u2013 Terrifying!
Chapter 482 u2013 Iu2019m Your Daddy!
Chapter 483 u2013 Enemies!
Chapter 484 u2013 Parting Ways
Chapter 485 u2013 The Qin Clan
Chapter 486 u2013 Virtue!
Chapter 487 u2013 Unexpected Turn of Events
Chapter 488 u2013 The Situation Is Bad!
Chapter 489 u2013 An Xiaonan!
Chapter 490 u2013 Exposed!
Chapter 491 u2013 Hostage!
Chapter 492 u2013 The Mermaid Clan!
Chapter 493 u2013 Ye Liangchenu2019s Love!
Chapter 494 u2013 Rumbling Counterattack!
Chapter 495 u2013 Astonishment!
Chapter 496 u2013 The Central Territory!
Chapter 497 u2013 The Slaughter Begins!
Chapter 498 u2013 The Southern King?
Chapter 499 u2013 The True Heavenrend Drawing Technique!
Chapter 500 u2013 Suddenly!
Chapter 1351 u2013 Just Run If You Really Canu2019t!
Chapter 1352 u2013 Because Of His Sword!
Chapter 1353 u2013 Feasting On A Dragon!
Chapter 1354 u2013 Treat Dark Hell Continent Well!
Chapter 1355 u2013 Always Be Cautious!
Chapter 1356 u2013 The Sword Domain!
Chapter 1357 u2013 Itu2019s Time To Leave!
Chapter 1358 u2013 Long Time No See! Little Laborer!
Chapter 1359 u2013 Authority!
Chapter 1360 u2013 Fight Both Man And The Heavens!
Chapter 1361 u2013 I Asked, So Tell Me. Understand?
Chapter 1362 u2013 Iu2019ll Deal With It For Her!
Chapter 1363 u2013 Hit Me!
Chapter 1364 u2013 Freedom Or Your Life?
Chapter 1365 u2013 Come!
Chapter 1366 u2013 10 Moves?
Chapter 1367 u2013 Are You Still Not Going To Fuck Off?
Chapter 1368 u2013 I Donu2019t Want To Lose, Nor Can I Afford To!
Chapter 1369 u2013 Radiant Dimension! Iu2019m Back!
Chapter 1370 u2013 Youu2019re Full Of Crap!
Chapter 1371 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill Them All!
Chapter 1372 u2013 Why Waste Your Breath?
Chapter 1373 u2013 Fuck!
Chapter 1374 u2013 It Should Be A Deity Next!
Chapter 1375 u2013 Life And Death!
Chapter 1376 u2013 Let Me See Who Can Stop Me!
Chapter 1377 u2013 Escort!
Chapter 1378 u2013 Tell Her That She Has Me!
Chapter 1379 u2013 Destroying Everything!
Chapter 1380 u2013 The First!
Chapter 1381 u2013 Now Thatu2019s Embarrassing!
Chapter 1382 u2013 Heavenrend Always Kills Its Target!
Chapter 1383 u2013 I Canu2019t Suppress It MuChapter Longer!
Chapter 1384 u2013 Will You?
Chapter 1385 u2013 All Of You Are Full Of Shit!
Chapter 1386 u2013 A Face!
Chapter 1387 u2013 Fight Your Way In!
Chapter 1388 u2013 The First To Move Shall Die!
Chapter 1389 u2013 Be Careful! Heu2019s From The Large World!
Chapter 1390 u2013 How Laughable And Sad!
Chapter 1391 u2013 You Canu2019t Do This To Me!
Chapter 1392 u2013 All On His Own!
Chapter 1393 u2013 Battling A Deity!
Chapter 1394 u2013 Misfortune!
Chapter 1395 u2013 Fulfilling A Promise!
Chapter 1396 u2013 I Have To Make It Flashy!
Chapter 1397 u2013 Slaughter!
Chapter 1398 u2013 Doomsday!
Chapter 1399 u2013 An Overlapped Heavenrend!
Chapter 1400 u2013 Fight And Run To Fight Again!
Chapter 1601 u2013 What A Familiar Bloodline!
Chapter 1602 u2013 The Pavilion Master!
Chapter 1603 u2013 Invincible!
Chapter 1604 u2013 Who Do You Think You Are!
Chapter 1605 u2013 I Dare You To Say Another Word!
Chapter 1606 u2013 If Iu2019m Strong, Why Would I Need The Yang Clan?
Chapter 1607 u2013 Youu2019re Like A Dog If You Have No Strength!
Chapter 1608 u2013 Iu2019m Going Back To Kill!
Chapter 1609 u2013 An Ancient Cultivator!
Chapter 1610 u2013 The Old Man In Daoistu2019s Robes!
Chapter 1611 u2013 Thereu2019s No Love In The Yang Clan!
Chapter 1612 u2013 Merge!
Chapter 1613 u2013 Slaughter Sword Intent!
Chapter 1614 u2013 The Ultimate Version Of The Laws Of Darkness!
Chapter 1615 u2013 Milky Way System!
Chapter 1616 u2013 Surpass The Zenith Realm?
Chapter 1617 u2013 Instant Kill!
Chapter 1618 u2013 The Li Clan!
Chapter 1619 u2013 Stop Him While I Escape!
Chapter 1620 u2013 Are Zenith Realm Experts Very Strong?
Chapter 1621 u2013 Because Iu2019m Weak!
Chapter 1622 u2013 Rebirth Fruit!
Chapter 1623 u2013 The Yang Clanu2019s Number One Genius!
Chapter 1624 u2013 Either He Dies, Or He Dies!
Chapter 1625 u2013 The Martial Ancestor!
Chapter 1626 u2013 It Spoiled My Mental State!
Chapter 1627 u2013 The Martial Dao!
Chapter 1628 -The Rebirth Fruit!
Chapter 1629 u2013 Whereu2019s The Earth Spirit?
Chapter 1630 u2013 The Fourth Level!
Chapter 1631 u2013 The Number One Wargod Through The Ages!
Chapter 1632 u2013 An Nanjingu2019s Strength!
Chapter 1633 u2013 Guess When Youu2019ll Die!
Chapter 1634 u2013 Do You Want To Die?
Chapter 1635 u2013 Get The Fuck Out Here!
Chapter 1636 u2013 Thereu2019s A First Time For Everything!
Chapter 1637 u2013 A Show Of Strength!
Chapter 1638 u2013 Immortal Phoenix Pavilion!
Chapter 1639 u2013 Playing Tricks!
Chapter 1640 u2013 Beastform!
Chapter 1641 u2013 Are You Filled With Despair?
Chapter 1642 u2013 No! Itu2019s Just The Beginning!
Chapter 1643 u2013 Let The Heavens Decide!
Chapter 1644 u2013 What Do You Want?
Chapter 1645 u2013 The More Useful One Lives!
Chapter 1646 u2013 I Didnu2019t Expect Him To Be So Weak!
Chapter 1647 u2013 Didnu2019t You Want To Fight?
Chapter 1648 u2013 Iu2019ll Write My Name In Reverse!
Chapter 1649 u2013 Kill Them!
Chapter 1650 u2013 The Soul Nurturing Tree!
Chapter 1401 u2013 Weu2019ve Lost!
Chapter 1402 u2013 A Hopeless Situation!
Chapter 1403 u2013 Attack!
Chapter 1404 u2013 Itu2019s Best If We Can Kill Them All!
Chapter 1405 u2013 Fight To The Death!
Chapter 1406 u2013 Because She Would Be Dead!
Chapter 1407 u2013 Sorry!
Chapter 1408 u2013 Youu2019re So Full Of Crap!
Chapter 1409 u2013 Fight To The Bitter End!
Chapter 1410 u2013 Even Being A Dog Wasnu2019t Bad!
Chapter 1411 u2013 Qiong Qi? Celestial Demon Wolf?
Chapter 1412 u2013 Celestial Demon Hegemon Body!
Chapter 1413 u2013 Kill Her First!
Chapter 1414 u2013 What The Hell Is That?
Chapter 1415 u2013 An Ancient Celestial Demon!
Chapter 1416 u2013 Hereu2019s To Propose A Marriage?
Chapter 1417 u2013 Why Donu2019t You TeaChapter Me How?
Chapter 1418 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill Anyone Who Forces You To Do Anything!
Chapter 1419 u2013 He Doesnu2019t Stand A Chance!
Chapter 1420 u2013 Then Weu2019ll Take Them!
Chapter 1421 u2013 We Canu2019t Shrink Back!
Chapter 1422 u2013 Not Very Strong But Extremely Strong!
Chapter 1423 u2013 Compensation!
Chapter 1424 u2013 Kill Him If You Can!
Chapter 1425 u2013 You Surrender? I Refuse To Accept It!
Chapter 1426 u2013 Who Else?
Chapter 1427 u2013 Mutual Destruction!
Chapter 1428 u2013 Itu2019s Perfect To Annihilate All Of You!
Chapter 1429 u2013 The Number One Treasure In The Lower Dimensions!
Chapter 1430 u2013 My Sword Is Quite Thirsty!
Chapter 1431 u2013 The Ominous Territory!
Chapter 1432 u2013 Perhaps It Isnu2019t Helping You!
Chapter 1433 u2013 Are You An Idiot?
Chapter 1434 u2013 Weu2019ve Been Waiting For You!
Chapter 1435 u2013 WatChapter Me!
Chapter 1436 u2013 Dream On!
Chapter 1437 u2013 Allow Me To Be Honest, Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 1438 u2013 Itu2019s More Terrifying Than The Primordial Pagoda?
Chapter 1439 u2013 Death Is Beyond The Yellow Springs!
Chapter 1440 u2013 If Thereu2019s Love, Then Be Together!
Chapter 1441 u2013 Death Hotel!
Chapter 1442 u2013 Ominous City!
Chapter 1443 u2013 Again!
