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He is an Actor.He is a Conspirator.He is a God.Uehara Naraku transmigrated into the Anime World with a single purpose of becoming the biggest boss in the world. Watch as he travels different worlds and turns them upside down using his acting skill and conspiracy behind everyone鈥檚 back.
Chapter 1: Naraku Uehara
Chapter 2: Actually
Chapter 3: The First Meeting of the Three Kings of Acting
Chapter 4: Experiencing the Power of the Sharingan
Chapter 5: I Also Want to be an Official Member
Chapter 6: The Boy Carrying the Light of Akatsuki
Chapter 7: Breaking the Paper Clone
Chapter 8: Pain Who Cares About Members
Chapter 9: If you want to escape, you have to ask me, right
Chapter 10: The Teacher Teaches Well
Chapter 11: Killing a Salamander
Chapter 12: A Titled Enemy
Chapter 13: Seeking Your Own Death
Chapter 14: I Want to Hear a Manly Story
Chapter 15: Confiscated by Konan
Chapter 16: Akatsuki Organization Meeting
Chapter 17: 100 Million Explosive Tags
Chapter 18: Find him a friend
Chapter 19: White Zetsus Disguise
Chapter 20: Roadside Encounter
Chapter 21: Yes, I am an Uchiha!
Chapter 22: Goodbye Executioners Blade
Chapter 23: The Hard Way
Chapter 24: Zabuza Defeated in Battle
Chapter 25: People of the Land of Water have poor Eyesight
Chapter 26: Haku
Chapter 27: The Dead Deserve Respect
Chapter 28: Those Following Their Trail
Chapter 29: Summoning Jutsu
Chapter 30: Starting from today. You are Hoshigaki Kisame of the Akatsuki
Chapter 31: Senior Tobi, Your Name...
Chapter 32: Who is the Best Actor in the Akatsuki
Chapter 33: Believe it or not, I chopped Samehada and feed it to the dog!
Chapter 34: Reward
Chapter 35: Lets Assassinate the Fourth Mizukage
Chapter 36: Dont Show Off In Front of Me
Chapter 37: Another Swordsmen of the Mist Appears!
Chapter 38: They All Want To Kill The Mizukage!
Chapter 39: Both Sides Seek to Hide the Truth
Chapter 40: I Want the Explosive Tags in the Shibuki
Chapter 41: The outrageously strong teenager
Chapter 42: So You Also Have a Brother Complex
Chapter 43: Hes a Hopeless Brocon!
Chapter 44: His Strength Doesnt Match His Ambition
Chapter 45: Internal Conflict After Surrendering!
Chapter 46: Overnight, Three of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist Defected!
Chapter 47: Kimimaro, Do You Want to Search for Food In The Trash Together!
Chapter 48: Uncle Snake Appears!
Chapter 49: Why are You Talking so Much
Chapter 50: Is Konoha Trying to Steal Our Villages Treasure
Chapter 151: Im little tight in money, Kisame!
Chapter 152: Hyuga Hinata who become the clan head
Chapter 153: About to welcome new members
Chapter 154: Uchiha Itachi who is psychologically tortured
Chapter 155: Brothers meet
Chapter 156: Sasuke is an idiot
Chapter 157: Are you kidding me
Chapter 158: The task of destroying Kusagakure
Chapter 159: How versatile is Sage Mode
Chapter 160: Donu2019t you just want to pour dirty water on people
Chapter 161: It is Godu2019s will... to destroy you!
Chapter 162: Obito, are you going to help Uehara
Chapter 163: The black hand named Uehara Naraku!
Chapter 164: The death of Uchiha Obito
Chapter 165: Orochimaru, I know your secret!
Chapter 166: Orochimaru, you are not an actor!
Chapter 167: What kind of love can we guys talk about, isnt it good to be behind the scenes
Chapter 168: Uehara Naraku, designated partner of the Eye of the Moon Plan!
Chapter 169: How the Uchiha brothers get along
Chapter 170: The white snake sage who refuses to show up
Chapter 171: Its so beautiful but also useless!
Chapter 172: You always trouble me!
Chapter 173: Are you disappointed that I was not killed
Chapter 174: The woman in the Konoha forbidden room
Chapter 175: Tsunades movements
Chapter 176: From the time I bullied Orochimaru, I have no way out...
Chapter 177: I can not only do Akatsukiu2019s task, but also participate in the alliance meeting
Chapter 178: The new members of Akatsuki!
