Become a Star



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How will the person who, in her previous world was known as the Goddess of Ice, deal with the world of Naruto? This story will loosely follow cannon and will focus on how a powerful, wise, and slightly insane person will affect the story and its characters. Slightly AU
Chapter 1: Reborn?!
Chapter 2: Collecting Information
Chapter 3: Kurama
Chapter 4: Preparing for Birth
Chapter 5: Being Born
Chapter 6: How to Proceed
Chapter 7: Change of Treatment
Chapter 8: Henge no Jutsu
Chapter 9: Is Ramen addiction Inherited?
Chapter 10: Teaching Naruto
Chapter 11: Living Arrangements
Chapter 12: Selling poru2026a Love Story
Chapter 13: Reactions
Chapter 14: Meeting an Abandoned Bunny
Chapter 15: Modifying the Seal
Chapter 16: Training Hinata
Chapter 17: Trust
Chapter 18: Academy
Chapter 19: Preparing the Pranks
Chapter 20: Doing some Manipulating
Chapter 21: Meeting Kurama
Chapter 22: Kuramas Outburst
Chapter 23: Who are you?
Chapter 24: Meeting Kurama...again
Chapter 25: A Teachers Bad Day
Chapter 26: ICE
Chapter 27: Caught in the Act?
Chapter 28: Decision
Chapter 29: Sasuke Uchiha
Chapter 30: Shikamaru Nara
Chapter 31: An Uzumaki Clan Secret
Chapter 32: Reestablishment!?
Chapter 33: Negotiations
Chapter 34: Chains
Chapter 35: Unleashing the Lioness on a Doting Father
Chapter 36: Ino Yamanaka
Chapter 37: Questioning
Chapter 38: Years pass by
Chapter 39: Confrontation
Chapter 40: Danzo Shimura
Chapter 41: Iruka Umino
Chapter 42: Yin Yang Balance
Chapter 43: Graduation Exam
Chapter 44: Mezuu2026Mizeu2026err... dude
Chapter 45: Blatant Bribery
Chapter 46: Kakashi Hatake
Chapter 47: Introductions
Chapter 48: Stolen content and suggestions
Chapter 49: Start of the Bell Test
Chapter 50: Yuna vs Kakashi
Chapter 51: Naruto vs Kakashi
Chapter 52: Hinata meets her new Team
Chapter 53: Hinata vs Kurenai I
Chapter 54: Hinata vs Kurenai II
Chapter 55: Complaining to Hiruzen
Chapter 56: The first "Mission"
Chapter 57: How to Defeat your Greatest Enemy
Chapter 58: Meeting the new Sensei
Chapter 59: Anko Mitarashi
Chapter 60: How to Raid a Bandit Camp
Chapter 61: Start of Wave Mission
Chapter 62: Zabuza Momochi
Chapter 63: Fighting Zabuza
Chapter 64: At Tazunas House
Chapter 65: Meeting Haku
Chapter 66: Combat Plan
Chapter 67: Start of Combat
Chapter 68: Killing a Meathead
Chapter 69: Fighting Haku
Chapter 70: Recruiting Zabuza
Chapter 71: Gatous Unfortunate Accident
Chapter 72: The Massacre at Tazunas House.
Chapter 73: Returning to Konoha
Chapter 74: Getting Pushed Down by Hinata!?
Chapter 75: Talking with Hinata
Chapter 76: A Breakthrough of the Mind
Chapter 77: Removing Ankos Seal
Chapter 78: Fooling Around
Chapter 79: Meeting a Tanuki
Chapter 80: How to Deal With a Tanuki
Chapter 81: Quarrel Before the Chunin Exams
Chapter 82: Confidence Crushing
Chapter 83: The First Test
Chapter 84: Start of the Second Test
Chapter 85: Stalling for Time
Chapter 86: Fighting Orochimaru
Chapter 87: Movements in the Background
Chapter 88: Aftermath of the Battle
Chapter 89: Meeting Karin
Chapter 90: Sasuke Awakens
Chapter 91: A Special Kind of Genius
Chapter 92: Preliminary Matches Part 1
Chapter 93: Preliminary Matches Part 2
Chapter 94: Rock Lee
Chapter 95: Match Arrangements
Chapter 96: Tricking a Pervert
Chapter 97: Jiraiya of the Sannin
Chapter 98: Gamabunta
Chapter 99: A True Prodigy
Chapter 100: My Body is Moving on its own
Chapter 151: The New Uzumaki Clan Compound
Chapter 152: List of Intruders
Chapter 153: Caught in the Act? Again!?