Chapter 1444 u2013 I Havenu2019t Finished Speaking!
Chapter 1445 u2013 A Terrifying Place!
Chapter 1446 u2013 Talk!
Chapter 1447 u2013 Surrender!
Chapter 1448 u2013 Thereu2019s Always Someone Stronger!
Chapter 1449 u2013 Even Deities Are Trash!
Chapter 1450 u2013 Asking For A Beating!
Chapter 1551 u2013 I Feel A Little Bad!
Chapter 1552 u2013 Yang Ye? I Think Iu2019ve Heard Of Him!
Chapter 1553 u2013 I Havenu2019t Fought Enough!
Chapter 1554 u2013 Charging Into The Deity Realm!
Chapter 1555 u2013 To The Divine Phoenix Clan!
Chapter 1556 u2013 The Divine Phoenix Clan!
Chapter 1557 u2013 Imprisoned!
Chapter 1558 u2013 Not In This World Anymore!
Chapter 1559 u2013 The Slaughter Begins!
Chapter 1560 u2013 Fuck Off Right Now!
Chapter 1561 u2013 Yang Ye Must Die!
Chapter 1562 u2013 The Demon Race Is Doomed If Yang Ye Dies!
Chapter 1563 u2013 The Divine Yin Flame!
Chapter 1564 u2013 The Phoenix Domain Is No More!
Chapter 1565 u2013 Heu2019s Absolutely Vengeful!
Chapter 1566 u2013 Devil Race! I Mourn For You!
Chapter 1567 u2013 Kill Yang Ye Within 30 Moves!
Chapter 1568 u2013 Letu2019s Talk!
Chapter 1569 u2013 Even The Continent Might Be Blasted Apart!
Chapter 1570 u2013 They Can Have My Ass!
Chapter 1571 u2013 The Martial Tomb!
Chapter 1572 u2013 Letu2019s Fight To The Death! Do You Dare?
Chapter 1573 u2013 Who Created The Sprite Palace?
Chapter 1574 u2013 Iu2019m Willing To Give Her Anything She Likes!
Chapter 1575 u2013 Sword Nucleus, Saber Soul!
Chapter 1576 u2013 Did I Use Sword Intent?
Chapter 1577 u2013 Wisdom Physique!
Chapter 1578 u2013 Capture The Lord Of The Heaven Dao Alive!
Chapter 1579 u2013 The Dualism Realm!
Chapter 1580 u2013 Do You Want To Give It A Try?
Chapter 1581 u2013 Just Do Your Best!
Chapter 1582 u2013 Come!
Chapter 1583 u2013 Drag It Into The Pagoda!
Chapter 1584 u2013 How Dare You Hit Me!
Chapter 1585 u2013 Ganging Up Is The Way!
Chapter 1586 u2013 Try It In Your Next Lifetime!
Chapter 1587 u2013 The Nether Judge!
Chapter 1588 u2013 Are You Tired Of Living?
Chapter 1589 u2013 Little Skyu2019s Help!
Chapter 1590 u2013 Someone Who Reincarnates Frequently!
Chapter 1591 u2013 Weu2019ve Fought A Few Times!
Chapter 1592 u2013 An Approaching Storm!
Chapter 1593 u2013 Those Who Submit Will Be Spared!
Chapter 1594 u2013 Worldsplitter!
Chapter 1595 u2013 Allow Me!
Chapter 1596 u2013 Self Detonation!
Chapter 1597 u2013 The Lord Of The Heaven Dao!
Chapter 1598 u2013 Heaven Obliteration!
Chapter 1599 u2013 The Nether Pavilionu2019s Star Controller Bureau!
Chapter 1600 u2013 The Strongest Amongst The Ten Nether Halls!
Chapter 351 u2013 Soulseek Sword Technique!
Chapter 352 u2013 One Person Isnu2019t Here!
Chapter 353 u2013 An Nanjing!
Chapter 354 u2013 Sword Domain! Sword Emperor!
Chapter 355 u2013 Ninth Hell Swordwings!
Chapter 356 u2013 Youu2019re Looking For Me?
Chapter 357 u2013 You Donu2019t Believe Me?
Chapter 358 u2013 Come At Me!
Chapter 359 u2013 Battle!
Chapter 360 u2013 Move Aside!
Chapter 361 u2013 The Martial God and Skysplit!
Chapter 362 u2013 Brothers!
Chapter 363 u2013 Waiting For You!
Chapter 364 u2013 Equipment Set!
Chapter 365 u2013 Open!
Chapter 366 u2013 Chosen One!
Chapter 367 u2013 Anyone?
Chapter 368 u2013 Die!
Chapter 369 u2013 War!
Chapter 370 u2013 Hidden Dragon Stele!
Chapter 371 u2013 Ruthless
Chapter 372 u2013 So.
Chapter 373 u2013 Abandoned!
Chapter 374 u2013 Sword Servant!
Chapter 375 u2013 Cruel?
Chapter 376 u2013 The 5th Level!
Chapter 377 u2013 Then Just Die!
Chapter 378 u2013 I Was Born Lonely and Unmatched!
Chapter 379 u2013 Sword Threads!
Chapter 380 u2013 The Spirit Realm!
Chapter 381 u2013 Madness!
Chapter 382 u2013 Want To Die?
Chapter 383 u2013 Unexpected Event!
Chapter 384 u2013 Simplicity!
Chapter 385 u2013 Fierce Battle!
Chapter 386 u2013 The Hidden Dragon Stele!
Chapter 387 u2013 Fight Me At The Same Time!
Chapter 388 u2013 Triad Mantra!
Chapter 389 u2013 Endless Battle
Chapter 390 u2013 Love Without Regrets!
Chapter 391 u2013 Death Energy!
Chapter 392 u2013 Treatment Expenses!
Chapter 393 u2013 Battle Against The Martial God!
Chapter 394 u2013 Youu2019ve Lost!
Chapter 395 u2013 Agreeing To Fight Again!
Chapter 396 u2013 Madam An!
Chapter 397 u2013 Her Eyes Are Open!
Chapter 398 u2013 Sword Servant!
Chapter 399 u2013 Violetcloud Lightning!
Chapter 400 u2013 Merge!
Chapter 1501 u2013 Iu2019m So Afraid!
Chapter 1502 u2013 Plan? Plan My Ass!
Chapter 1503 u2013 What Will You Do? Bite Me?
Chapter 1504 u2013 Yang Ye Has A Reverse Scale Too!
Chapter 1505 u2013 Malicious Intent!
Chapter 1506 u2013 10 Deities? That Just Takes 10 Attacks!
Chapter 1507 u2013 You Refuse?
Chapter 1508 u2013 Then Take Him!
Chapter 1509 u2013 Looking Down On Others!
Chapter 1510 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill My Way There!
Chapter 1511 u2013 Taking A Bath!
Chapter 1512 u2013 You Must Be Tired Of Living!
Chapter 1513 u2013 Actually, Iu2019m An Extraordinary Genius Too!
Chapter 1514 u2013 Three Strikes Is All Itu2019ll Take!
Chapter 1515 u2013 What A Weak Number One Genius!
Chapter 1516 u2013 Wait For Me!
Chapter 1517 u2013 I Donu2019t Think Iu2019ve Ever Lost!
Chapter 1518 u2013 When Have I Ever Been Afraid Of Risking My Life?!
Chapter 1519 u2013 Thatu2019s It For Today!
Chapter 1520 u2013 Wow! A Sword Spirit!
Chapter 1521 u2013 Fight!
Chapter 1522 u2013 Fear!
Chapter 1523 u2013 Three Swings And Leave!
Chapter 1524 u2013 Shamelessness Is The Way!
Chapter 1525 u2013 A Treasure Within The Pagoda!
Chapter 1526 u2013 The Age Of Yang Ye!
Chapter 1527 u2013 The Blood Sword Demon?
Chapter 1528 u2013 Iu2019m Bored Of Killing Rebirth Realm Experts!
Chapter 1529 u2013 Yang Ye! Iu2019ve Been Waiting For You!
Chapter 1530 u2013 I Was Joking!
Chapter 1531 u2013 Do You Think Youu2019re Yang Ye?
Chapter 1532 u2013 How Long Has It Been?
Chapter 1533 u2013 It Really Wasnu2019t Me!
Chapter 1534 u2013 Your Whole Family Is Full Of Humans!
Chapter 1535 u2013 Sword Cultivators Draw Their Swords When Enraged!
Chapter 1536 u2013 I Canu2019t Compare To Him At All!
Chapter 1537 u2013 I Need To Use My True Form To Fight All Of You?
Chapter 1538 u2013 Coward!
Chapter 1539 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill Anyone Who Comes At Me!
Chapter 1540 u2013 See! He Was Lying!
Chapter 1541 u2013 What The Heck!
Chapter 1542 u2013 Right! Letu2019s Play!
Chapter 1543 u2013 Iu2019ll Be A Good Person!
Chapter 1544 u2013 No! No!
Chapter 1545 u2013 The Energy Of The Demon God!
Chapter 1546 u2013 Number One!
Chapter 1547 u2013 Use Your True Form!
Chapter 1548 u2013 Weu2019ve Known Each Other For A Long Time!
Chapter 1549 u2013 Tricked!
Chapter 1550 u2013 Lethal Venom!
Chapter 1451 u2013 Try To Stop Me And Iu2019ll Kill You!
Chapter 1452 u2013 I Understand, I Really Do!
Chapter 1453 u2013 Qiong Qiu2019s Home!
Chapter 1454 u2013 Trapped For Eternity!
Chapter 1455 u2013 Undying Elemental Body!
Chapter 1456 u2013 Specialized In Dealing With Those That Refuse To Submit!
Chapter 1457 u2013 Deities Everywhere!
Chapter 1458 u2013 My Name Is Little Sky!
Chapter 1459 u2013 Little Sky Continent!
