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Immortal Amidst Snow In July
Immortal Amidst Snow In July
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A great war raged between cultivators a hundred thousand years ago. Immortals fell by the tens of thousands, the path of cultivation itself was severed, and after the dust settled, tombs forested the world.A hundred thousand years after the last legend faded, Lu Yun, commandant of tomb raiders, descends upon the world. Armed with the Tome of Life and Death, he has some burning questions to answer.……鈥淭his isn鈥檛 how you raid a tomb!鈥
Chapter 1224: A Meteorite King Clad in Green
Chapter 1225: Success
Chapter 1227: The Redbud King Appears
Chapter 1228: Co-Conspirator
Chapter 1229: He Can Do Whatever He Wants
Chapter 1230: Quiet
Chapter 1231: To Cut Down Ghosts
Chapter 1233: The Endless Reaches
Chapter 1234: The Great Hongmeng Dragon
Chapter 1235: A Terrifying Layout
Chapter 1236: Teach Them How To Be A Proper Person
Chapter 1237: City Lord?
Chapter 1238: Treasure Here
Chapter 1239: A Key to the Hongmeng Tower
Chapter 1240: Using Anotheru2019s Hand
Chapter 1241: The Immortal King? A Servant?
Chapter 1242: Bring Me My Mountain
Chapter 1243: Besieging Cities and Claiming Territory
Chapter 1244: Jin Naluo
Chapter 1245: The Legend of the Purple King
Chapter 1246: Mount Cloudcover
Chapter 1247: Earth Light Magneticus
Chapter 1248: The Magneticus Formation
Chapter 1249: First Genius of the Hongmeng
Chapter 1250.1: The Lost Ancient City
Chapter 1250.2: The Lost Ancient City
Chapter 1250.3: The Lost Ancient City
Chapter 1251: Carrot
Chapter 1252: The Degrees of Time
Chapter 1253: Big Fish
Chapter 1254: The Order of Time That Shouldnu2019t Exist
Chapter 1255: We Are Not Fellow Daoists
Chapter 1256: Bloodclad
Chapter 1257: An Impossible Stroke
Chapter 1258: The Strength of the Venerated One
Chapter 1259: An Acquaintance From the Chaos
Chapter 1260: Unexpected Troubles
Chapter 1261: Crazy
Chapter 1263: Refining Treasure
Chapter 1264: Becoming King
Chapter 1265: Ten Inches of Time
Chapter 1266: The Power of Time
Chapter 1268: Invitation
Chapter 1269: When It Comes to Beauty, You Lose
Chapter 1270: Walking Advertisement
Chapter 1271: Empyrean King
Chapter 1272: Lu Yun and Qing Yu
Chapter 1273: Resources
Chapter 1274: Supplemental Dao Alliance
Chapter 1275: A Supplemental Convention
Chapter 1276: Moral Emperor
Chapter 1277: To Target
Chapter 1278: Though I May Die, I Would Hold No Regrets
Chapter 1279: Jinse
Chapter 1280: Hang Him Up and Beat Him
Chapter 1281: The Deterrence of a Seventh Step King
Chapter 1282: Hypocrite
Chapter 1283: Fall of the Starspace King
Chapter 1284: Continuing Troubles
Chapter 1285: Battling Skill
Chapter 1286: A Complete Rout
Chapter 1287: A Bet and a Battle
Chapter 1288: Phenomenon of Supplemental Dao
Chapter 1289: Mobbed
Chapter 1290: A Colossal Joke
Chapter 1291: Hang Him Up For Public Display
Chapter 1292: Past Misdeeds on the March
Chapter 1293: Borrowing Dao to Refine Pills
Chapter 1294: Creation
Chapter 1295: Deterrence of Stellar Light Magneticus
Chapter 1296: Supplemental Grandmaster Puppets
Chapter 1297: Pressure
Chapter 1298: Immortal Region
Chapter 1299: Forcing an Abdication
Chapter 1300: Momentum
Chapter 1301: Netherdark Rises
Chapter 1302: Scroll of Shepherding Immortals
Chapter 1303: Nineworld Origin Cannon
Chapter 1304: Metal Potentate
Chapter 1305: To Sound Out
Chapter 1306: Origin World Comes Knocking
Chapter 1307: Nethersoul Formation
Chapter 1308: Inviting Humiliation
Chapter 1309: Death Tribulation
Chapter 1310: The Cause Is in the Present, the Effect Is in the Past
Chapter 1311: Fusion of Dao Rules
Chapter 1312: Intrance King? Illusion Immortal King?