Chapter 179: I donu2019t even know how to lose this battle!
Chapter 180: Akatsukis team battle
Chapter 181: Your Excellency, we are allies!
Chapter 182: Why do I feel that every Ninja Village here are my enemy
Chapter 183: Since the negotiation fails, let Uchiha Obito take action!
Chapter 184: Take a black pot before you leave
Chapter 185: Did I take Obitos script
Chapter 186: Uchiha Obito is so easy to use!
Chapter 187: An arrogant ninja who bought grilled fish with explosive tag
Chapter 188: Is this a Bijuu? Its kind of funny
Chapter 189: Sorry, Senpai, I could not stop him
Chapter 190: At the age of 18, I am almost the boss!
Chapter 191: Amazing, you even dare cheat a Shinigami!
Chapter 192: Help the Fourth Hokage to prepare a good coffin!
Chapter 193: Make this place look like Orochimaru doing
Chapter 194: How much benefit can be gained by standing right side
Chapter 195: I, Uehara Naraku, is a Hokage collector!
Chapter 196: I am a cheater
Chapter 197: The enemy who was blown by a punch!
Chapter 198: The White Zetsu Coat Made by Kabuto
Chapter 199: Wait, Why is Suigetsu Here!
Chapter 200: Tell Mangetsu, His Younger Brothers Hatred is not Deep Enough!
Chapter 302: Whenever We Overestimate Him, We Are Actually Underestimate Him
Chapter 303: The Man Who Kicked a Bijudama Flying!
Chapter 304: Should We Be Thankful That Uehara Has Become Our Teammate Again...
Chapter 305: Tsunade Who Accepted Uehara Again
Chapter 306: No One Knows Water Ninjutsu Better Than Me
Chapter 307: Is It Finally Over?
Chapter 308: Uehara Naraku With a Bit of a Grumpy Temper
Chapter 309: Bastard, Itu2019s Orochimaru Again!
Chapter 310: Black Zetsu Is the Undercover Spy of Uchiha Obito
Chapter 311: How Can I Not Participate in the Five Kage Summit!
Chapter 312: Hatake Sakumo, Namikaze Minato, and Uchiha Obito
Chapter 313: A Failed Fishing Plan
Chapter 314: Konan Crying in the Rainy Night
Chapter 315: Prove to This World That No One Can Resist Akatsukiu2019s Will!
Chapter 316: I Canu2019t Always Let Black Zetsu Suspect Me
Chapter 317: Is This the Feeling That the House Leaks in the Rainy Night?
Chapter 318: Well, It Is Still Lying to Me
Chapter 319: Zetsu-Senpai, You Only Have One Last Chance to Try to Convince Me
Chapter 320: Akatsukiu2019s Last Two Actor
Chapter 321: The Five Kage Summit Will Be Held in Amegakure?
Chapter 322: Letu2019s Declare War in Orochimaruu2019s Name!
Chapter 323: Let Go, I Want to Form Hand Seal...
Chapter 252: Itachi-San, Let Me Tell You a Story Too!
Chapter 253: Why Are You Unhappy When Someone Else Arranges Your Life
Chapter 254: The More Ninjas in Iwagakure, the Better
Chapter 255: Kabuto, Come and Help Tsuchikage-Dono to Relax
Chapter 256: Facing a Ninja Like Me, How Dare You Show Mercy
Chapter 257: Isnu2019t This Looking Down on Me Too Much?
Chapter 258: Uehara: I Canu2019t Keep a Low Profile Anymore
Chapter 259: Potential Information
Chapter 260: Tsunade: These Two Akatsuki Members Look Familiar
Chapter 261: Jiraiya: I Have Fans in Amegakure
Chapter 262: Iu2019m Suitable to Be the Man Behind the Scenes
Chapter 263: Hanzo Died 7-8 Years Ago!
Chapter 264: Boy, I Wonu2019t Believe a Word You Said!
Chapter 265: I Just Conceal a Little Thing, Why Donu2019t You Believe Me?
Chapter 266: Uehara Naraku Is Quite Innocent
Chapter 267: The Power of Shuradu014d(Asura Path) Pain!
Chapter 268: Even Given Wings, You Couldnu2019t Fly (Idiom)
Chapter 269: The Promise of Teachers and Student!
Chapter 270: In Fact, Zetsu Is Always Belong to Me!
Chapter 271: Uchiha Obito Self-Disclosure
Chapter 272: Orochimaru Should Be Very Happy!