Chapter 1460 u2013 Swinging A Casket!
Chapter 1461 u2013 Spirit Village!
Chapter 1462 u2013 The Present Enjoys And The Future Suffers!
Chapter 1463 u2013 Kindness Is A Mistake!
Chapter 1464 u2013 The Spirit Race!
Chapter 1465 u2013 Taking Advantage Of The Situation!
Chapter 1466 u2013 A River!
Chapter 1467 u2013 Your Character?
Chapter 1468 u2013 Sword Of Rebirth!
Chapter 1469 u2013 Original Sin!
Chapter 1470 u2013 Sword! Sword!
Chapter 1471 u2013 Yellow Springs River!
Chapter 1472 u2013 Ruthlessness Is The Way!
Chapter 1473 u2013 Loneliness!
Chapter 1474 u2013 Yang Yeu2019s Path Of The Sword!
Chapter 1475 u2013 Are You Here To Give Your Life Away?
Chapter 1476 u2013 A Sick Woman!
Chapter 1477 u2013 The Soul Of The Dead!
Chapter 1478 u2013 Is It Free?
Chapter 1479 u2013 The Undying Realm!
Chapter 1480 u2013 The Sword Of Rebirth!
Chapter 1481 u2013 Tired Of Living!
Chapter 1482 u2013 Iu2019ll Smash You Beneath My Casket Lid!
Chapter 1483 u2013 Come! Letu2019s Continue!
Chapter 1484 u2013 Fuck You!
Chapter 1485 u2013 Youu2019re Worse Than A Dog!
Chapter 1486 u2013 Who Is Little Sky?
Chapter 1487 u2013 A Sprite King!
Chapter 1488 u2013 Charging Into The Semi-Deity Realm!
Chapter 1489 u2013 Iu2019ll Beat You Until Youu2019re Crippled!
Chapter 1490 u2013 The Nether Pavilion?
Chapter 1491 u2013 Are You Or The Unfettered One Stronger?
Chapter 1492 u2013 Knowledge!
Chapter 1493 u2013 Hello! Little Little Sky!
Chapter 1494 u2013 Law And Order!
Chapter 1495 u2013 A Clear Conscience!
Chapter 1496 - A Battle To The Death!
Chapter 1497 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill You With 10 Attacks!
Chapter 1498 u2013 Do You Want To Die?
Chapter 1499 u2013 Little Little Sky! Get Help!
Chapter 1500 u2013 That Sword! Itu2019s Mine!
Chapter 551 u2013 Collision!
Chapter 552 u2013 The Tiny Vortexu2019s Summons
Chapter 553 u2013 Is Someone There!?
Chapter 554 u2013 The Tiny Vortexu2019s Origins
Chapter 555 u2013 Unexpected Turn of Events!
Chapter 556 u2013 Rebellion!
Chapter 557 u2013 The Horrifying Divine Gold Dragon!
Chapter 558 u2013 Choice!
Chapter 559 u2013 Sister-in-law Is Gone!
Chapter 560 u2013 Letu2019s Go Home!
Chapter 561 u2013 Visitors From The Mo Clan
Chapter 562 u2013 Do You Dare To Fight Me?
Chapter 563 u2013 Thatu2019s All?
Chapter 564 u2013 A Skeleton!
Chapter 565 u2013 Corpse Ancestor!
Chapter 566 u2013 The Physical Body of a Half-Saint?
Chapter 567 u2013 Violet Light!
Chapter 568 u2013 The Little Fellow!
Chapter 569 u2013 The Southern Territory!
Chapter 570 u2013 Summon The Ancestor!
Chapter 571 u2013 The Saint Realm?
Chapter 572 u2013 Senior Yueu2019s Red Threads!
Chapter 573 u2013 The Outer Heavens!
Chapter 574 u2013 The Heart Changes When One Is Gone!
Chapter 575 u2013 The Violet Minku2019s Voice!
Chapter 576 u2013 The Sword Ruler and The Other Half!
Chapter 577 u2013 The Sword Precursor and Defiant Profounders!
Chapter 578 u2013 The Heaven Dao Command Token and The Hallowed Grounds!
Chapter 579 u2013 The Daemon Catacombs!
Chapter 580 u2013 Bring More Forces With You!
Chapter 581 u2013 Letu2019s Just Use Strength To Determine Things!
Chapter 582 u2013 Slaughter!
Chapter 583 u2013 Spatial Domain!
Chapter 584 u2013 Luo Junu2019s Aggrievance!
Chapter 585 u2013 Stop Right There!
Chapter 586 u2013 The Holy Guard!
Chapter 587 u2013 He Intends To Defy The Heavens!
Chapter 588 u2013 Forming An Army!
Chapter 589 u2013 Yang Nianxue!
Chapter 590 u2013 Grievances!
Chapter 591 u2013 Oh No!
Chapter 592 u2013 Abandoned World!
Chapter 593 u2013 Critical Strike!
Chapter 594 u2013 The Monarch Realm?
Chapter 595 u2013 Fight! Fight! Fight!
Chapter 596 u2013 Rend!
Chapter 597 u2013 Herby!
Chapter 598 u2013 Zuo Dengfeng!
Chapter 599 u2013 Clash!
Chapter 600 u2013 11th Level Sword Intent!
Chapter 601 u2013 Three Treasures!
Chapter 602 u2013 Luo Junu2019s Grievances!
Chapter 603 u2013 The Plan!
Chapter 604 u2013 The Violetcloud Lightning is Trembling!
Chapter 605 u2013 The 7th Level!
Chapter 606 u2013 The 8th Level!
Chapter 607 u2013 Lei Lin!
Chapter 608 u2013 Saint Eradication!
Chapter 609 u2013 Yao Ye!
Chapter 610 u2013 The 9th Level!
Chapter 611 u2013 Breached!
Chapter 612 u2013 Death To All!
Chapter 613 u2013 Sword and Saber!
Chapter 614 u2013 Choice!
Chapter 615 u2013 Saber Formation!
Chapter 616 u2013 A Destroyed Chrysanthemum!
Chapter 617 u2013 Who Else?
Chapter 618 u2013 Terror!
Chapter 619 u2013 A Hopeless Situation!
Chapter 620 u2013 10 Are All I Need!
Chapter 621 u2013 The Almighty Sword Domain!
Chapter 622 u2013 Peace Or War?
Chapter 623 u2013 Bluffing!
Chapter 624 u2013 A Defiant Profounder?
Chapter 625 u2013 Even Sword Intent Have Consciousnesses Of Their Own!
Chapter 626 u2013 The Hallowed Grounds!
Chapter 627 u2013 Merge!
Chapter 628 u2013 Mo Yixie!
Chapter 629 u2013 Horizon Warp!
Chapter 630 u2013 A Throwing Knife!
Chapter 631 u2013 Accumulating Energy!
Chapter 632 u2013 To The Central Territory!
Chapter 633 u2013 Yun Qingyao!
Chapter 634 u2013 Surprise!
Chapter 635 u2013 The Archery Scripture!
Chapter 636 u2013 Itu2019s Not At The 1st Level!
Chapter 637 u2013 How Do I Get To The Hallowed Grounds?
Chapter 638 u2013 12th Level Sword Intent!
Chapter 639 u2013 Luo Jun!
Chapter 640 u2013 Then Letu2019s Fight!
Chapter 641 u2013 Taking His Sword!
Chapter 642 u2013 I Think Youu2019re Daydreaming!
Chapter 643 u2013 The 2nd and The 3rd!
Chapter 644 u2013 Ganging Up?
Chapter 645 u2013 A World Within!
Chapter 646 u2013 Condemnation!
Chapter 647 u2013 The Mortal Dao, The Heaven Dao, and The Saint Dao!
Chapter 648 u2013 Cultivation Itself Is Defiance Of The Heavens!
Chapter 649 u2013 The 10th Pavilion Of The 10 Nether Pavilions!
Chapter 650 u2013 Reverse!
Chapter 1201 u2013 Either Win or Die!
Chapter 1202 u2013 I Have To Kill You To Keep You Quiet!
Chapter 1203 u2013 The First To Attack Will Be The First To Die!
Chapter 1204 u2013 The War Has Just Begun!
Chapter 1205 u2013 Nine Emperor Realm Sword Servants!
Chapter 1206 u2013 We Donu2019t Attack Unless Weu2019re Attacked!
Chapter 1207 u2013 You Go First!
Chapter 1208 u2013 Cousin Brother, Stop Embarrassing Yourself!
Chapter 1209 u2013 Iu2019m Not Afraid!
Chapter 1210 u2013 Are You Surprised?
Chapter 1211 u2013 He Asked Me To Do It!
Chapter 1212 u2013 The Sword Godu2019s Seal!
Chapter 1213 u2013 Here For Yang Yeu2019s Head!
Chapter 1214 u2013 Grand Battle!
Chapter 1215 u2013 The Cult Leader!
Chapter 1216 u2013 Fighting 10 Emperors On His Own!
Chapter 1217 u2013 Pursuit!
Chapter 1218 u2013 Above The Emperor Realm!
Chapter 1219 u2013 Iu2019ll Be There Even If The Sky Collapses!
Chapter 1220 u2013 You Reap What You Sow!
Chapter 1221 u2013 Revolt!
Chapter 1222 u2013 I Can Act Like An Asura As Well!
Chapter 1223 u2013 Blood! How Familiar!
Chapter 1224 u2013 Because Iu2019m Strong!
Chapter 1225 u2013 I Fought A Few Dozen Emperors On My Own?
Chapter 1226 u2013 Blind Maiden!
Chapter 1227 u2013 Even The Heavens Would Go Blind If She Opened Her Eyes!
Chapter 1228 u2013 Animal!
Chapter 1229 u2013 How Bloody! How Brutal! How Brave!
Chapter 1230 u2013 I Have Quite A Hot Temper!
