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Kindhearted Bee
Kindhearted Bee
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Even if you have potential, it does not mean you are a genius. You can learn mysterious martial arts, and you can learn without a teacher.Even if you have strength, despite having numerous precious treasures, you may not be able to defeat my spirit army.Who am I? Every living thing in the world views me as Asura, but I didn鈥檛 know, so I became a martial god as Asura
Chapter 1 u2013 Outer Court Disciple
Chapter 2 u2013 Beauty Elder
Chapter 3 u2013 The Start of the Examination
Chapter 4 u2013 Even Fiercer than the Fierce Beasts
Chapter 5 u2013 Azure Dragon Founder
Chapter 6 u2013 Donu2019t Tell Me Itu2019s Him?
Chapter 7 u2013 Spiritual Medicine Hunt
Chapter 8 u2013 Coincidentally Meeting Chu Yue
Chapter 9 u2013 I Testify for Him
Chapter 10 u2013 Failing to Honor a Debt
Chapter 11 u2013 Self Ridicule
Chapter 12 u2013 Fierce Character
Chapter 13 u2013 Kneel Down and Beg For Forgiveness
Chapter 14 u2013 Elder Brotheru2019s Letter
Chapter 15 u2013 Dragon and Tiger Brother
Chapter 16 u2013 Refusing to Join
Chapter 17 u2013 Acquaintances
Chapter 18 u2013 The Scream in the Forest
Chapter 19 u2013 Iu2019m Called Justice
Chapter 20 u2013 Thousand Bone Graveyard
Chapter 21 u2013 Change
Chapter 22 u2013 The Great Battle Between the Girl and the Monster
Chapter 23 u2013 Not One in Ten Thousand
Chapter 24 u2013 Do You Dare To Marry Me?
Chapter 25 u2013 The Furious Su Mei
Chapter 26 u2013 Chu Feng is a Fierce Person
Chapter 27 u2013 Strange Marks
Chapter 28 u2013 The Change in Attitude
Chapter 29 u2013 Meeting of the Father and Son
Chapter 30 u2013 Monster
Chapter 31 u2013 Uninvited Guests
Chapter 32 u2013 I Concede
Chapter 33 u2013 Chu Feng vs Chu Xun
Chapter 34 u2013 Stunning Everyone
Chapter 35 u2013 Xu Tianyi
Chapter 36 u2013 I Will Accept the Challenge
Chapter 37 u2013 Shocking Everyone
Chapter 38 u2013 Famous for a Hundred Miles
Chapter 39 u2013 Displaying Strength
Chapter 40 u2013 I Am Su Meiu2019s Lover
Chapter 41 u2013 Big Trouble
Chapter 42 u2013 Matching a Hundred as One
Chapter 43 u2013 A Killing God
Chapter 44 u2013 The Arrival of a Disaster
Chapter 45 u2013 The Tyrannic Su Rou
Chapter 46 u2013 Entering the Wings Alliance
Chapter 47 u2013 A Warm Dinner
Chapter 48 u2013 Tomb Robbing
Chapter 49 u2013 World Spiritist
Chapter 50 u2013 Grasping the Mysterious Technique
Chapter 5000
Chapter 5001: Cage
Chapter 5002: Meeting the Netherworld Envoy
Chapter 5003: Fusing Netherworld Embryos
Chapter 5004: Guidance of the Divine Vat
Chapter 5005: Good Things Come In Threes
Chapter 5006: Infusing the Netherworld Embryo Into the Soul
Chapter 5007: Entering the Northern Region
Chapter 5008: Dragon Breath
Chapter 5009: True Dragon Chessboard
Chapter 5010: Dirty Father and Son
Chapter 5011: Chu Guyu
Chapter 5012: Blocking the Path
Chapter 5013: An Opportunity
Chapter 5014: A World of Difference
Chapter 5015: A Powerful Existence
Chapter 5016: Lord Mucheng
Chapter 5017: What Will Happen?