Chapter 273: We May Know What Kind of Expression Naruto Will Show When He Sees Jiraiya Again
Chapter 274: Shocking News! Uehara Naraku Turned Out to Be a Member of Akatsuki!
Chapter 275: Damn, How Many Are There Behind the Scenes?
Chapter 276: There Is No Uehara Naraku From Amegakure in the Alliance...
Chapter 277: Donu2019t Be Rude to Uehara
Chapter 278: Deidara, Is It Reliable?
Chapter 279: Letu2019s Get Started!
Chapter 280: A Great Battle
Chapter 281: The First Person to Die
Chapter 282: Go and Dig Out Hatake Sakumou2019s Body
Chapter 283: Kumogakures War!
Chapter 284: Killer Bee Who Provoked Uehara
Chapter 285: Do You Think the Lariat I Used Is More Authentic?
Chapter 286: A Game of Luck in Kumogakure
Chapter 287: News From Konoha Battlefield
Chapter 288: Strong Taijutsu Skills, in Exchange for IQ
Chapter 289: Donu2019t Look at Other Peopleu2019s Greatness, Just Look For the Bones of Other People
Chapter 290: Might Guy, a Man Who Used His Life to Stop a Nuclear Explosion
Chapter 291: The Son of Destiny That Can Only Be Find When You Die
Chapter 292: Kyuubi: Your Eyes Are Disgusting
Chapter 293: Kuchiyose, Gedu014d Mazu014d (Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path)!
Chapter 294: When the Tree Leaves Dance, One Shall Find Flames Until the Whole Village Is Burned to
Chapter 295: Isnu2019t It Natural for Jinchuriki to Use Bijuuu2019s Chakra?
Chapter 296: No, It Should Be Said That Uehara Misjudged You
Chapter 297: The Enemy Carefully Prepared for You!
Chapter 298: Kyuubi, the Protagonist of the World!
Chapter 299: Hello, Are You Okay!
Chapter 300: Let Them Wait for Me, the Savior!
Chapter 301: Sensei, Donu2019t Be Afraid
Chapter 201: Is Uehara-sama also an Undercover Spy?
Chapter 202: You Talk too much!
Chapter 203: I Will Always Look at You
Chapter 204: Resurrect Gekko Hayate!
Chapter 205: Let them See the Horror of Akatsuki!
Chapter 206: Akatsukis Horror
Chapter 207: My Hand is Broken!
Chapter 208: This is Indeed Danzos Fault!
Chapter 209: Lets Ask Uehara for Help in Rescuing Gaara
Chapter 210: Sunagakure will be Ueharas Loyal Friend
Chapter 211: Fortunately, Hanzo-sama Supported Me
Chapter 212: I Havent Experienced such an Interesting Battle in a Long Time
Chapter 213: Eat Your Puppet if You cant Get Any Results!
Chapter 214: Why did they Believe in Uehara Naraku!
Chapter 215: Uehara Naraku, Our Akatsuki Organization is very Concerned about You
Chapter 216: Sasuke is Promising!
Chapter 217: We can Unite and Ask Onoki to Hand Over the List of Akatsuki Members!
Chapter 218: Let Me See Your Power, Uchiha Sasuke!
Chapter 219: How Deep are You Hiding?!
Chapter 220: Hoshigaki Kisame: Itachi-san, I Know All Your Secrets!
Chapter 221: Uchiha Itachi: Help Me Take Care of Sasuke
Chapter 223: Chief Examiner of Sasuke
Chapter 224: Uehara, Your Puppet is Very Artistic!
Chapter 225: Good Morning Everyoneu2026
Chapter 226: Dont Let Your Blood Dirty my Uniform!
Chapter 227: Akatsukis Monster!
Chapter 228: Just a Little More and You Can Hurt My Finger
Chapter 229: The God Save Kirigakure
Chapter 230: Congratulations Sasuke, You Passed the Exam
Chapter 231: How to Respond to the Meeting Invitation Organized to Attack Akatsuki
Chapter 232: This is the Perfect Ninja I have Carefully Raise!
Chapter 233: Itachi-san, we are Lucky!
Chapter 234: Uchiha Itachi, this is the Last Time you would Appeared in the Country of Fire...
Chapter 235: We wont be Defeated as Long as we have Hanzo-sama!
Chapter 236: Eliminating Akatsuki is my Purpose in Coming to Konoha!