Chapter 154: A Maid!?
Chapter 155: The First and Second Hokage
Chapter 156: Tsunade Enters the Uzumaki Compound
Chapter 157: The usual Bribery and Blackmail
Chapter 158: The New Hokage and the Council
Chapter 159: Hiruzens Realization
Chapter 160: Future Plans
Chapter 161: Sasukes Departure
Chapter 162: Finally
Chapter 163: Fighting Danzo
Chapter 164: Getting Very Angry
Chapter 165: Making Another Enemy for Life
Chapter 166: Into the Snow
Chapter 167: Meeting in the Snowstorm
Chapter 168: Family Reunion
Chapter 169: The True Power of the Kyuubi
Chapter 170: Isekai 101
Chapter 171: A Reincarnators PoV
Chapter 172: Hinatas Betrayal
Chapter 173: Et tu, Anko!?
Chapter 174: Not a Chapter
Chapter 175: Ao from the Land of Water
Chapter 176: Zampusa Uzumaki!?
Chapter 177: Negotiations with Ao
Chapter 178: End of Negotiations
Chapter 179: Inos and Hakus Training
Chapter 180: Another Enemy for Life...maybe?
Chapter 181: Chatting in Kirigakure
Chapter 182: Negotiations with Mei
Chapter 183: Ice vs Lava
Chapter 184: Meeting two Stalkers
Chapter 185: Obito and Zetsu
Chapter 186: Bantering with Mei
Chapter 187: Fighting Isobu
Chapter 188: Convincing Isobu
Chapter 189: The Innocent Isobu
Chapter 190: Another Intense Battle
Chapter 191: I will Definitely Win the next Time!
Chapter 192: Hinatas Interrogation
Chapter 193: Punishing a Naughty Maid
Chapter 194: Bingo Book Entry
Chapter 195: Yunas Genin
Chapter 196: Hisoka Hyuga
Chapter 197: Feeling a Little Nostalgic
Chapter 198: Shes a Pervert, so its Fine
Chapter 199: Introductions
Chapter 200: Hisokas Abduction
Chapter 201: Interrogating Hisoka
Chapter 202: Unveiling Secrets
Chapter 203: Unveiling even more Secrets
Chapter 204: Story of the Past
Chapter 205: A Matter of Age
Chapter 206: Hot is Hot
Chapter 207: Yuna vs Genin Team
Chapter 208: Battle Evaluation
Chapter 209: An Alternative Timeline
Chapter 210: Kaguya Ootsutsuki
Chapter 211: Training Progress
Chapter 212: Killing Bandits
Chapter 213: Hiruzens Enlightenment?
Chapter 214: Fox and Turtle
Chapter 215: Raising a Flag
Chapter 216: Naruto meeting Naruto
Chapter 217: Father-in-Law
Chapter 218: Persistence Leads to Success
Chapter 219: Meeting up
Chapter 220: Yuna Teaches Minato the Way
Chapter 221: Corruption of Another Timeline
Chapter 222: Time Travel 101
Chapter 223: Hinatas new Jutsu
Chapter 224: The Puppet Queen
Chapter 225: Who are you and what have you done with Yuna!?
Chapter 226: Three Stage Boss Fight
Chapter 227: Teaching Manners
Chapter 228: Through Time and Space
Chapter 229: Neji Hyuga
Chapter 230: A Minor Oversight
Chapter 231: The Capable Pervert
Chapter 232: Showing off Skills
Chapter 233: Another Dao Appears
Chapter 234: Start of the First Test
Chapter 235: Explaining the First Test
Chapter 236: Moaning in the Control Room
Chapter 237: End of the First Test
Chapter 238: Meeting Fuu
Chapter 239: Yunas new Skill
Chapter 240: Jinchuuriki Get-Together
Chapter 241: Are you Two Friends?
Chapter 242: How to Become Friends with a Bijuu
Chapter 243: Making 100 Friends?
Chapter 244: Becoming Friends
Chapter 245: Chatting with Gaara
Chapter 246: The Second Test
Chapter 247: Easy Oneshot
Chapter 248: Are you a Good Girl, Fuu?
Chapter 249: The Usual Pattern with a Different Person
Chapter 250: End of the Second Test
Chapter 297: Drunk Yuna!?