Chapter 1231 u2013 You Dared To Come Here When Youu2019re All Alone?
Chapter 1232 u2013 I Alone Am More Than Enough!
Chapter 1233 u2013 Qiong Qi! Get Out Here Right Now!
Chapter 1234 u2013 Iu2019ll Fight You To The Death!
Chapter 1235 u2013 Iu2019ll Skin You Alive!
Chapter 1236 u2013 Iu2019ll Take You Down With Me Even If I Must Die!
Chapter 1237 u2013 How Accurate!
Chapter 1238 u2013 Have You Heard Of Yang Ye?
Chapter 1239 u2013 Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 1240 u2013 Get Past Me If You Can!
Chapter 1241 u2013 I Can Use My Sword Now?
Chapter 1242 u2013 You just Canu2019t Shut Up!
Chapter 1243 u2013 The Residents Of Sword Godu2019s Palace!
Chapter 1244 u2013 You Intend To Take Over My Body?
Chapter 1245 u2013 All Who Have Are Dead!
Chapter 1246 u2013 We Just Want To Live!
Chapter 1247 u2013 Willing To Do Anything!
Chapter 1248 u2013 A Peak Battle!
Chapter 1249 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill That Person!
Chapter 1250 u2013 The Ruler Of All Regions!
Chapter 1251 u2013 Head Snatch!
Chapter 1252 u2013 Against A Voider!
Chapter 1253 u2013 A Debt Of Blood Must Be Repaid With Blood!
Chapter 1254 u2013 Iu2019ve Never Known Fear In My Life!
Chapter 1255 u2013 Letu2019s Fight!
Chapter 1256 u2013 I Donu2019t Want To Jump Into Your Trap!
Chapter 1257 u2013 You Wouldnu2019t Try To Repay Me With Your Body, Right?
Chapter 1258 u2013 Brother Black! Hold On!
Chapter 1259 u2013 Brother Black! You Take The Rear!
Chapter 1260 u2013 Letu2019s Kill Him Together!
Chapter 1261 u2013 Strike You When Youu2019re Down!
Chapter 1262 u2013 Breakthrough!
Chapter 1263 u2013 A Hand!
Chapter 1264 u2013 A Hall Master!
Chapter 1265 u2013 Recruitment!
Chapter 1266 u2013 A Hit From The Veiled Region!
Chapter 1267 u2013 3 Vs 1!
Chapter 1268 u2013 Isnu2019t It Just 3 Voiders?
Chapter 1269 u2013 Iu2019ll Take You Down With Me!
Chapter 1270 u2013 One Down!
Chapter 1271 u2013 Iu2019ll Just Kill Two More!
Chapter 1272 u2013 The Veiled Region Will Be Destroyed!
Chapter 1273 u2013 Come At Me!
Chapter 1274 u2013 I Think Youu2019re Asking For A Beating!
Chapter 1275 u2013 Itu2019s Just A Job!
Chapter 1276 u2013 Experts From The Veiled Region!
Chapter 1277 u2013 Leave Right Now!
Chapter 1278 u2013 Fight Him!
Chapter 1279 u2013 A Bloody Battle!
Chapter 1280 u2013 Then Iu2019ll Just Die!
Chapter 1281 u2013 I Canu2019t Stand The Sight Of You!
Chapter 1282 u2013 See You! No! I Hope We Never Meet Again!
Chapter 1283 u2013 Unable To Fight Or Flee!
Chapter 1284 u2013 Youu2019ve Never Touched SuChapter A Huge Pair, Right?
Chapter 1285 u2013 I Did It Intentionally!
Chapter 1286 u2013 Are You Really A Sword Cultivator?
Chapter 1287 u2013 Youu2019re Too Cold!
Chapter 1288 u2013 Itu2019s Time!
Chapter 1289 u2013 Rupture!
Chapter 1290 u2013 Perfect Timing!
Chapter 1291 u2013 5 Vs 1!
Chapter 1292 u2013 A Young Woman!
Chapter 1293 u2013 Just Destroy It!
Chapter 1294 u2013 Crush Them!
Chapter 1295 u2013 No Chaos Will Arise While Iu2019m Here!
Chapter 1296 u2013 The Blade Of The Sword Alliance!
Chapter 1297 u2013 Snowy Is The Best!
Chapter 1298 u2013 Slaughter!
Chapter 1299 u2013 The Nie Clan!
Chapter 1300 u2013 Declaration Of War!
Chapter 501 u2013 In The City!
Chapter 502 u2013 A So-called Genius!
Chapter 503 u2013 The King of Spears!
Chapter 504 u2013 Martial World City!
Chapter 505 u2013 Cooperation
Chapter 506 u2013 Putting On A Show Of Arrogance!
Chapter 507 u2013 A Familiar Face!
Chapter 508 u2013 A Change Of Mind!
Chapter 509 u2013 Leaving The City!
Chapter 510 u2013 Fight! Fight! Fight!
Chapter 511 u2013 Dying With Everlasting Regret!
Chapter 512 u2013 A Monarch Realm Expert!
Chapter 513 u2013 Death!
Chapter 514 u2013 A Deal?
Chapter 515 u2013 The Heart Of Man!
Chapter 516 u2013 Eternal Res
Chapter 517 u2013 An Acquaintance?
Chapter 518 u2013 Cooperation!
Chapter 519 u2013 The Treant Clan
Chapter 520 u2013 Collision!
Chapter 521 u2013 Greenwood Spirit!
Chapter 522 u2013 Threatened!
Chapter 523 u2013 Cousin Brother?
Chapter 524 u2013 Vassal!
Chapter 525 u2013 The Desert Of Exile!
Chapter 526 u2013 Stepping Into Its Boundaries!
Chapter 527 u2013 Chi Lian!
Chapter 528 u2013 The Wilds!
Chapter 529 u2013 The Sword Emperor and the Mortal Emperor!
Chapter 530 u2013 The Devil Race!
Chapter 531 u2013 The Divine Gold Dragon Clan!
Chapter 532 u2013 Divine Dragon Armor!
Chapter 533 u2013 Death!
Chapter 534 u2013 An Nanjingu2019s Pride!
Chapter 535 u2013 Itu2019s Open
Chapter 536 u2013 An Old Man In Daoist Robes!
Chapter 537 u2013 An Nanjingu2019s True Strength!
Chapter 538 u2013 The Strength Of Natural Dao Artifacts!
Chapter 539 u2013 Saint Liu Yun!
Chapter 540 u2013 Saint Liu Yunu2019s True Intentions!
Chapter 541 u2013 The Milky Way System?
Chapter 542 u2013 You Deserve A Beating!
Chapter 543 u2013 Sheerwing, Stellar Shuttle, Lag!
Chapter 544 u2013 Luo Junu2019s Death Trap!
Chapter 545 u2013 The Battle Begins!
Chapter 546 u2013 A Flaw In The Mortal Emperor Armor!
Chapter 547 u2013 Karmic Luck!
Chapter 548 u2013 Heavenly Tribulation!
Chapter 549 u2013 The Ninth Rank of the Monarch Realm!
Chapter 550 u2013 A Half-Saint!
Chapter 1301 u2013 You Can Represent Dark Hell Continent?
Chapter 1302 u2013 Thereu2019s No Time To Lose!
Chapter 1303 u2013 Sword Cultivators Are Absolutely Weak!
Chapter 1304 u2013 Fighting For Sword Cultivators!
Chapter 1305 u2013 Heu2019s No Ordinary Person!
Chapter 1306 u2013 Do You Have The Balls?
Chapter 1307 u2013 Iu2019m Willing To Do Anything!
Chapter 1308 u2013 Letu2019s Go!
Chapter 1309 u2013 A Sprite Lord of Legend?
Chapter 1310 u2013 Iu2019m Deciding If I Should Kill You!
Chapter 1311 u2013 A Monster!
Chapter 1312 u2013 The Laws Of Time!
Chapter 1313 u2013 The King!
Chapter 1314 u2013 Kill All Humans!
Chapter 1315 u2013 The Human Race Is Finished!
Chapter 1316 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill You!
Chapter 1317 u2013 The Beginning Of The End!
Chapter 1318 u2013 Fight! Just Fight!
Chapter 1319 u2013 Iu2019ll Be Your Ziu2019er In My Next Life Too!
Chapter 1320 u2013 Killing Voiders Like Dogs!
Chapter 1321 u2013 The Human Race Is Unnecessary!
Chapter 1322 u2013 Iu2019m Going To Take His Head!
Chapter 1323 u2013 Assault On The Nie Clan!
Chapter 1324 u2013 Regret!
Chapter 1325 u2013 Did You Grow Up On Shit?
Chapter 1326 u2013 I Run, You Run, Everyoneu2019s Running!
Chapter 1327 u2013 SuChapter Envy!
Chapter 1328 u2013 Above The Voider Realm?
Chapter 1329 u2013 Big Sister! Save Me!
Chapter 1330 u2013 All 10 Halls?
Chapter 1331 u2013 The 10 Halls Are Invincible!
Chapter 1332 u2013 Itu2019s Not Too Late To Fuck Off!
Chapter 1333 u2013 Iu2019ll Annihilate Your Entire Family!
Chapter 1334 u2013 Ye Liuyun Is Here!
Chapter 1335 u2013 I Want To See The Sword Master!
Chapter 1336 u2013 Charging Into The Emperor Realm!
Chapter 1337 u2013 Do Any Demons Dare To Fight Me?
Chapter 1338 u2013 I Just Want To Annihilate The Human Race!
Chapter 1339 u2013 Annihilate The Humans!
Chapter 1340 u2013 Fighting Is The Only Option!
Chapter 1341 u2013 The Only Way To Survive!
Chapter 1342 u2013 Prosper!
Chapter 1343 u2013 Fight To The Death!