Chapter 5018: Ambitions Showing
Chapter 5019: Pill Dao Immortal Sect
Chapter 5020: Revelation of Identity
Chapter 251 u2013 The Outcome of the Battle is Already Determined
Chapter 252 u2013 Breaking the Rules
Chapter 253 u2013 Arrival of the School Head
Chapter 254 u2013 Arrival of the Great Army
Chapter 255 u2013 Beheading Gong Luyun
Chapter 256 u2013 Corrupt Methods
Chapter 257 u2013 Black-Coloured Forbidden Medicine
Chapter 258 u2013 Castrate Yourself
Chapter 259 u2013 Iu2019ll Let You Be So Full Of Yourself
Chapter 260 u2013 Strange Old Man
Chapter 261 u2013 Mysterious Passerby
Chapter 262 u2013 Torturing Lin Ran
Chapter 263 u2013 Avenged Hatred
Chapter 264 u2013 Reunited Family
Chapter 265 u2013 School Founder
Chapter 266 u2013 Essence Pool
Chapter 267 u2013 Request
Chapter 268 u2013 Revival
Chapter 269 u2013 Might of a Sudden Rise in Power
Chapter 270 u2013 Marriage
Chapter 271 u2013 Meeting the Jade Maiden School
Chapter 272 u2013 No Road to Retreat
Chapter 273 u2013 Unqualified
Chapter 274 u2013 You Are Not Worthy
Chapter 275 u2013 Hundred School Gathering
Chapter 276 u2013 Special Position
Chapter 277 u2013 Invitation From a Beauty
Chapter 278 u2013 Poison in the Tea
Chapter 279 u2013 Paying the Price
Chapter 280 u2013 Forbidden Mysterious Technique
Chapter 281 u2013 Demon
Chapter 282 u2013 Seizing Back Face
Chapter 283 u2013 Tearing Off Both Arms
Chapter 284 u2013 A Tooth for a Tooth
Chapter 285 u2013 Looking for the Path of Death
Chapter 286 u2013 Confrontation of the Geniuses
Chapter 287 u2013 Fatal Cold Air
Chapter 288 u2013 Meeting The Murderous 7-Injuring Fists Again
Chapter 289 u2013 Grey-Cloak World Spiritist
Chapter 290 u2013 Crushed Into a Meat Patty
Chapter 291 u2013 Come At Me
Chapter 292 u2013 Healing Li Zhangqing
Chapter 293 u2013 Shocking the Azure Province
Chapter 294 u2013 The Sistersu2019 Real Feelings
Chapter 295 u2013 Perverted World Spiritist
Chapter 296 u2013 Opening the Emperor Tomb
Chapter 297 u2013 Illusion Formation
Chapter 298 u2013 Black Tortoise Armor Technique
Chapter 299 u2013 Ancient Castle Exploration
Chapter 300 u2013 Evil Spirit Recognizing Its Master
Chapter 151 u2013 Mysterious Grey-Cloaked Person
Chapter 152 u2013 Both Sides Defeated
Chapter 153 u2013 Crystal Coffin
Chapter 154 u2013 Heaven Realmu2019s Remains
Chapter 155 u2013 Secret of the Dead Zone
Chapter 156 u2013 Grabbing With Everything He Can
Chapter 157 u2013 Strong Girl
Chapter 158 u2013 White Tiger Slaughtering Technique
Chapter 159 u2013 Slightly Interesting
Chapter 160 u2013 The Outcome of the Battle is Already Determined
Chapter 161 u2013 Asura
Chapter 162 u2013 Inheritance
Chapter 163 u2013 Returning to the Azure Dragon School
Chapter 164 u2013 A Heart Full of Rage
Chapter 165 u2013 Inner Court Massacre
Chapter 166 u2013 Who is Wu Jiu?