Chapter 237: Amegakure want Kakuzu for Hanzo to Live Longer!
Chapter 238: One Big Show to Open Soon!
Chapter 239: First Encounter
Chapter 240: The Surrendered Minato and the Unrelenting Jiraiya
Chapter 241: Uchiha Brothers and Konoha Team 7
Chapter 242: Uehara, this is the Kabuto, a Newcomer who would Joined Our Eye of the Moon Plan
Chapter 243: Akatsuki Organized a Group to Eat Melons Seed
Chapter 244: Even a Dying Person was Calculated
Chapter 245: A Group of People Who Watch the Excitement
Chapter 246: Uchiha Sasuke: Fortunately, You havent Changed
Chapter 247: What are You Playing? Refund!
Chapter 248: Sasuke: Why did my Brother Get Such a Good Friend Like Uehara Naraku...
Chapter 249: Sasuke: Uehara-senpai, Please Dont Drive Me Away!
Chapter 250: Can the 5 Kage Summit Be Held in the Country of Rain?
Chapter 251: If You Are in a Bad Mood, the Dead Cannot Rest in Peace
Chapter 51: The Man Who Spied in the Dark
Chapter 52: Is Itachi also a Spy Sent by Danzo
Chapter 53: Itachi Uchiha the Storyteller
Chapter 54: Its Fine, Kisame is Still Willing to be My Spy!
Chapter 55: After so Many Battles, Lets Enjoy Ourselves!
Chapter 56: The Beautiful Fat Sheep
Chapter 57: Destiny
Chapter 58: The Omnipotent Uehara-sama is also a Big Fat Sheep
Chapter 59: Shes Provoking Me
Chapter 60: As a Ninja from a Small Village, I long for Peace!
Chapter 62: Ive Brought a Gift for Sensei
Chapter 63: Formation of Teams!
Chapter 64: Sensei is Trying to Fool Me with Explosive Tags
Chapter 65: The 3 Vices. Money, Alcohol, and Sex!
Chapter 66: My Parents were Killed by Konohas Ninja!
Chapter 67: Demigod Hes just Average!
Chapter 68: Sensei, Dont be Impulsive!
Chapter 69: Yamanaka Fu and Root Ninjas
Chapter 70: If Light Travels so Fast, How Come Its Never Caught a Ninja
Chapter 71: Who Asked You to Save Me?!
Chapter 72: Wheres the Umbrella
Chapter 73: Planning to Ambush Hanzo
Chapter 74: Six Paths of Pain, First Mission Together
Chapter 75: Where is Your Meaningful Place?
Chapter 76: Young Eagles Must Learn to Fly
Chapter 77: The People Who Should Be Here are Here
Chapter 78: Well Return It to You a Billion Times Over!
Chapter 79: Salamander Poison
Chapter 80: Ive Come Up with a Script but You Wont Let Me Act
Chapter 81: Im Just One of Konohas Anbu
Chapter 82: I have Information on Uchiha Obitos Abilities
Chapter 83: Im Such a Genius
Chapter 84: Sinister Genius Ninja
Chapter 85: Fetters
Chapter 86: Do You Know Ebizo?
Chapter 87: Rasa and Gaara
Chapter 88: Ueharau2019s Current Status!
Chapter 89: Tidal Waves vs. Sand Tsunami!
Chapter 90: Be My Son!
Chapter 91: Rise, Sand Soldier
Chapter 92: You Cant Become the Amegakures Leader
Chapter 93: Donu2019t Insult a Ninja, Who Knows What He May Be Plotting
Chapter 94: Take Gaara Away!
Chapter 95: Uehara Naraku, A Rookie Ninja
Chapter 96: Gathering
Chapter 97: My Shark Specializes in Dealing with Impure World Reincarnation
Chapter 98: You Are Still Too Young
Chapter 99: The Child has Grown Up!
Chapter 100: Orochimarus Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags
Chapter 101: Kabuto is Not a Good Person!
Chapter 102: Are You Belittling Me with that Form?
Chapter 103: The Hero Enters!
Chapter 104: The Strongest Summoned Beast Ever!
Chapter 105: Do You Still Want to Resist?
Chapter 106: Its Time for Another Person to Bear the Blame
Chapter 107: Danzos Identity is Quite Useful
Chapter 108: Healing Nagato
Chapter 109: My Name is Uehara Naraku, an Oscar-level Ninja
Chapter 110: My Name is Naruto Uzumaki and I skip Classes!