Chapter 1344 u2013 Above The Voider Realm!
Chapter 1345 u2013 Transcended The Five Elements!
Chapter 1346 u2013 What A Long Nap!
Chapter 1347 u2013 A Power On Par With The Nether Pavilion!
Chapter 1348 u2013 Damnable Woman!
Chapter 1349 u2013 Someone From The Yang Clan!
Chapter 1350 u2013 Iu2019ll Repay You Today!
Chapter 651 u2013 Cultivating Like A Madman!
Chapter 652 u2013 Zap Them!
Chapter 653 u2013 Betrayal
Chapter 654 u2013 What Happened To Two?
Chapter 655 u2013 The Demon Saint!
Chapter 656 u2013 The Defiant Profounders Emerge!
Chapter 657 u2013 Qin Bufan!
Chapter 658 u2013 The Stone Of Suppression!
Chapter 659 u2013 Sacrifice!
Chapter 660 u2013 Do You Like Me?
Chapter 661 u2013 A Fight To The Death!
Chapter 662 u2013 Flee Or Fight?
Chapter 663 u2013 Death and Battle!
Chapter 664 u2013 Sheu2019s Dead!
Chapter 665 u2013 Threats?
Chapter 666 u2013 Regret!
Chapter 667 u2013 The Outer Heavens!
Chapter 668 u2013 Try!
Chapter 669 u2013 Determination!
Chapter 670 u2013 The Dao Of Alchemy!
Chapter 671 u2013 I Really Want To Give It A Try!
Chapter 672 u2013 Mageforce Shield!
Chapter 673 u2013 He Canu2019t Be Killed?
Chapter 674 u2013 Divine Yin Flame!
Chapter 675 u2013 The Grand Preceptor!
Chapter 676 u2013 Bring It On!
Chapter 677 u2013 An Nanjing Joins The Battle!
Chapter 678 u2013 Yang Ye and An Nanjingu2019s Shock!
Chapter 679 u2013 Blood Covers The Ground!
Chapter 680 u2013 Yang Ye Is Going To Cause A Calamity!
Chapter 681 u2013 Destruction!
Chapter 682 u2013 Kill Them All!
Chapter 683 u2013 An Expert Beneath The Ground!
Chapter 684 u2013 Yang Yeu2019s Origins!
Chapter 685 u2013 Itu2019s Time!
Chapter 686 u2013 Just A Half Saint!
Chapter 687 u2013 Saint Xing Yun?
Chapter 688 u2013 A Rebellion!
Chapter 689 u2013 The 9th Pavilion!
Chapter 690 u2013 Wasnu2019t It Only One?
Chapter 691 u2013 Go All Out Or Weu2019re Doomed!
Chapter 692 u2013 The Primordial Pagodau2019s Ability!
Chapter 693 u2013 Lava!
Chapter 694 u2013 Beings Beneath The Ground!
Chapter 695 u2013 Marry Yang Ye?
Chapter 696 u2013 You Have No Choice!
Chapter 697 u2013 Donu2019t Be Shy!
Chapter 698 u2013 You Know Yang Ye?
Chapter 699 u2013 Slapping The Face Of A Half-Saint!
Chapter 700 u2013 Do You Dare?
Chapter 701 u2013 Do You Know What The Sword Is?
Chapter 702 u2013 Even Iu2019m Afraid Of Myself When Iu2019m Angry!
Chapter 703 u2013 More Bets!
Chapter 704 u2013 Bring It On!
Chapter 705 u2013 Lick!
Chapter 706 u2013 If Youu2019ve Slapped One Cheek, Then Slap The Other!
Chapter 707 u2013 Charging Into The Monarch Realm!
Chapter 708 u2013 Yang Ye Is A Defiant Profounder?
Chapter 709 u2013 The Monarch Realm!
Chapter 710 u2013 Cross This Line And Die!
Chapter 711 u2013 Lightning Of Obliteration!
Chapter 712 u2013 Tribulation Lightning Taking Form!
Chapter 713 u2013 Intent Ignition! Intent Ignition Again!
Chapter 714 u2013 Endless Slaughter!
Chapter 715 u2013 Iu2019ll Slaughter Them!
Chapter 716 u2013 A Half-Saint Sword Servant?
Chapter 717 u2013 Beings Beneath The Lava!
Chapter 718 u2013 Should We Grab His Loved Ones?
Chapter 719 u2013 You Refuse? Then Pay With Your Entire Race!
Chapter 720 u2013 The Patriarch Arrives!
Chapter 721 u2013 Attack Again!
Chapter 722 u2013 Another Slaughter Begins!
Chapter 723 u2013 Driven Into A Corner!
Chapter 724 u2013 Doom!
Chapter 725 u2013 Terrifying Beings!
Chapter 726 u2013 The Defiant Profounders Are Emerging?
Chapter 727 u2013 You Refuse To Give Me Face?
Chapter 728 u2013 I Can Take On 10 Of You!
Chapter 729 u2013 Only His Death Will Make Us Stop!
Chapter 730 u2013 Solo or Group?
Chapter 731 u2013 Enemies Must Be Annihilated!
Chapter 732 u2013 Deathmatch!
Chapter 733 u2013 Iu2019m Not Asking, Iu2019m Taking!
Chapter 734 u2013 Who Else?
Chapter 735 u2013 Nether Maiden!
Chapter 736 u2013 The Hallowed Hallsu2019 Technique Pavilion!
Chapter 737 u2013 Nether Maidenu2019s Invitation!
Chapter 738 u2013 Do You Dare To Object?
Chapter 739 u2013 Grandson! Grandpa Is Here!
Chapter 740 u2013 Just Shut Up And Fight!
Chapter 741 u2013 Yang Man! Take My Sword!
Chapter 742 u2013 Just Stab Me! I Wonu2019t Move!
Chapter 743 u2013 Herculean Armor vs Divine Yin Flame!
Chapter 744 u2013 Fight Solo Against Nine Half-Saints?
Chapter 745 u2013 I Seem Easy To Bully?
Chapter 746 u2013 What Are You Going To Do About It?
Chapter 747 u2013 A Young Girl Without Hands!
Chapter 748 u2013 City Of Sin!
Chapter 749 u2013 Meeting The Young Girl Again!
Chapter 750 u2013 All Of You Canu2019t Afford To Do So!
Chapter 1101 u2013 Compensation For Emotional Distress And Tuition!
Chapter 1102 u2013 I Think You Should Die Instead!
Chapter 1103 u2013 Godslaughter!
Chapter 1104 u2013 Void Flash Sword Technique!
Chapter 1105 u2013 Give Them An InChapter And Theyu2019ll Take A Yard!
Chapter 1106 u2013 Mutual Cultivation!
Chapter 1107 u2013 Even An Emperor Can Dream Of Harming You While Iu2019m Here!
Chapter 1108 u2013 Take This!
Chapter 1109 u2013 It Once Drank The Blood Of An Emperor!
Chapter 1110 u2013 Quasi Emperors? Whatu2019s So Great About That?
Chapter 1111 u2013 Ruthless To The End!
Chapter 1112 u2013 How Delicious!
Chapter 1113 u2013 His Profound Energy Has Dried Up!
Chapter 1114 u2013 Fuck Off Right Now!
Chapter 1115 u2013 Shed Tears Or Blood!
Chapter 1116 u2013 Can He Still Be Saved?
Chapter 1117 u2013 The Games Have Just Begun!
Chapter 1118 u2013 Itu2019s Only Death!
Chapter 1119 u2013 The Undying Physique?
Chapter 1120 u2013 Deactivate The Formation And Open The Gates!
Chapter 1121 u2013 Blood Must Be Repaid With Blood!
Chapter 1122 u2013 The Ultimate Version Of Death By A Thought!
Chapter 1123 u2013 A Quasi Emperor Sword Servant!
Chapter 1124 u2013 Itu2019s Fine! Iu2019ve Killed A Few!
Chapter 1125 u2013 Does He Look Like This?
Chapter 1126 u2013 Pay With His Body!
Chapter 1127 u2013 Youu2019re A Pretty Good Senior Sister!
Chapter 1128 u2013 Prepare For Battle!
Chapter 1129 u2013 I Donu2019t Have A Good Temper!
Chapter 1130 u2013 Are You Surprised?
Chapter 1131 u2013 Fuck Off!
Chapter 1132 u2013 Plundering The Thousand Crane Sect!
Chapter 1133 u2013 A Bloody Battle!
Chapter 1134 u2013 The Mad Swordsman!
Chapter 1135 u2013 Theyu2019re Going All Out!
Chapter 1136 u2013 Live And Die Together!
Chapter 1137 u2013 The Saber Monarch!
Chapter 1138 u2013 An Emperor Descends!
Chapter 1139 u2013 Heavens! Smite Him!
Chapter 1140 u2013 Upholding Justice On Behalf Of The Heavens!
Chapter 1141 u2013 Yang Yeu2019s Help!
Chapter 1142 u2013 To Fight Or Not To Fight!
Chapter 1143 u2013 The Treaty
Chapter 1144 u2013 A Young Woman On A Pig!
Chapter 1145 u2013 Thereu2019s One More?
Chapter 1146 u2013 Violet Divine Lightning!
Chapter 1147 u2013 If The Heavens Want To Kill Me, Then Iu2019ll Destroy The Heavens!
Chapter 1148 u2013 Blood Sentence!
Chapter 1149 u2013 Actually, I Donu2019t Want To Do This Too!
Chapter 1150 u2013 Emperors Vanish!
Chapter 1151 u2013 Qiong Qi Emerges!
Chapter 1152 u2013 Qiong Qiu2019s Strength!
Chapter 1153 u2013 Peacekeeper!
Chapter 1154 u2013 He Deserves Death!
Chapter 1155 u2013 Ladyu2019s Background!
Chapter 1156 u2013 Forced Into Exile!