Chapter 297: The Aftermath
Chapter 298: A Critical Problem
Chapter 299: Another Enem...Nope, Probably not.
Chapter 300: Showing Emotions
Chapter 301: Start of the Third Round
Chapter 302: Fights!
Chapter 303: A Slightly Different Fight
Chapter 304: Just a Little Massage
Chapter 305: Hyuga vs Hyuga
Chapter 306: The Semi-Finale
Chapter 307: Prelude to the Finale
Chapter 308: Seals vs Youth!
Chapter 309: Explanation about the Seal
Chapter 310: Meeting her Students
Chapter 311: The Embarrassed Karin
Chapter 312: Preparing for the Future
Chapter 313: Just beat him up and toss him in.
Chapter 314: Im from the Future
Chapter 315: Asking for a Spanking
Chapter 316: Pervert meets Fox
Chapter 317: Situation in Iwagakure
Chapter 318: Talking with Hiashi Hyuga
Chapter 319: The Lemons are back!
Chapter 320: LEMONS!!!
Chapter 321: The True Power of the Uzumaki Bloodline
Chapter 322: Another Story of the Past
Chapter 323: Another Breakthrough!
Chapter 324: Hiring another Maid
Chapter 325: Meeting the Harem
Chapter 326: The new Maid
Chapter 327: Welcoming a Guest
Chapter 328: The Hyuga Clans "Attack"
Chapter 329: Supporting the rise of another Dao
Chapter 330: Internal Conflict
Chapter 331: Taking out the big Guns
Chapter 332: Yuna-sensei, Literally
Chapter 333: Internal Discussion
Chapter 334: Secrets and Manipulation
Chapter 335: An Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 336: Making a very bad Move
Chapter 337: Messing with an Uchiha
Chapter 338: Sasukes Reality Check
Chapter 339: Its not Seeking Revenge, its a Good Deed!
Chapter 340: Obito in Hell
Chapter 341: Unnamed
Chapter 341: Manipulating Sasuke...again
Chapter 342: Jugo and Suigetsu
Chapter 343: Jiraiyas Death
Chapter 344: Helping out the Future In-Laws
Chapter 251: Cold and Calculating
Chapter 252: Preparing to have a Little Chat
Chapter 253: Chatting with a Self Proclaimed God
Chapter 254: Not a Chapter
Chapter 255: The Dao Advances
Chapter 256: For my Cute Sister!
Chapter 257: Fuu Makes Another Friend
Chapter 258: Not the First Wife!?
Chapter 259: Did Somebody Order some Lemons?
Chapter 260: The Next Morning
Chapter 261: Bullying the Bully
Chapter 262: What is this? Even more Lemons!?
Chapter 263: Birth of the Uzumaki Clans Nightmare
Chapter 264: Getting an Audience with Shibuki
Chapter 265: Talking with Shibuki
Chapter 266: A Little Demonstration
Chapter 267: Suspicious Behaviour
Chapter 268: Casually Breaking Shibukis Mind
Chapter 269: Forging an Alliance
Chapter 270: Not a Chapter
Chapter 269: Breakthrough
Chapter 270: A Disturbing Image
Chapter 271: Facing Orochimaru
Chapter 272: The Three Coffins
Chapter 273: The Return of an Old Jutsu
Chapter 274: Familiar but Somewhat Different
Chapter 275: Prelude to Battle
Chapter 276: Facing Orochimaru
Chapter 277: Fighting Orochimaru
Chapter 278: Not a Chapter
Chapter 278: The Source of Corruption
Chapter 279: Showing off the New Daos True Potential
Chapter 280: Sasuke Uchiha, Savior
Chapter 281: Jiraiyas Offer
Chapter 282: A new Resident
Chapter 283: A Familiar Pattern
Chapter 284: Tsunades F* up
Chapter 285: Chatting with Mito and Tsunade
Chapter 286: Yup, Definitely Another Enemy for Life
Chapter 287: An Unexpected Meeting
Chapter 288: Finding a Common Enemy
Chapter 289: The Source
Chapter 290: What is the Worst That Could Happen?
Chapter 291: Short Break
Chapter 291: Handeling the Harem
Chapter 292: Making the Impossible Possible
Chapter 293: The Bad Day of a Normal Bartender
Chapter 294: The Bad Day of a Normal Bartender part 2
Chapter 296: Not a Chapter
Chapter 443: Sasuke, huh? Okay.