Chapter 167 u2013 The Arrival of Wu Jiu
Chapter 168 u2013 The Fatal Strike
Chapter 169 u2013 Madman
Chapter 170 u2013 Iu2019ll Play With You
Chapter 171 u2013 The Domineering Master
Chapter 172 u2013 Clear Rewarding and Clear Punishing
Chapter 173 u2013 A Heart-to-Heart Chat Between a Master and a Disciple
Chapter 174 u2013 Inquiring
Chapter 175 u2013 Spirit Province
Chapter 176 u2013 Advancement in Engagement
Chapter 177 u2013 World Spirit Guild
Chapter 178 u2013 Qixing Old Man
Chapter 179 u2013 Chu Feng Displaying His Might
Chapter 180 u2013 The Arrival of Geniuses
Chapter 181 u2013 Asura Ghost Tower
Chapter 182 u2013 Pinnacle Geniuses
Chapter 183 u2013 Twisted Forest
Chapter 184 u2013 Meeting Yanzi Again
Chapter 185 u2013 Stepping on the Heavenu2019s Ladder
Chapter 186 u2013 Releasing the Tiger Back to Its Mountain
Chapter 187 u2013 The Third Stage
Chapter 188 u2013 Clan vs Guild
Chapter 189 u2013 Madly Oppressive
Chapter 190 u2013 Laying Down the Pillars of Enmity
Chapter 191 u2013 Formless Formation
Chapter 192 u2013 Iu2019ll Send You Off
Chapter 193 u2013 Battling Jie Bufan
Chapter 194 u2013 White Tiger Slaughtering Technique
Chapter 195 u2013 Elite Armaments
Chapter 196 u2013 Arriving at the Peak
Chapter 197 u2013 The Seventh Floor
Chapter 198 u2013 Eggy Awakens
Chapter 199 u2013 Mysterious Person
Chapter 200 u2013 Gazes of Adoration
Chapter 201 u2013 Protected
Chapter 202 u2013 Returning to the Azure Province
Chapter 203 u2013 Arriving at the Void School
Chapter 204 u2013 Day of Great Joy
Chapter 205 u2013 Escorting the Bride
Chapter 206 u2013 Grey-Cloak World Spiritist
Chapter 207 u2013 Exterminate Your Shangguan Family
Chapter 208 u2013 Who Are You?
Chapter 209 u2013 Beast
Chapter 210 u2013 Advice
Chapter 211 u2013 Two Big Things
Chapter 212 u2013 Blade of the Void Dragonu2019s Cry
Chapter 213 u2013 Void Zhenren
Chapter 214 u2013 News of Death
Chapter 215 u2013 Devastating Sorrow
Chapter 216 u2013 Arena of Carnage
Chapter 217 u2013 Whou2019s the Mastermind
Chapter 218 u2013 Dangerous Person
Chapter 219 u2013 Gathering Area of Powerful People
Chapter 220 u2013 Meeting of Enemies
Chapter 221 u2013 Falling into a Trap
Chapter 222 u2013 Gold-Armored Old Man
Chapter 223 u2013 The Might of Secret Skills
Chapter 224 u2013 Resisting the Air to Walk
Chapter 225 u2013 Temple Hall in the Clouds
Chapter 226 u2013 Mysterious Expert
Chapter 227 u2013 Dangerous Land
Chapter 228 u2013 Dugu Aoyun
Chapter 229 u2013 Plundering Everything
Chapter 230 u2013 I Am Called Asura
Chapter 231 u2013 Number One Beauty in the Azure Province
Chapter 232 u2013 You Donu2019t Need to Compensate With Your Life to Deceive a Person to Death
Chapter 233 u2013 Terrifying Formation
Chapter 234 u2013 Hidden Expert
Chapter 235 u2013 7th Level of the Origin Realm
Chapter 236 u2013 Worth a Help
Chapter 237 u2013 Chu Guyu Meets Trouble
Chapter 238 u2013 The Burning Flames of Fury
Chapter 239 u2013 Blood Splattered All Over the Floor
Chapter 240 u2013 Forbidden Spirit Formation
Chapter 241 u2013 The Strong Younger Brother
Chapter 242 u2013 The Day of the Arranged Battle
Chapter 243 u2013 Mysterious Powers
Chapter 244 u2013 Itu2019s Actually Chu Feng
Chapter 245 u2013 One Year Ago
Chapter 246 u2013 The Might of Three Fists
Chapter 247 u2013 Kill Yourself
Chapter 248 u2013 Battle Power That Destroys Common Sense