Chapter 1157 u2013 Are You Sure That Youu2019re Alright?
Chapter 1158 u2013 Actually, I Usually Donu2019t Kill!
Chapter 1159 u2013 Iu2019ll Help You Dig Out Those Eyes!
Chapter 1160 u2013 Actually, Iu2019m Doing It For Her Own Good!
Chapter 1161 u2013 I Canu2019t Keep A Low Profile Anymore!
Chapter 1162 u2013 Iu2019ll Show You Right Now!
Chapter 1163 u2013 I Surrender!
Chapter 1164 u2013 You Want To Take Advantage Of Me!
Chapter 1165 u2013 Ancient Ruins!
Chapter 1166 u2013 A Nice Treasure!
Chapter 1167 u2013 Waiting For Yang Ye To Become A Saint!
Chapter 1168 u2013 Finally A Saint!
Chapter 1169 u2013 Birth Of The Sword Alliance!
Chapter 1170 u2013 My Sword Alliance Refuses To Accept That!
Chapter 1171 u2013 Bane Of All Spirit Veins!
Chapter 1172 u2013 A Quasi Emperor? I Can Fight 10 Of Them!
Chapter 1773 u2013 Crawl Through!
Chapter 1174 u2013 Do All Of You Want To Die?
Chapter 1175 u2013 3 Emperors? A Piece Of Cake!
Chapter 1176 u2013 Emperors Are Nothing Great As Well!
Chapter 1177 u2013 My Sword Is Starving!
Chapter 1178 u2013 Searched Thousands Of Worlds!
Chapter 1179 u2013 Eat! All 5 Kilograms Are Yours!
Chapter 1180 u2013 Die!
Chapter 1181 u2013 This Is It!
Chapter 1182 u2013 I Am Threatening You!
Chapter 1183 u2013 A Sword Servant At The Emperor Realm!
Chapter 1184 u2013 If Itu2019s An Enemy, Then I Have A Sword For Him!
Chapter 1185 u2013 Sorry! My Hand Shook!
Chapter 1186 u2013 The Mad Demon Bloodline!
Chapter 1187 u2013 Pilgrimage Of Sword Cultivators!
Chapter 1188 u2013 Iu2019ll Take Yang Yeu2019s Head With 10 Swings Of My Sword!
Chapter 1189 u2013 The Sword Intent From Godfall Mountain!
Chapter 1190 u2013 We Should Destroy Everything In Our Path!
Chapter 1191 u2013 Almighty!
Chapter 1192 u2013 My Heart Houses No Fear!
Chapter 1193 u2013 With A Flick Of The Finger!
Chapter 1194 u2013 Fought Through Hundreds Of Worlds!
Chapter 1195 u2013 Point At The Heavens, And The Heavens Shall Cease To Exist!
Chapter 1196 u2013 Yang Ye, Resist Three Of My Attacks!
Chapter 1197 u2013 I Would Rather Die Than Be Humiliated!
Chapter 1198 u2013 Itu2019s Still Not Enough!
Chapter 1199 u2013 My Leg Was Itchy!
Chapter 1200 u2013 WatChapter Me!
Chapter 751 u2013 Burials Are Included!
Chapter 752 u2013 The 10 War Generals Of The Hallowed Halls?
Chapter 753 u2013 Taking Over The Bodies Of Defiant Profounders!
Chapter 754 u2013 The Founding Ancestor!
Chapter 755 u2013 Undefeated!
Chapter 756 u2013 The Sword Spiritu2019s Master!
Chapter 757 u2013 Your Dao Of The Sword Doesnu2019t Suit Me!
Chapter 758 u2013 Fuck Off Or Die!
Chapter 759 u2013 Sword Spirit! Iu2019m Coming!
Chapter 760 u2013 Pull! Pull! Pull Again!
Chapter 761 u2013 The True Heavenrend!
Chapter 762 u2013 A Different Sword Spirit!
Chapter 763 u2013 21 Half-Saint Sword Servants!
Chapter 764 u2013 Supreme Exalt He!
Chapter 765 u2013 Yinu2019yin vs Supreme Exalt He!
Chapter 766 u2013 Itu2019s Quintessence Violet Energy, Right?
Chapter 767 u2013 Nether Maiden vs Yang Ye Part 1/3
Chapter 768 u2013 Nether Maiden vs Yang Ye Part 2/3
Chapter 769 u2013 Nether Maiden vs Yang Ye Part 3/3
Chapter 770 u2013 The Impregnable Sword Domain!
Chapter 771 u2013 Then Letu2019s Fight!
Chapter 772 u2013 I Want To Compete With You In The Sword!
Chapter 773 u2013 Yang Yeu2019s Sword Dao!
Chapter 774 u2013 The Defiant Profounders Are Here!
Chapter 775 u2013 The Heaven Dao Falls!
Chapter 776 u2013 Work Together?
Chapter 777 u2013 Profounder Continent Is In Danger!
Chapter 778 u2013 The Hallowed Groundsu2019 True Intentions!
Chapter 779 u2013 Entering The Hallowed Grounds Again!
Chapter 780 u2013 A Pillar Of Blood!
Chapter 781 u2013 A Hopeless Situation!
Chapter 782 u2013 The Invincible Sword Domain!
Chapter 783 u2013 Comprehending The Dao!
Chapter 784 u2013 Decay Sword Intent!
Chapter 785 u2013 Reversal Of The Laws!
Chapter 786 u2013 Iu2019m Yang Ye and Yang Man!
Chapter 787 u2013 Then Iu2019ll Take It By Force!
Chapter 788 u2013 Grandpa Hallowed Grounds!
Chapter 789 u2013 Flood The City With Blood!
Chapter 790 u2013 Iu2019ll Defeat You With One Move and Kill You With The Second!
Chapter 791 u2013 The Sword Spiritu2019s Mad!
Chapter 792 u2013 Converging To Kill Yang Ye!
Chapter 793 u2013 An Attack On Profounder Continent!
Chapter 794 u2013 Betrayal!
Chapter 795 u2013 3rd Level Heaven Rank Sword Intent?
Chapter 796 u2013 The Strength Of The 3rd Level!
Chapter 797 u2013 The Pillar Of Blood!
Chapter 798 u2013 Why Should I Save All Of You?
Chapter 799 u2013 The Outer Heavens Has Arrived!
Chapter 800 u2013 To The Outer Heavens!
Chapter 1051 u2013 The Dark Sword Wings Rise!
Chapter 1052 u2013 Lou Qianxiao! Iu2019m Coming!
Chapter 1053 u2013 Fearless While The Sword Is In Hand!
Chapter 1054 u2013 The Laws of Instinct!
Chapter 1055 u2013 Skysplit!
Chapter 1056 u2013 Why Were They Born In The Same Era?
Chapter 1057 u2013 A Madman I Am!
Chapter 1058 u2013 Sacrifice!
Chapter 1059 u2013 Just Lou Qianxiaou2019s Death Isnu2019t Enough!
Chapter 1060 u2013 An Emperor In An Instant!
Chapter 1061 u2013 Sentence!
Chapter 1062 u2013 Sheu2019s Injured!
Chapter 1063 u2013 Cut It Off!
Chapter 1064 u2013 Youu2019ll Die If You Be Friends With Me!
Chapter 1065 u2013 Setting Out!
Chapter 1066 u2013 Weu2019re Good Friends Now!
Chapter 1067 u2013 Shameless!
Chapter 1068 u2013 Thatu2019s An Insult To Me!
Chapter 1069 u2013 Youu2019re Leaving Just Like That?
Chapter 1070 u2013 Just Fight If You Donu2019t Like It!
Chapter 1071 u2013 Pay And Live, Die If You Donu2019t!
Chapter 1072 u2013 Youu2019re My Wife!
Chapter 1073 u2013 An Expert On The Martial Rankings!
Chapter 1074 u2013 Brink Sword Intent?
Chapter 1075 u2013 Who Does He Think He Is?
Chapter 1076 u2013 One Or A Hundred Makes No Difference!
Chapter 1077 u2013 String Up Their Heads!
Chapter 1078 u2013 Iu2019m Here!
Chapter 1079 u2013 What? Canu2019t Accept Defeat?
Chapter 1080 u2013 Do All Of You Have Any Shame?
Chapter 1081 u2013 No Matter Who You Are, Iu2019ll Definitely.
Chapter 1082 u2013 Iu2019m Afraid That Youu2019ll Be A Burden!
Chapter 1083 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill You!
Chapter 1084 u2013 What A Temper!
Chapter 1085 u2013 Old Dog! I Canu2019t Stand You Any Longer!
Chapter 1086 u2013 39th On The Martial Rankings!
Chapter 1087 u2013 In The Name Of The Martial God!
Chapter 1088 u2013 The Martial God Physique!
Chapter 1089 u2013 Are You A Dog? Why Do You Keep Barking!
Chapter 1090 u2013 A Quasi Emperor Attacks!
Chapter 1091 u2013 White Deer Academy Splits Apart!
Chapter 1092 u2013 21st On The Martial Rankings! Feng Qingyi!
Chapter 1093 u2013 Open Your Fucking Eyes And Watch!
Chapter 1094 u2013 Crossing The Ocean!
Chapter 1095 u2013 All Of You Are Huge Fools!
Chapter 1096 u2013 I Think Heu2019s Seeking Death!
Chapter 1097 u2013 The Complete Stellar Ward Technique!
Chapter 1098 u2013 The Ultimate Version Of Death By A Thought!
Chapter 1099 u2013 I Wonu2019t Act Rashly!
Chapter 1100 u2013 Apex City!
Chapter 851 u2013 The Dao Order Is Nothing!
Chapter 852 u2013 They Wonu2019t Allow It? Then Die!
Chapter 853 u2013 A Bad Situation!
Chapter 854 u2013 Do You Intend To Take Me?
