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A Gentleman Does Not Speak Whi
A Gentleman Does Not Speak Whi
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In the legends that were told, ten thousand years ago the twelve demon kings wreaked havoc upon the world, almost completely destroying it. Ten thousand years later, the late arriving Bella discovered that she had been screwed over by her reincarnation, the ranks of the Saviors are already filled and she has to change teams in order to pass the days. Having her gender changed into a beautiful girl… she endured that, not being able to join the righteous side and obtain cheat abilities… she endured, but what she could not endure, was that the world that she had transmigrated to was toxic beyond belief. No one here does their rightful jobs properly, be they heroes, demon kings, or creator gods… in fact, Bella felt as if they all had also started with the wrong faction!
Book 0: Chapter 1: The Girl in the Fallen Kingdom
Book 0: Chapter 2: Chance Encounter on the Bloodstained Beach
Book 0: Chapter 3: Memories of an Unfortunate Princess
Book 0: Chapter 4: Helplessly Dragged into a Naval Conflict
Book 0: Chapter 5: The Birth of the Legendary Pirate Queen
Book 0: Chapter 6: Doomsday of the Expeditionary Fleet
Book 0: Chapter 7: Demise of the Expeditionary Fleet
Book 1: Chapter 1: The Ghost Townu2019s Mysterious Visitor
Book 1: Chapter 2: Chaotic Battle in the Graveyard
Book 1: Chapter 3: Unbreakable Shackles
Book 1: Chapter 4: A Restless Night
Book 1: Chapter 5: Chance Encounter with the Forces of Light
Book 1: Chapter 6: Cooperation with the Forces of Light?
Book 1: Chapter 7: This Loli is a Little Naughty
Book 1: Chapter 8: The Real Pervert is?
Book 1: Chapter 9: The Determination of the Rose Knight
Book 1: Chapter 10: Justiceu2019s Arrival
Book 1: Chapter 11: The Battle Between 2 Transmigrators
Book 1: Chapter 12: Reinforcements from Another Dimension
Book 1: Chapter 13: A Deal with the Dark Side?
Book 1: Chapter 14: The Forsaken Landu2019s New Lord
Book 1: Chapter 15: Pilgrims of the Dark Country
Book 1: Chapter 16: Secrets Below the Great Church
Book 1: Chapter 17: Danger? Tower Defence in the Abandoned City
Book 1: Chapter 18: The Unfortunate Fate of the Beastmensu2019 Expeditionary Army
Book 1: Chapter 19: The Unexpected Beauty
Book 1: Chapter 20: The Lonesome Swordu2019s Secret
Book 1: Chapter 21: The Hero and the Demon King Depart on an Adventure
Book 1: Chapter 22: In the Midst of Ground Dragon Hunting
Book 1: Chapter 23: Family
Book 1: Chapter 24: Appearance of the Demon Empiresu2019 Expeditionary Force
Book 1: Chapter 25: The Secret at the Center of the Unnamed Forest
Book 1: Chapter 26: The End of the Ground Dragons
Book 1: Chapter 27: The War-torn Border Region
Book 1: Chapter 28: The Human Reinforcement Forcesu2019 Peril
Book 1: Chapter 29: The Unexpected Culprit and Nearing the End of the Chaotic Battle
Book 1: Chapter 30: The Truth Behind the Mysterious Cave
Book 1: Chapter 31: The Dark Sanctuaryu2019s New Members
Book 1: Chapter 32: Demon King Bellau2019s Leisure Time
Book 1: Chapter 33: Skrymeu2019s Gifts
Book 1: Chapter 34: The World Within the Dragon Knightu2019s Memories
Book 1: Chapter 35: Lishau2019s Secret, Past and Present
Book 1: Chapter 36: The Hero Lishau2019s Compromise
Book 1: Chapter 37: The Call of Distress From the Quarantined Town
Book 1: Chapter 38: The Town of Paknir Before the Fall
Book 1: Chapter 39: The Perilous Town of Sakerid
Book 1: Chapter 40: Saving the Holy Maidens
Book 1: Chapter 41: The Secrets of the Church
Book 1: Chapter 42: The Encircled Weir Church
Book 1: Chapter 43: The Chaotic Battle at Weir Church
Book 1: Chapter 44: The Fighting Between the Dark Powers
Book 1: Chapter 45: An Odd Coincidence During the Rescue Operation
Book 1: Chapter 46: The Great Escape From the Dak Inn!
Book 1: Chapter 47: The Only Asylum in the Quarantined Town
Book 1: Chapter 48: The First Meeting Between the Shameless Demon King and the Haughty Demon God
Book 1: Chapter 49: The Calm Before the Battle Between Dark Forces
Book 1: Chapter 50: The Requiem Before Dawn
Book 2: Chapter 51: The Olsyvia Academy
Book 2: Chapter 52: The Olsyvia Academyu2019s History
Book 2: Chapter 53: White Shuraba Beneath the Bridge?
Book 2: Chapter 54: The Restless Dining Hall
Book 2: Chapter 55: Making Headlines in the New School Year!
Book 2: Chapter 56: A Different Type of Dormitory Districtu2026?
Book 2: Chapter 57: Morning at the Olsyvia Academy
Book 2: Chapter 58: A Small Interlude
Book 2: Chapter 59: The First Meeting of the Filomina Branchu2019s Elite Class
Book 2: Chapter 60: Invitation From the Rose Society
Book 2: Chapter 61: The Fight For The Elite Classu2019 Seat of Honour
Book 2: Chapter 62: Overview of the Olsyvia Academyu2019s Student Associations
Book 2: Chapter 63: The Rose Societyu2019s New Member
Book 2: Chapter 64: The Olsyvia Academyu2019s Opening Ceremony
Book 2: Chapter 65: Boring First Lesson in the Other Worldu2019s Academy
Book 2: Chapter 66: The Knight Divisionu2019s Biggest Problem Student
Book 2: Chapter 67: Breaking the Dragon Knightsu2019 Undefeated Legend
Book 2: Chapter 68: The Unexpected Rival in Love?!
Book 2: Chapter 69: School Legends About The Bruce Street
Book 2: Chapter 70: Visitors to the City of Sin
Book 2: Chapter 71: Chance Encounter in the City of Sin
Book 2: Chapter 72: End of the Trip to the City of Sin
Book 2: Chapter 73: Infiltrating the St Louis Academy
Book 2: Chapter 74.1: The Tainted Sacredness (1/2)
Book 2: Chapter 74.2: The Tainted Sacredness (2/2)
Book 2: Chapter 75: President Mariau2019s Nightmare
Book 2: Chapter 76: Weekend at the olsyvia Academy
Book 2: Chapter 77: Auction House and a Deal Between Saviours
Book 2: Chapter 78: The Encounter At Sainsbury Street
Book 2: Chapter 79: The Weekend Arrangement after Returning from a Rewarding Journey.