Chapter 1313: Shenyu
Chapter 1314: Boy Toy
Chapter 1315: Dao Kingu2019s First Disciple
Chapter 1316: Haotian
Chapter 1317: Avoiding Battle
Chapter 1318: Defeat
Chapter 1320: Huge Millstone
Chapter 1319: Ten Thousand Formations With One Step
Chapter 1321: The Fires of Order
Chapter 1322: Haotian Tower
Chapter 1323: A Shining Example For Our Generation
Chapter 1324: Opposition
Chapter 1325: Revisiting Redbud Mountain
Chapter 1326: Dragon Butterfly
Chapter 1327: Cloudexit City
Chapter 1328: The Champion Duke
Chapter 1329: Stellar Sword
Chapter 1330: Unparalleled Genius
Chapter 1331: Ghostly Spies
Chapter 1332: Executing A King
Chapter 1333: Taking the Blame
Chapter 1334: Blade in Hand
Chapter 1335: The Immortal Kingu2019s Decree
Chapter 1336: Fan Boy
Chapter 1337: The Enforcers Arrive
Chapter 1338: Taking the Ghost-Headed Blade
Chapter 1339: Qing Ting
Chapter 1340: Hongmeng Level Shut-In
Chapter 1341: Unable to Refuse After Receiving Gifts
Chapter 1342: Black Crystals
Chapter 1343: Armed To the Teeth
Chapter 1344: Mission Bounty
Chapter 1345: Ghost Tomb
Chapter 1346: Giving Up Bow and Arrow
Chapter 1347: A Bunch of Ants
Chapter 1348: A Hundred Thousand Enforcers
Chapter 1349: The Hell of Order
Chapter 1350: If You Want to Slay a Dragon, You Must Become a Dragon
Chapter 1351: Aureate Fruit
Chapter 1352: Qing Ting Flies Into A Rage
Chapter 1353: To Kill and To Loot
Chapter 1354: Robber King
Chapter 1355: Teach the Fresh-Faced Robber King a Lesson
Chapter 1356: The Three Dukes
Chapter 1357: Ambush
Chapter 1358: Ghostblade Duke
Chapter 1359: Central Crystal Vein of Starspace Major
Chapter 1360: Revenge of the Purpleclad Duke
Chapter 1361: Sneaking In
Chapter 1362: Conveying the Dragonquake Scripture
Chapter 1363.1: Pacification
Chapter 1363.2: Pacification
Chapter 1364: Bastard?
Chapter 1365: Feud
Chapter 1366: Vixen
Chapter 1367: Azuresky Sword
Chapter 1368: Dragonling Assembly
Chapter 1369: Participant Quota
Chapter 1370: Soldiers
Chapter 1371: True Cultivation
Chapter 1372: King Soldier
Chapter 1373: Looks Easy to Bully
Chapter 1374: An Opening? A Trap
Chapter 1375: That Ghost Dragon
Chapter 1376: Grand Steward of the Immortal Pagoda
Chapter 1377: Aiming for Mount Cloudcover
Chapter 1378: A Dead End
Chapter 1379: Lend Me Ten Inches of Time
Chapter 1380: Yun of the Future
Chapter 1381: With Time As Sword
Chapter 1382: Future Self
Chapter 1383: Little Boy
Chapter 1384: A Moment of Leisure Amidst Busyness
Chapter 1385: Spacetime King
Chapter 1386: Douchebag
Chapter 1387: New Rules
Chapter 1388: The Tragic Golden Dragon
Chapter 1389: Robbery
Chapter 1390: Robber Couple
Chapter 1391: Robber Slayers
Chapter 1392: Turning Everything Upside Down
Chapter 1393: Walk My Own Path
Chapter 1394: The Dragonsea City Lord
Chapter 1395: This Is All Borrowed, Borrowed, Borrowed!
Chapter 1396: Ghost Dragon Reappears
Chapter 1397: The Battle of the City Walls
Chapter 1399: Auction
Chapter 1400: Eighth of the Hongmeng
Chapter 1401: Rainbow Bridge
Chapter 1402: Three Thousand Living
Chapter 1403: The Terrifying Champion Duke
Chapter 1404: Three Strokes
Chapter 1407: Threat
Chapter 1408: Submission
Chapter 1409: Nine Levels of Dragonhollow Mountain
Chapter 1410: The World of Immortal Dao
Chapter 1411: Jelly bean
Chapter 1412: Sudden Advancement
Chapter 1413: Leaping Through the Dragon Gate
Chapter 1414: Continuing to Rob
Chapter 1415: Too Excited?
Chapter 1416: True King
Chapter 1417: Battle Servants
Chapter 1418: Robbing to the End
Chapter 1419: My Good Martial Grandson
Chapter 1420: No Wonder Heu2019s My Martial Grandfather
Chapter 1421: Old Scores
Chapter 1422: Exposed
Chapter 1423: Having a Bone to Pick
Chapter 1424: Immortal King or Champion Duke
Chapter 1425: The Eighth Floor
Chapter 1426: Battling Methods
Chapter 1427: A Big Uproar
Chapter 1428: Kill Him and Stick Him in a Soup
Chapter 1429: Lacking Some Flavor
Chapter 1430: Upper Rank Dragon Soup From Dragonhollow Mountain
Chapter 1431: The True Dragon Lord
Chapter 1432: The Great Hongmeng Tomb
Chapter 1433: Something Wrong
Chapter 1434: Azure Dragon
Chapter 1435: Climb the Mountain
Chapter 1436: The Azure Dragonu2019s Corpse
Chapter 1437: First of the Dragonling Ranking
Chapter 1438: Master of the Hongmeng