Chapter 111: 4 years later
Chapter 112: An Old friend Who Just Arrived in Konoha
Chapter 113: Sometimes Konoha Plays a Sad Role
Chapter 114: I am the Hope of My Village
Chapter 115: The Uehara Naraku You Know, is it Me?
Chapter 116: The Two People who did not Take the Exam Seriously
Chapter 117: That idiot Anko
Chapter 118: The First Crop of Leeks has Been Harvested. Even a Dog Wont be let Go!
Chapter 119: A Tiring Teammate, the Best Opponent
Chapter 120: Team 7, Targeted by 2 People
Chapter 121: Uehara Naraku the Savior!
Chapter 122: What are You Doing... I Want to Learn Too!
Chapter 123: Would Anyone Surrender in a Life and Death Battle?
Chapter 124: Kabutos Death!
Chapter 125: Bullying Newcomers is Fun!
Chapter 126: I Accept Your Challenge on Behalf of Guy-sensei!
Chapter 127: Uehara Naraku is Not Good at Handseals!
Chapter 128: Uehara Naraku is a Good Man!
Chapter 129: What a Genius!
Chapter 130: Do You Think Im as Easy to Deal with as Orochimaru
Chapter 131: Unbreakable Defense
Chapter 132: The First Meeting Between Kabuto and Karin
Chapter 133: 1 set of Icha Icha Paradise for you to come and help!
Chapter 134: Kakashi, you read it once to me?
Chapter 135: 100 points successful Naruto blackening plan
Chapter 136: First encounter with Jiraiya
Chapter 137: Let me beat this summoned beast for you, and it will be obedient!
Chapter 139: The night before the exam, Danzo was killed
Chapter 140: Dont forget to take a pot even after you die!
Chapter 141: A true villain has to wait until last to appear
Chapter 142: For the greater good
Chapter 143: Killing Danzo Yesterday, Killing Sarutobi Today!
Chapter 144: Konoha has fallen into darkness!
Chapter 145: Call me Actor Uehara
Chapter 146: Hijack!
Chapter 147: Hirudora (Daytime Tiger) VS Hirudora (Daytime Tiger)!
Chapter 148: 2 traces of missing-nin
Chapter 149: Why does this Book of Alliance look like Kabutos wish list!
Chapter 150: Cant there be any reliable subordinate
Chapter 324: You Kowtow to Me, Itu2019s Over
Chapter 325: Can You Say a Few Words Less!
Chapter 326: Gaara: My father was killed by someone here!
Chapter 327: Konoha Impure World Reincarnation List: First Hokage Senju Hashirama!
Chapter 328: I Propose Uehara to Be the Regimental Commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces!
Chapter 329: Kabuto, I Have Been Looking for You for a Long Time
Chapter 330: Help Fully Bolstered the Hatred for Orochimaru
Chapter 331: I Declare War on This World in Orochimaru-Samau2019s Name!
Chapter 332: Why Is This Man... So Annoying?
Chapter 333: Black Zetsu Can Join the Allied Shinobi Forces, What Else Canu2019t Be Imagined...
Chapter 334: We Are a Righteous Organization
Chapter 335: Have You Counted How Many Times Have You Pitted Orochimaru?
Chapter 336: What Is Unparalleled Power?
Chapter 337: From Now On, Be a Surprise Gift to Celebrate Madarau2019s Resurrection!
Chapter 338: The Eight-Headed Snake in Ryu016bchi Cave
Chapter 339: Orochimaru Who Was Forced in Dead-End
Chapter 340: The Atmosphere Gradually Eased a Lot
Chapter 341: Intelligence Brought by Killer Bee
Chapter 342: Akatsuki Arrival
Chapter 343: I Didnu2019t Hear What You Said
Chapter 344: Uehara Naraku Talk No Jutsu
Chapter 345: This Guy Has Committed a Lot of Evil!
Chapter 346: Senpai, I Didnu2019t Expect You to Really Betray Our and Itachiu2019s Dreams
Chapter 347: My Leeks Are Fighting
Chapter 348: It Is Bright
Chapter 349: Tobiramau2019s Most Hated Person... Uchiha Madara!
Chapter 350: Madara, Black Zetsu Betrayed You, Quickly Destroy It!
Chapter 351: Black Zetsu, Donu2019t Contact Me Anymore
Chapter 352: Is This Uchiha Madarau2019s Power!
Chapter 353: Madara-Sama, Do You Have a Second Meteorite?