Book 2: Chapter 80: Elenau2019s Mysterious Request
Book 2: Chapter 81: Afternoon Tea with President Lucia
Book 2: Chapter 82: Bellau2019s Weekend Strategic Battle
Book 2: Chapter 83: The Mysterious Guest at Whitney Imperial Baths
Book 2: Chapter 84: Whitney Imperial Bathsu2019 Gentleman Societies Destruction
Book 2: Chapter 85: The Conclusion To Olsylvia Academyu2019s Weekend Farce
Book 2: Chapter 86: Battle Of Infiltration Into The Forbidden Place Samuel Tower Underground Library
Book 2: Chapter 87: The Incident of The Jim Underground Library being Robbed and Damaged
Book 2: Chapter 88: Conquering the Divine
Book 2: Chapter 89: Pilgrimage to Bronte Holy Dragon Valley
Book 2: Chapter 90: Danger and Infiltrator in Holy Dragon Valley
Book 2: Chapter 91: Holy Lake, Babbit Lakeu2019s Evil Actions Against Another Evil
Book 2: Chapter 92: Princess Lacemanu2019s Depression
Book 3: Chapter 137: The Burning Ancient Ruins of the Romanov Empire (1)
Book 3: Chapter 137: The Burning Ancient Ruins of the Romanov Empire (2)
Book 3: Chapter 138: The Ultimate Fall of The Ancient Ruins of The Romanov Empire
Book 3: Chapter 139: The Dragon Hunting Battle at the New Moon Lake
Book 3: Chapter 140: New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea That Was Defrauded Badly By The Leading Party
Book 3: Chapter 140: New Moon Demonic Dragon Dorothea That Was Defrauded Badly By The Leading Party
Book 3: Chapter 141: The War Torn Obadiah Region (1)
Book 3: Chapter 141: The War Torn Obadiah Region (2)
Book 3: Chapter 142: The Battle to Sneak into the Obadiah Region (1)
Book 3: Chapter 142: The Battle to Sneak into the Obadiah Region (2)
Book 3: Chapter 143: The Gradual Fall of the Obadiah Region
Book 3: Chapter 144: The Two Headed Ogre Nelsonu2019s Special Collection (1)
Book 3: Chapter 144: The Two Headed Ogre Nelsonu2019s Special Collection (2)
Book 3: Chapter 145: The Mysterious Truth Behind Ogre Nelson (1)
Book 3: Chapter 145: The Mysterious Truth Behind Ogre Nelson (2)
Book 3: Chapter 146: The Conclusion of the Beheading Plan in the Obadiah Region
Book 3: Chapter 147: The Undercover Battle of the Dulles Isle of Sirens (1)
Book 3: Chapter 147: The Undercover Battle of the Dulles Isle of Sirens (2)
Book 3: Chapter 148:The Special Gift From Ocean Demon King Victoria
Book 3: Chapter 149: Olsylvia Academy after the u201cGreat Huntu201d
Book 3: Chapter 150: The Chance Encounter in the Henrietta Magical Emporiumu2019s Break Room
Book 3: Chapter 151: Experience At The Knightu2019s Union Branch In Olsylvia City
Book 3: Chapter 152: The Shady Business of the Knightsu2019 Qualification Test
Book 3: Chapter 153: One Dirty Trick After Another In The Big Dragon Knight Qualifying Exam Match (1
Book 3: Chapter 153: One Dirty Trick After Another In The Big Dragon Knight Qualifying Exam Match (2
Book 3: Chapter 154:An Unsatisfactory End To The Dragon Knight Qualification Match
Book 3: Chapter 155: An Unexpected Mandatory Vacation
Book 4: Chapter 156: Clouds of War Cover the Gabriel Empireu2019s Souther Border
Book 4: Chapter 157: The Great Battle of the Vaughan Plains
Book 4: Chapter 158: The Defeat Of The Allied Forces Of Gabriel Empire
Book 4: Chapter 159: The Offensive and Defensive Battle of the Sarnia Duchyu2019s Capital
Book 4: Chapter 160: Infiltrating the Fallen Capital of the Grande Duchy
Book 4: Chapter 161: The Crime Of Concealment In The Fallen Nolan City
Book 4: Chapter 162: The Evil Transactions of the Central Market in Nolan City
Book 4: Chapter 163: The Deception Plan Of Pretending To Be Black Robed Witches
Book 4: Chapter 164: The Secret of Duke Brandonu2019s Mansion
Book 4: Chapter 165: Assassinu2019s Failure In The Mission To Infiltrate Duke Brandonu2019s Grand Re
Book 4: Chapter 166: The New Infiltration Mission of the Grand Duke Brandonu2019s Other Mansion
Book 4: Chapter 167: Fleeing From Duke Brandonu2019s Grand Residence In Victory
Book 4: Chapter 168: Returning To The War-ridden Sarni City
Book 4: Chapter 169: When the Lord is on a Break in the Capital of Sarnia Duchy
Book 4: Chapter 170: Sarni City Under The Curtain Of Night
Book 4: Chapter 171: Sarni City After the Clash of Darkness
Book 4: Chapter 172: A Little Interlude While Returning to the Darkness Sacred Region
Book 4: Chapter 173: The Journey Begins for the Darkness Sacred Regionu2019s Expeditionary Army
Book 4: Chapter 174: The Second Great Battle of the Vaughan Plains
Book 4: Chapter 175: Nolan City Under The Siege Of The Demons
Book 4: Chapter 176: An Imperfect Ending to the Bloodbath at Nolan City
Book 4: Chapter 177: The Celebration Feast After The Defeat Of Nolan City
Book 4: Chapter 178: The Arrival of the Priestly Continentu2019s Guests of Unknown Origin
Book 2: Chapter 93: Bronte Holy Dragon Valleyu2019s Undercurrent
Book 2: Chapter 94: Destruction of Babbit Lake
Book 2: Chapter 95: Evil Dragon Lolitau2019s Secret
Book 2: Chapter 96: Meeting Kriss Under The Moon
Book 2: Chapter 97: An Interlude to Euphemia Academy
Book 2: Chapter 98: Krissu2019 Heartfelt Confession
Book 2: Chapter 99: Doyle Hunting Groundu2019s Hidden Darkness
Book 2: Chapter 100: The Abandoning of Doyle Hunting Ground
Book 3: Chapter 101: Newcomeru2019s test That Was Incapable Of Bringing Smiles
Book 3: Chapter 102: An Unhappy Gamble
Book 3: Chapter 103: A Tournament That Didnu2019t End on a Good Note
Book 3: Chapter 104: The Unexpected Reward at Scripps Cemetery
Book 3: Chapter 105: A Disturbing Night at Scripps Cemetery