Chapter 444: Getting to the important bits... or not
Chapter 445: Mission success. Flawless victory.
Chapter 446: He only coughed out some Blood and fainted.
Chapter 447: Naruto gets Assassinated
Chapter 448: Urashiki Ootsutsuki
Chapter 449: I need to get out of this timeline
Chapter 450: Or maybe not.
Chapter 451: Back to the Future
Chapter 452: Assassination from another Timeline
Chapter 453: Its about "that"
Chapter 454: Relationship Talks
Chapter 455: Start of the Summit
Chapter 456: Sorry, I acted on Instinct.
Chapter 457: Im nobodys Pawn
Chapter 458: What the hell happened to her?
Chapter 459: A little Lemon
Chapter 460: Yobai
Chapter 461: A big Lemon
Chapter 462: Yet another Story of the Past... again.
Chapter 463: Oh? Another Enemy for Life? Its been a while~
Chapter 464: Ohhh, again!
Chapter 465: Looking at a good Show
Chapter 466: Unlocking Potential
Chapter 467: Unlocking more Potential
Chapter 468: Yunas Defeat
Chapter 469: Corruption
Chapter 101: Meeting Inos Parents
Chapter 102: Talking with Inos Parents
Chapter 103: Growing Closer
Chapter 104: A New Way to Improve
Chapter 105: Cultivation
Chapter 106: Revealing Secrets
Chapter 107: How to be a Proper Young Master
Chapter 108: Hinata vs Neji
Chapter 109: The Hyugas Curse Seal
Chapter 110: The Bet
Chapter 111: Yuna vs Sasuke
Chapter 112: A Little Warm-Up
Chapter 113: Yuna vs Naruto and Hinata
Chapter 114: A Different Point of View
Chapter 115: The Big Reveal
Chapter 116: Start of the Invasion
Chapter 117: Yunau2019s Message for Hashirama
Chapter 118: A Fight Between Angel and Devil
Chapter 119: Anko vs Tobirama
Chapter 120: Yuna vs Hashirama
Chapter 121: Naruto vs Gaara
Chapter 122: End of the Invasion
Chapter 123: Who are you Loyal to?
Chapter 124: Baiting a Toad?
Chapter 125: Doubts about Yuna
Chapter 126: Situation of the Uzumaki Clan
Chapter 127: Preparing for the Gathering
Chapter 128: Danzos Arrangements
Chapter 129: Start of the Gathering
Chapter 130: Crowd Manipulation
Chapter 131: Before the Mission
Chapter 132: Quarrel before the Mission
Chapter 133: Attack on the Uzumaki Compound
Chapter 134: Yuna vs Sexy Jutsu
Chapter 135: Gathering Information...Maybe?
Chapter 136: Foolish Little...Sister?
Chapter 137: Giving Sasuke "The Talk"
Chapter 138: Inside the Tsukuyomi
Chapter 139: Watching a Movie
Chapter 140: Finding Tsunade
Chapter 141: Fighting Tsunade
Chapter 142: Naruto Joins the Dark Side
Chapter 143: Trouble on the Way Back
Chapter 144: Fighting the Sound Four
Chapter 145: Finishing the Fight
Chapter 146: Getting a Little Angry
Chapter 147: Making an Enemy for Life
Chapter 148: Reeducating Tayuya
Chapter 149: Hiruzen Prepares his Scheme
Chapter 150: The Real Reason?
Chapter 394: Ino vs Pain
Chapter 395: Anko vs Pain
Chapter 396: His Dao vs Pain
Chapter 397: Yuna vs Pain
Chapter 398: The Battle Outside Konoha
Chapter 399: Hinata vs Kakuzu
Chapter 400: Karin vs Hidan
Chapter 401: Not a Chapter
Chapter 401: Haku vs Konan
Chapter 402: Naruto vs Kisame
Chapter 403: Naruto vs Kisame part 2
Chapter 404: Who is Mister Tai?
Chapter 405: How to Achieve True Peace
Chapter 406: I will give the World Pain
Chapter 407: The Uzumaki Clan Compounds Barrier
Chapter 408: Meanwhile, Sasuke...
Chapter 409: My Pain is Greater than Yours
Chapter 410: Chibaku Tensei
Chapter 411: Watching from the Sideline
Chapter 412: A Battle of Will
Chapter 413: He Finally came out!
Chapter 414: You want a little Smooch?
Chapter 415: You want some... eyes?