Chapter 855 u2013 Sky Divine Hall vs Dao Order!
Chapter 856 u2013 2nd Level Heaven Rank Battle Intent?
Chapter 857 u2013 Iu2019ll Head To The Dao Order!
Chapter 858 u2013 The Hidden Path! A Dao Order Steward!
Chapter 859 u2013 Yang Ye Lost In An Instant?
Chapter 860 u2013 Do You Know How Strong I Am?
Chapter 861 u2013 Are You Going To Fuck Off Or Not?
Chapter 862 u2013 Just One Move Is Enough!
Chapter 863 u2013 Iu2019m Daoist Gu!
Chapter 864 u2013 Alright! Letu2019s Head To The Dao Order!
Chapter 865 u2013 Comprehending The Laws Of Speed?
Chapter 866 u2013 Yang Ye Doesnu2019t Dare To Come?
Chapter 867 u2013 The Hidden Pathu2019s Number 1 Expert!
Chapter 868 u2013 Does Yang Ye Fear Dragons?
Chapter 869 u2013Brothers, Lend Me Your Swords!
Chapter 870 u2013 Iu2019m A Scion Of The Dragons!
Chapter 871 u2013 The Founding Ancestoru2019s Question!
Chapter 872 u2013 Soul Ignition Again!
Chapter 873 u2013 A Familiar Face From Profounder Continent!
Chapter 874 u2013 The Founding Ancestor!
Chapter 875 u2013 Be The Sect Master?
Chapter 876 u2013 Whereu2019s The Dao Order Going To Put Its Face?
Chapter 877 u2013 Youu2019re Leaving Just Like That?
Chapter 878 u2013 Yang Ye! Take This!
Chapter 879 u2013 Senior Sister Lu!
Chapter 880 u2013 Wanu2019er, Long Time No See!
Chapter 881 u2013 The Pagoda Of Sword Intent!
Chapter 882 u2013 Void Rank Sword Intent!
Chapter 883 u2013 Is It The Void Rank?
Chapter 884 u2013 Geniuses Of Pine Prefecture, Can Anyone Fight Me!?
Chapter 885 u2013 I Never Said You Couldnu2019t!
Chapter 886 u2013 Iu2019ve Always Won People Over With Virtue!
Chapter 887 u2013 The Martial Rankings!
Chapter 888 u2013 Do You Want To Die?
Chapter 889 u2013 Are You Sure?
Chapter 890 u2013 You Should Feel Honored!
Chapter 891 u2013 Education As A Complement To The Fist!
Chapter 892 u2013 I Canu2019t Stand The Sight Of You!
Chapter 893 u2013 Wolves Cover The Sky!
Chapter 894 u2013 Iu2019ll Do It!
Chapter 895 u2013 Apologize And Iu2019ll Forget It Ever Happened!
Chapter 896 u2013 A Bad Temper Must Be Corrected!
Chapter 897 u2013 Kill Them All!
Chapter 898 u2013 Killing Their Way Back!
Chapter 899 u2013 Brothers! Charge!
Chapter 900 u2013 Who Are You!?
Chapter 1001 u2013 Only One Of Us Will Survive This Battle!
Chapter 1002 u2013 Another Soul Ignition!
Chapter 1003 u2013 Saints? Iu2019ve Killed Them As Well!
Chapter 1004 u2013 She Feeds On The Eye Of The Heaven Dao!
Chapter 1005 u2013 Iu2019m Waiting!
Chapter 1006 u2013 Otherwise What?
Chapter 1007 u2013 I Was Just Wiping Off My Sweat!
Chapter 1008 u2013 Can I Quit?
Chapter 1009 u2013 A Saint Realm Sword Servant!
Chapter 1010 u2013 Lou Qianxiao?
Chapter 1011 u2013 The Graveyard Of Humans!
Chapter 1012 u2013 The Mermaid Clan!
Chapter 1013 u2013 Life Is Like A Play!
Chapter 1014 u2013 A Pair Of Eyes!
Chapter 1015 u2013 The Pagoda And The Eye!
Chapter 1016 u2013 Defiant Cultivators!
Chapter 1017 u2013 The Brink Laws!
Chapter 1018 u2013 Youu2019ll Regret It Forever!
Chapter 1019 u2013 Do You Know How Weak You Are?
Chapter 1020 u2013 I Really Canu2019t Hold It Back Any Longer!
Chapter 1021 u2013 Letu2019s Fight!
Chapter 1022 u2013 Youu2019ll Feel Despair!
Chapter 1023 u2013 The Ferocious Beast!
Chapter 1024 u2013 Almighty!
Chapter 1025 u2013 You Refuse? Then Iu2019ll Do It!
Chapter 1026 u2013 An Expert From The Nether Pavilion!
Chapter 1027 u2013 Light Maiden!
Chapter 1028 u2013 Warning! Warning!
Chapter 1029 u2013 Damnable Heavens!
Chapter 1030 u2013 Asura Queen?
Chapter 1031 u2013 Lady!
Chapter 1032 u2013 The Poor Heavenu2019s Gravestone!
Chapter 1033 u2013 Lou Qianxiao Is Almost Done!
Chapter 1034 u2013 Yang Ye Isnu2019t The Dean Anymore!
Chapter 1035 u2013 Shocking Changes In The City!
Chapter 1036 u2013 Iu2019m Yang Ye!
Chapter 1037 u2013 Dignity Is Everything!
Chapter 1038 u2013 Who Do You Think You Are?
Chapter 1039 u2013 Leave No One Alive!
Chapter 1040 u2013 Choices!
Chapter 1041 u2013 Iu2019ll Be Waiting For Your Arrival!
Chapter 1042 u2013 Iu2019m Lou Qianxiao!
Chapter 1043 u2013 The Winner Lives, and The Loser Dies!
Chapter 1044 u2013 Lady!
Chapter 1045 u2013 Yang Ye! Get The Fuck Out Here!
Chapter 1046 u2013 A Genius From White Deer Academy!
Chapter 1047 u2013 So, Please Shut Up!
Chapter 1048 u2013 Try Me If You Dare!
Chapter 1049 u2013 Heavenu2019s Gravestone!
Chapter 1050 u2013 Mad And Awake!
Chapter 951 u2013 The Death Of A Saint!
Chapter 952 u2013 Resigning!
Chapter 953 u2013 Iu2019m Willing To Suffer Eternal Damnation If I Donu2019t Kill You!
Chapter 954 u2013 The Divine Fist Of Destruction!
Chapter 955 u2013 You Must Be Dreaming!
Chapter 956 u2013 The Young Demon King!
Chapter 957 u2013 Misery!
Chapter 958 u2013 Creation and Destruction With A Single Thought!
Chapter 959 u2013 Itu2019s Best To Rely On Yourself!
Chapter 960 u2013 Return To The Academy?
Chapter 961 u2013 What Has That Got To Do With Me?
Chapter 962 u2013 You Want To Die, Huh!?
Chapter 963 u2013 An Attack Only Limited By The Mind!
Chapter 964 u2013 The Eye Of The Heaven Dao Reappears!
Chapter 965 u2013 Besieged By Saints!
Chapter 966 u2013 Thatu2019s Not Stealing, Thatu2019s Taking!
Chapter 967 u2013 Welkin Wolf Demon King! You Can Do It!
Chapter 968 u2013 Iu2019m A Half-Saint Now!
Chapter 969 u2013 The Nether Pavilion!
Chapter 970 u2013 Yu Wushuang Has Been Captured!
Chapter 971 u2013 Heu2019s Tired Of Living!
Chapter 972 u2013 If Youu2019re Weak, Then Shut Up!
Chapter 973 u2013 Come Back Alive!
Chapter 974 u2013 Battle With A Saint!
Chapter 975 u2013 To Kill A Saint!
Chapter 976 u2013 Letu2019s See!
Chapter 977 u2013 A Hopeless Situation?
Chapter 978 u2013 A Saint Falls?
Chapter 979 u2013 They Call Me Oblivion Maiden!
Chapter 980 u2013 A Close Call!
Chapter 981 u2013 Sword MonarChapter Tingyun!
Chapter 982 u2013 An Innate Saint!
Chapter 983 u2013 Pursuit In The North!
Chapter 984 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill You With A Swing Of My Sword!
Chapter 985 u2013 We Just Want To Live!
Chapter 986 u2013 Yang Ye! Someone Has Been Looking For You!
Chapter 987 u2013 Oblivion Maiden!
Chapter 988 u2013 Actually, Youu2019re Too Weak!
Chapter 989 u2013 Reason Or The Fist?
Chapter 990 u2013 Youu2019re That Weak To Me!
Chapter 991 u2013 Slaughter Saints!
Chapter 992 u2013 Am I Someone Like That?
Chapter 993 u2013 I Really Am Not Like That!
Chapter 994 u2013 Heavenu2019s Gravestone!
Chapter 995 u2013 Demonified!
Chapter 996 u2013 The Heart Of Slaughter!
Chapter 997 u2013 Whereu2019s Yang Ye?
Chapter 998 u2013 Why Would I Care?
Chapter 999 u2013 So, Youu2019re So Weak!
Chapter 1000 u2013 Did I Say That You Could Go?
Chapter 901 u2013 Iu2019ll Fucking Do It Myself!
Chapter 902 u2013 Just Fuck Off!
Chapter 903 u2013 Annihilating Anyone Who Stands In His Way!
Chapter 904 u2013 Iu2019ve Killed Many High Rank Half-Saints!
Chapter 905 u2013 Iu2019ll Do It Right Now!
Chapter 906 u2013 Someone Called The Unfettered One!
Chapter 907 u2013 Defend The City!
Chapter 908 u2013 I Was Wrong!
Chapter 909 u2013 Fearless!
Chapter 910 u2013 The Laws Again!
Chapter 911 u2013 Ziu2019er!
Chapter 912 - Madness!