Book 3: Chapter 106: An Intoxicated Chief of the Disciplinary Committee
Book 3: Chapter 107: Filomena Nobility Academy Daytime Friendship Convention
Book 3: Chapter 108: A Deal with President Isaman
Book 3: Chapter 109: A Mission in Alcott Valley
Book 3: Chapter 110: New Legend Of Alcott Valley
Book 3: Chapter 111: Mutiny Incident at Alcott Valley
Book 3: Chapter 112: The Rebel Invasion of the Alcott Valley
Book 3: Chapter 113: A Frenzied Battle Between Dark Forces in the Alcott Valley
Book 3: Chapter 114: The Curtain Falls on the Secret War of Alcott Valley
Book 3: Chapter 115: Olsylvia Academyu2019s Midnight Expedition Group Sets Out Again
Book 3: Chapter 116: A Desolate McPherson Monastery
Book 3: Chapter 117: An Illusion of a Fake Archibald City
Book 3: Chapter 118: Holy Swordsman Cynthiau2019s Secret
Book 3: Chapter 119: The Unknown Seedy Underbelly of the Radiant Church
Book 3: Chapter 120: Accidental Encounter at the McPherson Monastery
Book 3: Chapter 121: The Ten Thousand Year Secret Buried Within the McPherson Monastery
Book 3: Chapter 122: The Defeat of Pope McPherson
Book 3: Chapter 123: Spring Festival Of Olsylvia Academy (1)
Book 3: Chapter 123: Spring Festival Of Olsylvia Academy (2)
Book 3: Chapter 124: Undercurrent of the Olysian College Spring Festival
Book 3: Chapter 125: Olsylvia Academyu2019s Weekend Society Territorial Competition Is In Progress
Book 3: Chapter 126: The Golden Legend and Mask of Darkness Societyu2019s Defeat
Book 3: Chapter 127: New Discoveries In McPherson Monastery
Book 3: Chapter 128: Charlotte, From Another World?
Book 3: Chapter 129: Society Mission Of Latimore Business District (1)
Book 3: Chapter 129: Society Mission Of Latimore Business District (2)
Book 3: Chapter 130: The Sound of Conflict in Henriettau2019s Magic Tools Shop
Book 3: Chapter 131: The Contractual Agreement with Princess Isabel (1)
Book 3: Chapter 131: The Contractual Agreement with Princess Isabel (2)
Book 3: Chapter 132: Ambush Incident At The Latimore Business District (1)
Book 3: Chapter 132: Ambush Incident At The Latimore Business District (2)
Book 3: Chapter 133: The Slightly Strange Princess Clariss
Book 3: Chapter 134: The Great Hunt of Olsylvia Academy (1)
Book 3: Chapter 134: The Great Hunt of Olsylvia Academy (2)
Book 3: Chapter 135: The Copperfield Island, Shrouded in Evil (1)
Book 3: Chapter 135: The Copperfield Island, Shrouded in Evil (2)
Book 3: Chapter 136: The Ruins Of The War-torn Ancient Capital of the Romanov Empire
Book 4: Chapter 179: A Night of Victory, Three Thousand Years Late
Book 4: Chapter 180: The Calm Before the Storm at Herman City
Book 4: Chapter 181: Demonic Beings Wreaking Havoc in Herman City
Book 4: Chapter 182: Herman City Under The Control Of The Demon Kingsu2019 Allied Forces
Book 4: Chapter 183: A Special Gift for Demon King Bella
Book 4: Chapter 184: The Night Before The War Of The Harvey Plains
Book 4: Chapter 185: The Dark and Turbulent Night Before the Battle of Harvey Plains
Book 4: Chapter 186: The War Of The Seven Kings On The Harvey Plains
Book 4: Chapter 187: The Inevitable Defeat of the Beastmen Coalition on the Harvey Plains
Book 4: Chapter 188: The Curtain Falls On The Military Campaign On The Harvey Plains
Book 4: Chapter 189: The Ending of the Battles at the Priestly Continentu2019s Northern Region
Book 4: Chapter 190: The Terrifying Mysterious Pursuer On The Road
Book 4: Chapter 191: The Rogue Demon King Who Got Special Treatment From Two Demon Gods
Book 4: Chapter 192: The Roguish Demon King Who Turned Up Uninvited On The Opposite Bank Of The Scar
Book 4: Chapter 193: The Final Serenity Before the Great Battle at Sacred River Selma
Book 4: Chapter 194: The Dark Fight At The Periphery Of Ancient Todd City
Book 4: Chapter 195: The Birth of the Most Unprincipled Demon King in Dark History
Book 4: Chapter 196: The Strange Reason Behind The Demon Kingsu2019 Leave Of Absence The Night Befor
Book 4: Chapter 197: The Unresolved Offensive and Defensive War On The Selma River
Book 4: Chapter 198: The Chief Commander Of This Combined Fleet Isnu2019t Proper At All
Book 4: Chapter 199: The Naval Battle Between The Fleets That Met By Chance
Book 4: Chapter 200: The Deep Sea Fleet That Was Destroyed After Courting Disaster
Book 4: Chapter 201: The Atypical Battle of the April Sea
Book 4: Chapter 202: The April Sea Returns to Peace
Book 4: Chapter 203: The Burning Brent Harbor
Book 4: Chapter 204: The Imminent River Crossing War On The Selma River
Book 4: Chapter 205: The Bitter Defense of Fort Gibson
Book 4: Chapter 206: The Short-lived Tranquility before the Final Battle at the Fortress City of Gib
Book 4: Chapter 207: The Night Air Combat In Fortress City Gibson
Book 4: Chapter 208: Fortress City Gibsonu2019s Night of Chaos
Book 4: Chapter 209: The Darkest Hour Before The Dawn In Fortress City Gibson
Book 4: Chapter 210: The Eventual Fall and Defeat of the Terror Demon King Griffinu2019s Surrogate D
Book 4: Chapter 211: The Southern Battlefield That Is Peaceful Once More
Book 5: Chapter 212: Olsylvia Academy Knights Branchu2019s Extracurricular Activity
Book 5: Chapter 213: The Night of Peace Before the Beginning of the Knights Combined Dorm Activities
Book 5: Chapter 214: The Hunt On Ayden Plains Begins
Book 5: Chapter 215: The Three Thousand Year Old Hidden Secret of the Ayden Plains
Book 5: Chapter 216: The Real Ancient Ayr City Hidden Behind The Mirror