Chapter 416: A new Path
Chapter 417: A good Candidat
Chapter 418: Here he is again
Chapter 419: A Lost Cause
Chapter 420: New Eyes
Chapter 421: A Letter from Kumogakure
Chapter 422: The Festivities
Chapter 423: Delivering the Letter
Chapter 424: Touring the Uzumaki Compound
Chapter 425: Picking up a Woman while Playing with Another
Chapter 426: Yes, lots of Paperwork
Chapter 427: Negotiations
Chapter 428: Yunas Schemes get Exposed
Chapter 429: Sasuke and Jugo
Chapter 430: Because Im Handsome
Chapter 431: Sasukes Revenge?
Chapter 432: Shikamarus Thoughts about Yuna
Chapter 433: Yunas fragile Maiden Heart
Chapter 434: Meeting Gamamaru
Chapter 435: Becoming a Guard
Chapter 436: The Dao Advances
Chapter 437: Messing with Future Sasuke
Chapter 438: Casually Revealing Secrets
Chapter 439: Stepmother
Chapter 440: He Likes to Pierce Things, but not with a Kunai
Chapter 441: Saying what shouldnt be said
Chapter 442: Naruto is here!
Chapter 345: Helping out the Future In-Laws some more
Chapter 346: Triggering the Switch
Chapter 347: Yuna vs Naruto
Chapter 348: Pushing-the-Blame-no-Jutsu
Chapter 349: Yet another Story of the Past
Chapter 350: Yet another Story of the Past part 2
Chapter 351: Yet another Story of the Past part 3
Chapter 352: Yet another Story of the Past part 4
Chapter 353: Yet another Story of the Past end
Chapter 354: The Curse of Hatred
Chapter 355: Trouble in Suna
Chapter 356: Reporting to Tsunade
Chapter 357: Sakura Haruno
Chapter 358: Comparing Strength
Chapter 359: Elder Chiyo
Chapter 360: The Return of a Long-Forgotten Seal
Chapter 361: Pie Reigns Supreme!?
Chapter 362: I Prefer Punching Things
Chapter 363: A Negative Customer Review
Chapter 364: Fighting Deidara part 1/2
Chapter 365: Fighting Deidara part 2/2
Chapter 366: Against Sasori part 1/2
Chapter 367: Against Sasori part 2/2
Chapter 368: Naruto joins Akatsuki
Chapter 369: The End
Chapter 370: Another Reincarnation!?
Chapter 371: Just A Fun Little Game
Chapter 372: Not a Chapter
Chapter 372: Im Proud of You
Chapter 373: The Usual
Chapter 374: Making a Deal
Chapter 375: Sasuke reveals his true Power
Chapter 376: Sasuke vs Itachi
Chapter 377: Sasukes first free attempt
Chapter 378: The Truth about Itachi
Chapter 379: Sasukes second free attempt part 1/2
Chapter 380: Sasukes second free attempt part 2/2
Chapter 381: Why should I give a shit about your life goals?
Chapter 382: How to become a Hero
Chapter 383: New and Hot Merchandise
Chapter 384: They are Reliable while being Unreliable
Chapter 385: The Fight for Kubikiribocho
Chapter 386: Official Duties
Chapter 387: The Hyuuga Clans new Path
Chapter 388: Its Contagious!?
Chapter 389: Hinata vs Ino
Chapter 390: A New Title!
Chapter 391: A New Genius appears?
Chapter 392: Akatsuki Meeting
Chapter 393: Prelude to Battle
Chapter 470: Fate
Chapter 471: Squid vs Octopus
Chapter 472: Yet another Story of the past... again... again
Chapter 473: Yet another Story of the past... again... again part 2
Chapter 474: Yet another Story of the past... again... again part 3
Chapter 475: Not a Chapter
Chapter 476: Yet another Story of the pastu2026 againu2026 again final part
Chapter 477: Evil Yuna
Chapter 478: Was it really Evil Yuna?
Chapter 479: Dark Naruto
Chapter 480: Meeting Gyuki
Chapter 481: Bad News
Chapter 482: Is that porn?
Chapter 483: A Speech
Chapter 484: Why do we fight wars?
Chapter 485: Egging on the Crowd
Chapter 486: An Angry Old Man
Chapter 487: Report about Team 69
Chapter 488: Pervert meets Pervert
Chapter 489: Cutting the Connection
Chapter 490: Enemy for Life? Maybe?