Chapter 913 u2013 An Ocean of Blood!
Chapter 914 u2013 How Dare They!?
Chapter 915 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill Anyone Who Brings Them Down!
Chapter 916 u2013 I Intend To Give It A Try Today!
Chapter 917 u2013 Arrive On His Feet and Leave On His Back!
Chapter 918 u2013 An Eye For An Eye!
Chapter 919 u2013 Heads Flying!
Chapter 920 u2013 The World Is Vast!
Chapter 921 u2013 Even The Heavens Tremble Before My Rage!
Chapter 922 u2013 All Of You Can Dream Of Living Past Today!
Chapter 923 u2013 Have I Killed Too Many?
Chapter 924 u2013 Something Sword Cultivators Canu2019t Refuse!
Chapter 925 u2013 Cut The Crap And Fight Me!
Chapter 926 u2013 Letting The Demon Beasts In?
Chapter 927 u2013 You Really Are So Cruel!
Chapter 928 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill Anyone Who Dares To Riot!
Chapter 929 u2013 One Must Have A Limit!
Chapter 930 u2013 No? Then Iu2019m Leaving!
Chapter 931 u2013 Iu2019m Too Softhearted!
Chapter 932 u2013 Either Disregard Or Attack!
Chapter 933 u2013 Deactivate The Formation! Open The Gates!
Chapter 934 u2013 Why Donu2019t You Give It A Try?
Chapter 935 u2013 Iu2019ll Slaughter Everyone From The Outer Court!
Chapter 936 u2013 Yang Yeu2019s Gone Completely Mad!
Chapter 937 u2013 Out Of Control!
Chapter 938 u2013 Itu2019s Time For Us To Counterattack!
Chapter 939 u2013 The Backup Is In Trouble!
Chapter 940 u2013 In My Opinion, You, Yang Ye, Are An Ant!
Chapter 941 u2013 Yang Ye Fled In Defeat?
Chapter 942 u2013 Yang Ye Being Shameless!
Chapter 943 u2013 How? Iu2019ll Kill Him!
Chapter 944 u2013 Joining Forces Against Him!
Chapter 945 u2013 The Demon Kingu2019s Treasure!
Chapter 946 u2013 Itu2019s A Misunderstanding! Trust Me!
Chapter 947 u2013 Then I Wonu2019t Leave!
Chapter 948 u2013 Do You Dare To Face Me In Single Combat?
Chapter 949 u2013 Die!
Chapter 950 u2013 The Violet Minku2019s Jealousy!
Chapter 801 u2013 The Wrath Of The Heavens!
Chapter 802 u2013 Heavens! How Unfair You Are!
Chapter 803 u2013 Divine Lightning Of Obliteration!
Chapter 804 u2013 Summon The Sword Saint!
Chapter 805 u2013 The Eye Of The Heaven Dao!
Chapter 806 u2013 Destroy The Heavens!
Chapter 807 u2013 The Saints Fall!
Chapter 808 u2013 The True Heavenrend!
Chapter 809 u2013 Heavenrend!
Chapter 810 u2013 The Sword Emperor! Lu Wanu2019er!
Chapter 811 u2013 The Way To Recover!
Chapter 812 u2013 I Really Have No Choice!
Chapter 813 u2013 Even If I Have No Strength!
Chapter 814 u2013 Using The Situation To Do The Deed!
Chapter 815 u2013 Gaining Strength!
Chapter 816 u2013 The High Rank Of The First Heaven Realm!
Chapter 817 u2013 The King Realm!
Chapter 818 u2013 To Cherish Or Crush A Flower?
Chapter 819 u2013 He Just Canu2019t Stop!
Chapter 820 u2013 Feeding Yang Ye To Demon Beasts!
Chapter 821 u2013 Cross This Line And Die!
Chapter 822 u2013 Thereu2019s A Demon In Him!
Chapter 823 u2013 A Bandit!
Chapter 824 u2013 I Once Cut Through The Heavens!
Chapter 825 u2013 The 12 Demon Kings Of Pine Prefecture!
Chapter 826 u2013 Another Act!
Chapter 827 u2013 A Real Disciple Of The Ancient Sword School!
Chapter 828 u2013 Iu2019m From The Ancient Sword School!
Chapter 829 u2013 Yang Yeu2019s A Big Liar!
Chapter 830 u2013 A Thief!
Chapter 831 u2013 Iu2019ll Annihilate Your Entire Family!
Chapter 832 u2013 A Huge Calamity!
Chapter 833 u2013 Heu2019s Too Arrogant!
Chapter 834 u2013 Feed It To The Dogs!
Chapter 835 u2013 A Bloody Slaughter!
Chapter 836 u2013 I Can Fight 100 Experts Like Him!
Chapter 837 u2013 Pretending Again!
Chapter 838 u2013 Trash! All Of You Are Trash!
Chapter 839 u2013 A Coffin In The Way!
Chapter 840 u2013 A Coffin That Blocks The Path To Life!
Chapter 841 u2013 Iu2019ll Blast Your Head Apart!
Chapter 842 u2013 Yes Or No!?
Chapter 843 u2013 Selling Lives!
Chapter 844 u2013 Iu2019m Not Selling This One!
Chapter 845 u2013 Am I Cruel?
Chapter 846 u2013 No Insult Is Tolerated!
Chapter 847 u2013 Half Saints? I Once Grew Tired Of Killing Them!
Chapter 848 u2013 One Move!
Chapter 849 u2013 Sword! Sword! Sword!
Chapter 850 u2013 Trampling!
Chapter 1697 u2013 Iu2019ll Be Back!
Chapter 1698 u2013 Youu2019re A Lefty Now!
Chapter 1701 u2013 The Wooden Sword Is Damaged?
Chapter 1702 u2013 Unrivaled Strength!
Chapter 1703 u2013 The Sword Conference!
Chapter 1704 u2013 Even Immortals Can Be Killed!
Chapter 1699 u2013 I Kill With Every Ten Steps I Take!
Chapter 1700 u2013 The Wine And Poetry Immortal!
Chapter 1705 u2013 Who Canu2019t I Kill?
Chapter 1706 u2013 Benevolence!
Chapter 1707 u2013 Itu2019s Right Here! Come Get It!
Chapter 1708 u2013 The Most Primitive Is True!
Chapter 1709 u2013 Simplify And Combine!
Chapter 1710 u2013 Split Second!
Chapter 1711 u2013 The Day I Put Down My Sword!
Chapter 1712 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill Everyone Related To You!
Chapter 1713 u2013 Grandpa Yang, I Was Wrong!
Chapter 1714 u2013 Then Two!
Chapter 1715 u2013 Yang Ye! Youu2019re Shameless!
Chapter 1716 u2013 Yang Ye, Youu2019re Still Too Kindhearted!
Chapter 1717 u2013 Kill Until Blood Forms Rivers!
Chapter 1718 u2013 Kill Yang Ye And Save 100 Years Of Hard Work!
Chapter 1719 u2013 Iu2019m In A Bad Mood!
Chapter 1720 u2013 Lu Clanu2019s Patriarch, Come Chat With Me!
Chapter 1721 u2013 I Am Bullying You!
Chapter 1722 u2013 What A Guy!
Chapter 1723 u2013 It Wonu2019t Be Long!
Chapter 1724 u2013 Whereu2019s Yang Ye?
Chapter 1725 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill All Who Come!
Chapter 1726 u2013 My Life For Hers!
Chapter 1727 u2013 You Want To Play?
Chapter 1728 u2013 World Ripper!
Chapter 1729 u2013 Bite Me!
Chapter 1730 u2013 Kill Until None Are Left!
Chapter 1731 u2013 The Old Man In Daoistu2019s Robes!
Chapter 1732 u2013 Strange! Very Strange!
Chapter 1733 u2013 Evil Cultivators!
Chapter 1751 u2013 The 6th Stage Of The True Realm!
Chapter 1752 u2013 An Ancient Aura!
Chapter 1753 u2013 Iu2019ll Kill You!
Chapter 1754 u2013 The Invincible Yang Clan!
Chapter 1755 u2013 Bigamy!
Chapter 1756 u2013 The Ruthless Win!
Chapter 1757 u2013 Come Back Alive!
Chapter 1758 u2013 Theyu2019re All Talk!
Chapter 1759 u2013 Letu2019s Try To Pursue Peace!
Chapter 1760 u2013 So, They Die First!
Chapter 1761 u2013 I Want To Run!
Chapter 1762 u2013 Declaration Of War!
Chapter 1763 u2013 The Ruthless One Wins!
Chapter 1764 u2013 Why Didnu2019t You Say So?
Chapter 1765 u2013 Iu2019ll Slaughter Your Entire Family!
Chapter 1766 u2013 People Of Extraordinary Ability!
Chapter 1767 u2013 Itu2019s Time To Change Our Fate!
Chapter 1768 u2013 Unforeseen Event In the Yang Clan!
Chapter 1769 u2013 To Be Ordinary, You Must First Be Extraordinary!
Chapter 1770 u2013 The Final Battle!
Chapter 1771 u2013 Spare Us If We Surrender, Alright?
Chapter 1772 u2013 The Yang Clanu2019s Founding Ancestor!
Chapter 1773 u2013 The Ying Clanu2019s Successor, Ying Qingdie!
Chapter 1774 u2013 The Secret Sect!
Chapter 1775 u2013 The Wooden Sword Vs The Primordial Pagoda!
Chapter 1776 u2013 I Can Fight A Few Experts Like You!
Chapter 1777 u2013 A Head!
Chapter 1778 u2013 Above The True Rank?
Chapter 1779 u2013 Unprecedented Attainments In The Sword!
Chapter 1734 u2013 Thereu2019s Something Down There!
Chapter 1735 u2013 No! No! I Refuse!
Chapter 1736 u2013 Mysterious Woman!