Book 5: Chapter 217: The Strange Demonic Beings In The Depths Of The Unknown Cathedral
Book 5: Chapter 218: Chance Encounter With The Three Thousand Year Old Knight King Who Patrols The D
Book 5: Chapter 219: The Underground Treasure Vault of No Retreat
Book 5: Chapter 220: Fleeing From The Underground World Of Ancient Ayr City
Book 5: Chapter 221: A Peaceful Afternoon In Olsylvia Academy
Book 5: Chapter 222: Contact with Students from Alessandra Academy
Book 5: Chapter 223: The Cursed Benedict Manor
Book 5: Chapter 224: The Ten Thousand Year Old Horrifying Secret Buried Underneath The Benedict Mano
Book 5: Chapter 225: A Thousand Things Waiting To Be Done At The Benedict Manor
Book 5: Chapter 226: The Late Arrival Of Olsylvia Academyu2019s Strange Foreign Aid Student
Book 5: Chapter 227: Braving the Forbidden Grounds of the Grim Forest
Book 5: Chapter 228: The Darkness Churchu2019s Secret Gathering Point in the Middle of The Forest of
Book 5: Chapter 279: Sky Ark, The Multifunctional Flagship of the Grim Airship Fleet
Book 5: Chapter 280: The Devastation Of Kurus City Under Attack From All Sides
Book 5: Chapter 281: Regarding The Information Of The Mastermind Behind The Angus City Abyss Demonic
Book 5: Chapter 282: A Fierce Battle Between the Abyss Demonic Insect Race and the Mechanical Race i
Book 5: Chapter 283: The Hundred-Year Sin Buried In The Mansion Of The Earl Of Kurus City
Book 5: Chapter 284: The Short Rest During the Journey to Angus City on the United Airship Fleet
Book 5: Chapter 285: The Third Abyss Creator Hiding In Andorra Town
Book 5: Chapter 286: The Fallen Andorra Town Enters the Battle
Book 5: Chapter 287: The Unexpected Abyss Creator Girlfriend
Book 5: Chapter 288: The Lucky Surviving Assassin From Angus City
Book 5: Chapter 289: The Strange Situtation In The Rofsky Camp Before The Battle Between The Abyss D
Book 5: Chapter 290: The Dark Big Three Of the Rofsky Camp
Book 5: Chapter 291: The Defeat of The Dark Three Inside Rofsky Camp
Book 5: Chapter 292: The Eventual Defeat of The Dark Faust
Book 5: Chapter 293: The Dark Faust Replaced by the Sacred Demon God
Book 5: Chapter 294: The Crisis-Ridden Area Surrounding The Starbell Prison
Book 5: Chapter 295: The Evil Side Of Starbell Prison
Book 5: Chapter 296: Continuance of Starbell Prison Insurgency Incident
Book 5: Chapter 297: The Finally Revealed Truth Behind The Abnormal Events in Angus City
Book 5: Chapter 298: A Crusade at the Grand Palhalas Hotel Without a Right Side
Book 5: Chapter 299: The Fierce Battle at the Crusade of Pamelas Hotel
Book 5: Chapter 300: Using Deceit to Infiltrate, the Fake Valkyries
Book 5: Chapter 301: The Various Types Of Information Collected During The Infiltration Of The Core
Book 5: Chapter 302: Eve of Palhalas Divine Territoryu2019s Great Collapse
Book 5: Chapter 303: The End Of The Heretical Holy War In Angus City
Book 6: Chapter 304: A Special Reward From The Aldridge Empire
Book 6: Chapter 305: The Relaxing Day Before The Olsylvia Academyu2019s Tournament
Book 6: Chapter 306: A Special Little Magic Class in Olsylvia Academy
Book 6: Chapter 307: The Unexpected Minor Conflict During The Magical Practical Lesson
Book 6: Chapter 308: Hidden Dangers by the Forest of Needham Lake
Book 6: Chapter 309: Unexpected Emergency Closure of Needham Lake
Book 6: Chapter 310: The Change Of The Needham Lake Region Supressed By The Dark Forces
Book 6: Chapter 311: The Royal Case From The Bottom Of Needham Lake That Could Not Be Opened
Book 6: Chapter 312: President Isaman Hiding in the Venus Naga Business District
Book 6: Chapter 313: President Isamanu2019s Secret Plans and Special Interests
Book 6: Chapter 314: Manasvir Empireu2019s Shocking Decade-Long Buried Secrets
Book 6: Chapter 315: The Perilous Political Mess Of The Manasvir Empire
Book 6: Chapter 316: The Sinister Plan Hidden Within Matilda Cosmetics
Book 6: Chapter 317: The Destruction Of The Evil Cloning Plans At The Matilda Cosmetics Store
Book 6: Chapter 318: Hidden Crisis Outside Chapman City
Book 6: Chapter 319: The Hidden Crisis Within The Gouldu2019s Grand Palace
Book 6: Chapter 320: The Commotion in the Chapman City Master Mansionu2019s Hot Springs
Book 6: Chapter 321: The Unforgettable Night Of Seeking Shelter At The Red Light District In Chapman
Book 6: Chapter 322: Visit From the Imperial Envoy the Night Before the Chaos at Chapman City
Book 6: Chapter 323: Manasville Empire Imperial Special Envoy Who Was Captured By The Darkness
Book 6: Chapter 324: The Dawn That Never Arrived In Chapman City
Book 6: Chapter 325: The Great Chaos of Chapman City
Book 6: Chapter 326: An Unexpected View Before The Escape from Chapman City
Book 6: Chapter 327: The Perfect Ending To Operation Escaping Chapman City
Book 6: Chapter 328: The Mysterious Singing of Cromwell Village at Night
Book 5: Chapter 229: The Terrible Secret Buried Under The Sealed Grounds Of Ancient Grace Castle
Book 5: Chapter 230: The Mysterious Guest on the Pamelas Hotelu2019s Rest Day
Book 5: Chapter 231: The Dark Side of the Pamelas Winehouse
Book 5: Chapter 232: The Battle Of The Pamelas Hotelu2019s Secret Underground Criminal Forces
Book 5: Chapter 233: The Night Before Leaving Angus City, The Land of Trouble
Book 5: Chapter 234: The Early End To The Three Academyu2019s Magic Assembly In Angus City
Book 5: Chapter 235: The Secret Meeting Held By The St. Louis Church Academy
Book 5: Chapter 236: The Imminent Mission To Recover The Holy Maiden Of The Radiant Church
Book 5: Chapter 237: The Night Of Chaos In The St. Louis Church Academy
Book 5: Chapter 238: The Night They Sought Shelter Inside the St Louis Academy Student Union Preside
Book 5: Chapter 239: Recruiting for the Scripps Cemetery Expedition
Book 5: Chapter 240: Clash With The Underground Dark Forces In The Swinburne Underground Exchange
Book 5: Chapter 241: The Beginning of the Adventure at the Scripps Cemetery
Book 5: Chapter 242: Danger Lurking In Every Corner Of The Scripps Cemetery Underground Maze
Book 5: Chapter 243: The Secret Region Beneath the Maze of the Scripps Cemetery
Book 5: Chapter 244: Foiling Fallen Pope Douglasu2019s Rebirth
Book 5: Chapter 245: The Mysterious Lost Town of Vaolette
Book 5: Chapter 246: The Evil Deeds Hidden 10,000 Years Within The St. Maryu2019s Cathedral
Book 5: Chapter 247: The Slumbering Origin of Light Within the Depths of St Maryu2019s Cathedral
Book 5: Chapter 248: The Ultimate Adjudication That Was 10,000 Years Late
Book 5: Chapter 249: The Mysterious End to the Grave Robbing Event at the Scripps Cemetery
Book 5: Chapter 250: The Strange Happenings In The Rose Societyu2019s New Territory, The Hausmann Ho
Book 5: Chapter 251: The Mysterious Guest Who Visited The Hausmann Hotel In The Wee Hours of The Mor
Book 5: Chapter 252: The Secret Deal Between Bella And The Radiant Church
Book 5: Chapter 253: The Brand New Image of The Benedict Manor
Book 5: Chapter 254: A Small Skirmish in Benedict Manoru2019s New Elven Tavern
Book 5: Chapter 255: The Goddess Of Life Falls For The Demon Kingu2019s Tricks
Book 5: Chapter 256: The Seemingly Peaceful Night At The Benedict Manoru2019s New Elven Tavern
Book 5: Chapter 257: The Mysterious Midnight Guests At The New Elven Tavern In The Benedict Manor
Book 5: Chapter 258: The Group of Thieves That Got Wiped Out At The New Elven Tavern
Book 5: Chapter 259: The Group Of Thieves Who Mysteriously Disappeared At The Benedict Manoru2019s N
Book 5: Chapter 260: The Eiffel Hotel Dives into the Battle
Book 5: Chapter 261: The Special Dancer In The Eiffel Hotel
Book 5: Chapter 262: Exploring the Ninth Floor Of The Eiffel Hotel
Book 5: Chapter 263: The Unexpected Discovery of the Effel Hotel Stealth Inflitration
Book 5: Chapter 264: Learning The True Location Of The Mable Flower Petal
Book 5: Chapter 265: The Unavoidable Trap Laid By The Corrupted Love God Mable
Book 5: Chapter 266: The Infiltration Mission At The Eiffel Hotel That Ended In Flames
Book 5: Chapter 267: The Accidental Discovery Of The Dark Savioru2019s Real Face
Book 5: Chapter 268: News Relating to the Second Demon King Hiding Within Olsyvlia Academy
Book 5: Chapter 269: The Battle Against the Demonic Beings At The Inner World Near the Hausmann Hote
Book 5: Chapter 270: The Mysterious Demon Queen Who Suddenly Visited the Hausmann Hotel
Book 5: Chapter 271: The Submission Of All The Student Union Presidents From Every Branch Within The
Book 5: Chapter 272: Investigation of the Mysterious Dead City, Angus City, Start!
Book 5: Chapter 273: Danger Lurks In Four Corners In The Outer Region Of Angus City
Book 5: Chapter 274: The Truth Behind The Secret Of Angus City
Book 5: Chapter 275: The Danger Surrounding The Banks Of The Ryder River
Book 5: Chapter 276: The Peaceful Kurus City Before The Attack Of The Abyss Demonic Beings
Book 5: Chapter 277: Abyss Demonic Being Ambush on Kurus Cit
Book 5: Chapter 278: Emergency Air Rescue Operation In The Skies Of The Nameless Village
Book 9: Chapter 479: Emperor Alfred the Thirds Troubles and the Undercurrents in the Gabriel Empires
Book 9: Chapter 480: The Chance Encounter At The Southern District Of Gabriels City And The Debate O
Book 9: Chapter 481: Political Alliance with the Ignaz Family and Secret Interrogation in the Wareho
Book 9: Chapter 482: The Information on Hilikas Family and the Start of Infiltration Operation
Book 9: Chapter 483: Imperial City Infiltration Plan Success and Krisss First Rebellious Stage
Book 9: Chapter 484: Visit of the Hilikas Family Sisters and Krisss True Thoughts
Book 9: Chapter 485: Special Massage at the Gabriel Empires Sky Pool Palace and beginning of Bellas
Book 9: Chapter 486: Royal Debauchery at the Sky Pool Palace and the Temporary Calm Before the Arriv
Book 9: Chapter 487: Sky Pool Palace Assassination Battle and Bellas Retreat
Book 9: Chapter 488: Eve of the Rose Banquet and Lusty Secret Hidden in Grand Duke Ignatiuss Abandon
Book 9: Chapter 489: Mysterious Guest From the Homeland at the Rose Banquet and the Opening of the R
Book 9: Chapter 495: Secrets of Empress Deborah the Fifths Palace and another Encounter with the For
Book 9: Chapter 496: The Secret Meeting with the Dark Successor and the Escape After the Failed Coop
Book 9: Chapter 497: Midnight Affairs in the Belizegra Fortress and Visitors from the Hilikas Family
Book 9 Chatper 498: A Cooperation Invitation From the Hilikas Family and the Demon King Bellas Perso
Book 9: Chapter 499: Passage to the Hundred Flowers Festival Through Claudina and the Bizarre Encoun
Book 9: Chapter 500: The Official Opening Of The Hundred Flowers Festival And The Traces Of The Demo
Book 9: Chapter 501: Progression of the Master of Famed Flowers Event and the Unknown Demon King Who
Book 9: Chapter 502: The Great Escape on the Elite Plain and Meeting the Moon Demon King Again
Book 9: Chapter 503: The Civil War of the Ancient Twelve Demon Kings, and the Occupied Hildes
Book 9: Chapter 504: Hildes Canyon Encounter and the Demon King Crusade
Book 9: Chapter 505: Sword Goddess Who was Gone for Thousands of Years and the Unexpected Mastermind
Book 9: Chapter 506: Another Unexpected God of Creation and the Smooth Retreat at Hildes Canyon
Book 9: Chapter 507: Demon King Bellau2019s Leisure Time in Belizegra Fortress Before the Great War
Book 9: Chapter 508: Kalimans, Political Game in the Base Camp of the Allied Forces and the Unexpect
Book 9: Chapter 509: The Resolution of the Contradiction Between the Black and White Creation God Si
Book 9: Chapter 510: Information About The Secret Passage In The Imperial City And The Sword Gods Sp
Book 9: Chapter 511: Gabriels City Underground Waterway Encounter and the Empty Imperial Harem
Book 9: Chapter 512: Dark World Hidden Behind the Mirror and the Mystery of the Missing People
Book 9: Chapter 513: The Dark City: Fernandes City East District and The Gorgeous Food Display in th
Book 9: Chapter 514: Abnormally Evil Fifth King of Diablo and Erotic Worship Spanning Four Thousand
Book 9: Chapter 515: The Background Secrets Hidden by the Dark Church and the End of the Fifth Dark
Book 9: Chapter 516: Chaos in Dark Capital Fernandes and Precursor of the Dark Worlds Destruction
Book 9: Chapter 517: The Destruction of the Dark Realm and Foreboding of the Civil War in the Gabrie
Book 9: Chapter 518: The Short Quiet Time Before the North-South War and the Resolution of the Oppos
Book 9: Chapter 519: Wicked Royal Garden in the Renosmand Stronghold and Urgent Report from Noesha
Book 6: Chapter 329: Small Conflict After Resolving Cromwell Villageu2019s Strange Occurence
Book 6: Chapter 330: Special Morning Prayers in the Empireu2019s Capital, Macnadix City
Book 6: Chapter 331: The Hidden Crisis Of The Empireu2019s Capital Macnadix City
Book 6: Chapter 332: Exploring the Secret Basement in Crom Cathedralu2019s Ruins in the Destroyed Cr
Book 6: Chapter 333: The Demon King Bellau2019s Glorious Moments of Leisure At The Christian Hotel O
Book 6: Chapter 334: Olsylvia Academyu2019s Inter-Academy Qualifying Competitionu2019s Qualiferu2019
Book 6: Chapter 335: The Hidden Crisis Of The Region Surrounding The Christian Hotel
Book 6: Chapter 336: To the Fallen Paradise of the Western District of Macnadix City, Capital of the
Book 6: Chapter 337: The Unexpected Lack Of Business At The Radekz Secret Market
Book 6: Chapter 338: Resolution of the Conflict in Radekz Secret Market
Book 6: Chapter 339: The Secret Changes In Groupings For The Upcoming Qualifier
Book 6: Chapter 340: Various Underground Deals in the Capital City of Macnadix City on the Eve of th
Book 6: Chapter 341: Olsylvia Academyu2019s Qualifying Tournament Officially Begins
Book 6: Chapter 342: Hunting For Points In The Forest Of The Wild
Book 6: Chapter 343: The Eve Of The Battle To Defend The Fortress By The Lake
Book 6: Chapter 344: Stormy Night Blockade at the Temporary Blockade by the Lake in the Forest of th
Book 6: Chapter 345: Final Victor of the Forest of the Wild Stormy Night Power Showdown
Book 6: Chapter 346: Tyrannosaurus Rex VS Stegosaurus, Dark Tyrant Dragon and Thunder Lizardu2019s T
Book 6: Chapter 347: The New Crisis That Emerged After The Rain Soaked Battle In The Forest Of The W
Book 6: Chapter 348: The Special Bonfire Under The Moonlight By The Nameless Lake
Book 6: Chapter 349: Great Escape to Thunder Canyon Under The Crystal Dragonu2019s Pursuit
Book 6: Chapter 350: Terrifying Sneak Attackers Lurking in The Thunder Canyon Central Oasis
Book 6: Chapter 351: The Clash Of Evil Between The Oasis Draconians And The Abyss Insects
Book 6: Chapter 352: Thunder Regionu2019s Overlord Thunder Dragon Forced to Retreat by the Evil Demo
Book 6: Chapter 353: Gradual Fall of the Long Sacred Thunder Throne
Book 6: Chapter 354: Thunder Dragon Queen Gelemansu2019 Fall Into Corruption
Book 6: Chapter 355: The Ten Thousand Year Old Hidden Secret Of Empress Manya Felanu2019s True Ident
Book 6: Chapter 356: Unexpected Harvest at the Lakeside Camp the Night Before Leaving Thunder Canyon
Book 6: Chapter 357: The Unexpected Early End To The Qualifiers Of The Olsylvia Academy Internal Ran
Book 6: Chapter 358: Break Time Before Olsylvia Academyu2019s Qualifying Competition Semifinals
Book 6: Chapter 359: The Stubborn Crystal Dragon Princess Who Fell Into Demon King Bellau2019s Trap
Book 6: Chapter 360: The Last Crazy Moonlit Banquet Before The Semi Finals
Book 6: Chapter 361: Olsylvia Battle at Lornosbill Battle Zone Begins for the Academyu2019s Qualifyi
Book 6: Chapter 362: The Final Battle Between The Red And Black Teams During The Semifinals At The L
Book 6: Chapter 363: Perfect Ending to Lornosbill Semifinals Red VS Black Battle
Book 6: Chapter 364: Hidden Crisis at the Manasvir Empireu2019s Royal Feast
Book 6: Chapter 365: Midnight Exploration Of The Manasvir Imperial Palace
Book 6: Chapter 366: Secret Palace Hidden in the Imperial City of the Manasvir Empireu2019s Capital,
Book 6: Chapter 367: The Fallen Goddess Defeated By The Combined Efforts Of A Demon King and The War
Book 6 Chpater 368: The Final Day Of Tranquility Before The Olsylvia Academyu2019s Competition
Book 6: Chapter 369: The Sea Demonic Dragon Who Showed Off Her Prowess in the Wilderness Battle and
Book 6: Chapter 370: Epic Dragon Group Battle Over the Imperial Cityu2019s Forest Arena
Book 6: Chapter 371: The Final Victor Of The Battle Royale Between The Alien Giant Dragons In Rain A
Book 6: Chapter 372: Emerald Demonic Dragon and Gem Dragonu2019s Special Acceptance Ceremony And Mys
Book 6: Chapter 373: Dark Battle in the Area Opposite the Christian Hotel and Dark Creatoru2019s Fin
Book 6: Chapter 374: The Rainy Night Of Gentle Intimacy And The Meeting Of An Old Friend During The
Book 6: Chapter 375: Scoundrel Dragon Knight Bellau2019s Winning Streak With Observer Priest Isaman
Book 6: Chapter 376: Unintentional Crossfire Between Pure White Saviors and Black Warriors
Book 6: Chapter 377: Advancement of the Rogue Knight and the Official Commencement of the Sky Arena
Book 6: Chapter 378: The Largest Battle Royale In The History Of The Sky Arena
Book 6: Chapter 379: Birth of a New Legend in the Sky Arena and the Concerns of Bella the Pretender
Book 6: Chapter 380: Mutiny Forced Back in the Imperial Capital and Bellau2019s Late Night Visitor D
Book 6: Chapter 381: The First Honest Meeting Between The Sacred Demon God Bella And The Dark Warrio
Book 6: Chapter 382: Demon King Bella and Black Warrior Krissu2019s Infiltration of the Western Barr
Book 6: Chapter 383: The Removing Of The Rebel Crisis At The West Of The Manasvir Empire
Book 6: Chapter 384: Final Preparations Before Olsylvia Academyu2019s Qualifying Competition Finals
Book 6: Chapter 385: The Secret Meeting Between Bella And Isaman And The Competition Under Bellau201
Book 6: Chapter 386: The First Round Of The Competition Finals For The Formidable Dragon Knight And
Book 6 Chpater 387: Bella and Isamanu2019s Second Transmigrator Duel Before the Sky Arenau2019s Coll
Book 6: Chapter 388: Evil Beings Summon the Dark Saviors and the Demon God
Book 6: Chapter 389: The Final Battle Royale At The Capital Of The Manasvir Empire Without The Side
Book 6 Chpater 390: Exploring the Ten Thousand Year Old Secret Passage Under Empress Manya Felanu201
Book 6: Chapter 391: Final Encounter in the Netherworld Region Under the Imperial Capital
Book 6: Chapter 392: The Unexpected Result Of The Dark Due
Book 7: Chapter 393: New Heir to the Throne After the Events of the Manasvir Empire Capitalu2019s De
Book 7: Chapter 394: Bella At The New Elven Tavern On The Eve Of Preparations For The Olsylvia Acade
Book 7: Chapter 395: New Elven Tavern u201cCharming Moonu2019su201d Unexpected Yet Familiar Guests
Book 7: Chapter 396: Ingredient Hunt in Sky Jungle Veblen of the Four Danger Zones
Book 7: Chapter 397: The Mysterious Goddess Who Hidden In The Sky Jungle Veblen For More Than Ten Th
Book 7: Chapter 398: Successful Conclusion of the Hunt at Sky Jungle Veblen
Book 7: Chapter 399: Invitation to Sweet Student Union Meeting Upon Return
Book 7: Chapter 400: Gentleman Parking Exchange Lot at Antoinette Academyu2019s Entrance
Book 7: Chapter 401: Discovery Upon Infiltrating Into Alessandra Academy
Book 7: Chapter 402: The Secret Exchanging Of Blows Inside Princess Aslanu2019s Private Mansion
Book 7: Chapter 403: Battle at the Villa and Princess Aslanu2019s Final Decision
Book 7: Chapter 404: Secret Hidden Beneath the Antoinette Academyu2019s Central Dormitory Area
Book 7: Chapter 405: The Final Ending To The Strange Occurrences Within The Antoinette Academyu2019s
Book 7: Chapter 406: The Perverted Dragon Knightu2019s Night Attack on the Dragon Dormitory of the A
Book 7: Chapter 407: Encounter in the Garden at Night in the Alessandra Academy for the Foreign Race
Book 7: Chapter 408: The Birth Of Five Dragon Knights At A Moonlit Rendezvous
Book 7: Chapter 409: Chance Encounter at Alessandra Academyu2019s Food Festival
Book 7: Chapter 410: The Dawdling Big Bosses at the Dark Banquet
Book 7: Chapter 411: Early End to Alessandra Academy Scouting Mission and Bellau2019s New Plan
Book 7: Chapter 412: Evil Summoning Ritual Hidden in Ancient Saxton Battlefield
Book 7: Chapter 413: Dark Dispute Above the Central Beacon Tower at Ancient Saxton Battlefield
Book 7: Chapter 414: The Requiem Of The Ancient Saxton Battlefield And The Hidden Secret Of The McPh
Book 7: Chapter 415: A Peaceful Day at the St. Michaelu2019s Cathedral and the Sudden Arrival of God
Book 7: Chapter 416: Final Settling Spot of the Goddesses and Joint Campus Festival at Margarita Res
Book 7: Chapter 417: Tri-Academy Joint Campus Festival at Margarita Resort Plains in Progress
Book 7: Chapter 418: The Demon King who was Latched Onto by a Radiant Holy Dragon and the Maid Cafeu
Book 7: Chapter 419: The Hidden Evil Behind The Unnaturally Bustling Maid Cafe
Book 7: Chapter 420: Sudden Visit of Strongest Dragon Princess and Maid Cafeu2019s Evil Underground
Book 7: Chapter 421: Three Days of Sinful Games in Underground Restaurant and Beginning ofthe Twelve
Book 7: Chapter 422: The Beginning Of The Journey To Oldrango City And The Goddess Of Lightu2019s Ba
Book 7: Chapter 423: Rumors of the Cursed Land and the Strange Atmosphere at Dolan Cityu2019s Magic
Book 7: Chapter 424: Dolan Magic Trainu2019s Terrifying Urban Legend and the Temporary Suppression o
Book 7: Chapter 425: Chance Encounter In A Cafe In Oldrango City
Book 7: Chapter 426: The Secret Confrontation in the Ice Love Song and Authorized Invasion of the Sa
Book 7: Chapter 427: World Destroyer Infiltrating the Savioru2019s System Network and Decision to Jo
Book 7: Chapter 428: The Nighttime Encounter Between The Demon Kings And The Warriors At The Cape Of
Book 7: Chapter 429: Operation Explore the Cursed Landu2019s Outskirts and Rescue Success
Book 7: Chapter 430: The Gathering Of The Old And New Demon Kings On The Haydn Resort Rooftop
Book 7: Chapter 431: Sightings at Port Casper and Robin Village Ship Robbery Battle
Book 7: Chapter 432: Deep Sea Fleetu2019s Destruction and Conspiracy of the Deep Seau2019s Backgroun
Book 7: Chapter 433: Voyage to Alan Island and Sudden Attack by a Group of Deep Sea Demonic Beasts
Book 7: Chapter 434: The Grand Defeat Of The Sea Demonic Beasts And Saving The Kerklav Academy
Book 7: Chapter 435: The Dark Confrontation In the Captainu2019s Room of The Kerklav Academy Warship
Book 7: Chapter 436: Crisis Lifted for Kerclav Academy and Withholding from Alan Island
Book 7: Chapter 437: Mystery of Alan Islandu2019s Facade and the Beginning of a Terrible Night
Book 7: Chapter 438: Time Traveling to the Bridges Kindgom from a Thousand Years Ago
Book 7: Chapter 439: Reunited After Wandering Alan Island for Eight Thousand Years
Book 7: Chapter 440: The Sinful History of the Lost Bridges Kingdom was Hidden by the History
Book 7: Chapter 441: The Confusion Behind The Destruction Of The Bridges Kingdom And Unpredictable C
Book 7: Chapter 442: Truth of Why the Sixth True Savior Who Was Late Ten Thousand Years Never Appear
Book 7: Chapter 443: Truth About The Bridges Kingdomu2019s Demise 1,300 Years Ago
Book 7: Chapter 444: The End of Time Traveling Through The Bridges Kingdom
Book 7: Chapter 445: the Crisis Still Hidden on Alan Island and Another Meeting With the Third Fate
Book 7: Chapter 446: Destruction of Duke Wagneru2019s Manor, the Blood Lair in Ota Town
Book 7: Chapter 447: The Official Start Of The Twelve Ivies Battle On Phoenix Island
Book 7: Chapter 448: The Terrifying Enemy in the Night of the Witches competition at Night
Book 7: Chapter 449: The Silent Contest in the Magic Towers And True Identity of the Attackers
Book 7: Chapter 450: End of the Night of the Witchesu2019 Preliminary and Quarter-finals and the Beg
Book 7: Chapter 451: Bellau2019s Night in Preparation of the Light of Dawn Event and the Nagging Tou
Book 7: Chapter 452: Unexpected Special Event Added to the Pyramid Section of the Light of Dawn Prel
Book 7: Chapter 453: End of the Demonic Being Under the Pyramid and Secret News Brought by Empress M
Book 7: Chapter 454: Bellau2019s Final Preparatory Activities Before the Top Twelve Advancement Roun
Book 7: Chapter 455: The Five Magic Towers That Fell Into The Traps Of The Night Of The Witchesu2019
Book 7: Chapter 456: Game Plan to Defeat the Rainbow Tower and the Terrifying Legend of the Original
Book 7: Chapter 457: Secret Meeting of the Demon Kings and the Opening of the Night of the Witchesu2
Book 7: Chapter 458: The Rainbow Tower Indestructible Even by Forbidden Spells and Unforeseen Change
Book 7: Chapter 459: Sacred Demon God Samanthau2019s Bonds in the Memory Pentagram
Book 7: Chapter 460: Final Victor of the Night of the Witches and the Day Before the Final Event
Book 7: Chapter 461: Encountering a Mysterious Cave at Christopher Dragon Ruins Before the Match
Book 7: Chapter 462: The Underground Dragon Lair Connected to the Cursed Land and Bellau2019s Preemp
Book 7: Chapter 463: The End of Ender Dragon and the Final Battle for the Gate of Seal
Book 7: Chapter 464: Final Victor of the Gate of Seal Battle and the Incident Before the Finals
Book 7: Chapter 465: Happenings Before the Finals and Krissu2019s Midnight Visit
Book 7: Chapter 466: Early End to the Summer Exchange Tournament and Bellau2019s New Journey Plans
Book 8: Chapter 467: Demon King Bellau2019s Journey Back To The Grabriel Empire
Book 8: Chapter 468: Gabriel Empireu2019s Hidden Crisis and Real Intention Behind the Matchmaking Ev
Book 8: Chapter 469: Military Standoff at Austin City and the Bizarre Situation Hidden in the Kerkla
Book 8: Chapter 470: The Dark Space Under the Kerklav Academy and the Encounter with the Darkness Ch
Book 9: Chapter 471: Change of Hands in the Control of the Kerclav Academy and Austin City
Book 9: Chapter 472: Kerklav Academy At Peace After the War and Reunion of the Royal Five Swordmaide
Book 9: Chapter 473: Bellau2019s Secret Mission And Her Arrival At Brusk City
Book 9: Chapter 474: The Skirmish In The Brande Hotel And Miss Sarahs Mission
Book 9: Chapter 475: Night of Terror in Brusk City and the Appearance of the Demon Kings Forces
Book 9: Chapter 476: Demon King Confrontation Under the Moonlit Night and the Terrifying Trap Deep I
Book 9: Chapter 477: Sand Demon Brandgores End and the Quiet Night in the Forest
Book 9 Chatper 478: The End Of An Erotic Journey And Grabriels City Under The Encirclement Of Rebel
Book 9: Chapter 520: Secret Contact Between the Parties before the North-South War and Bellas Person
Book 9: Chapter 521: The Unusual Atmosphere of the Imperial City and the Unexpected Stealer of the T
Book 9: Chapter 522: The Final Fall of the Renald Familyu2019s Plan to Usurp the Throne
Book 9: Chapter 523: Stabilizing the Palace Situation and the Encounter in the Royal Prison
Book 9: Chapter 524: Alfred the Thirds Retirement and the New Successor to the Throne
Book 9: Chapter 525: Unavoidable Civil War and Battle at Marcus River Basin
Book 9: Chapter 526: The End of the Battle by the Marcus River and the Preliminary Defeat of the Nor
Book 9: Chapter 527: Bellas Unusual Idea In The Short Break During The War
Book 9: Chapter 528: The Abnormal Night that Appears in the Base Camp of the Northern Alliance Army,