Chapter 249 u2013 Absolute Control
Chapter 250 u2013 Broaden Your Horizons
Chapter 51 u2013 World Spirit Compass
Chapter 52 u2013 Secret Spirit Technique
Chapter 53 u2013 Map of the Symbols
Chapter 54 u2013 The Insane Beggar
Chapter 55 u2013 I Am Called Chu Feng
Chapter 56 u2013 Those Who Dare Approach, Die
Chapter 57 u2013 Imperial Sky Sage
Chapter 58 u2013 The Roads of Enemies Are Narrow
Chapter 59 u2013 Intense Battle
Chapter 60 u2013 Third Thunder Style
Chapter 61 u2013 Imperial Sky Technique
Chapter 62 u2013 The Fisherman Reaps the Rewards
Chapter 63: Bizarre Main Hall
Chapter 64 u2013 Raging Flames of the Burning Heavens
Chapter 65 u2013 Breaking Through with a Sky-High Price
Chapter 66 u2013 Cultivation Formation
Chapter 67 u2013 Supporter
Chapter 68 u2013 A Burst of Lingering Fear
Chapter 69 u2013 Creating Legends Again
Chapter 70 u2013 Jealousy
Chapter 71 u2013 Quiet Down
Chapter 72 u2013 Oppressive Situ Yu
Chapter 73 u2013 Reminder
Chapter 74 u2013 Examination
Chapter 75 u2013 A Similar Genius
Chapter 76 u2013 Break Them, Got It
Chapter 77 u2013 Useless Begging
Chapter 78 u2013 Talent Test
Chapter 79 u2013 Shocking Discovery
Chapter 80 u2013 Unrivaled Genius
Chapter 81 u2013 Humiliated
Chapter 82 u2013 Battle Arrangement
Chapter 83 u2013 No One Should Even Think Of Bullying Me
Chapter 84 u2013 Bow of Hundred Transformations
Chapter 85 u2013 Danger Lurks Everywhere
Chapter 86 u2013 Mysterious Expert
Chapter 87 u2013 The Chu Family Has Difficulties
Chapter 88 u2013 Die
Chapter 89 u2013 Now Itu2019s Your Turn
Chapter 90 u2013 Spirit Realm Battling Origin Realm
Chapter 91 u2013 Unite
Chapter 92 u2013 Chu Fengu2019s Ancestry
Chapter 93 u2013 Present
Chapter 94 u2013 Morality and Ability
Chapter 95 u2013 I Behead Without Exception
Chapter 96 u2013 Golden-Purple Commanding Badge
Chapter 97 u2013 The Army Arrives
Chapter 98 u2013 Using Might to Pressure People
Chapter 99 u2013 Rewards and Punishments
Chapter 100 u2013 Extermination
Chapter 301 u2013 Untouchable
Chapter 302 u2013 Indescribable Uneasiness
Chapter 303 u2013 Heaven Shocking Change
Chapter 304 u2013 Cool and Warmth of Human Emotions
Chapter 305 u2013 Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens
Chapter 306 u2013 Black-Hearted Father
Chapter 307 u2013 Nerves That Can Cover The Sky
Chapter 308 u2013 Oppressive Killing Intent
Chapter 309 u2013 Believe in Him
Chapter 310 u2013 Shh, Quiet
Chapter 311 u2013 Chu Feng Enters The Stage
Chapter 312 u2013 You Forced It
Chapter 313 u2013 Demonic Wings
Chapter 314 u2013 Lending a Hand as an Exception
Chapter 315 u2013 Resource Treasury
Chapter 316 u2013 Returning a Present
Chapter 317 u2013 Widespread Slaughtering
Chapter 318 u2013 Road of Extinction
Chapter 319 u2013 Cultivating with a Calm Heart
Chapter 320 u2013 The Fusion of Ice and Fire
Chapter 321 u2013 Causing a Disaster
Chapter 322 u2013 Die Together
Chapter 323 u2013 Sealed for Two Years
Chapter 324 u2013 Grand Dynasty Army
Chapter 325 u2013 Cold-Faced Jiang Han
Chapter 326 u2013 Arriving at the Qin Province
Chapter 327 u2013 I Go To the Thousand Monster Mountain
Chapter 328 u2013 Help Him Out
Chapter 329 u2013 Completely Subdued
Chapter 330 u2013 Young Man
Chapter 331 u2013 Prestigious Villa
Chapter 332 u2013 Relics of the Monster King
Chapter 333 u2013 Prestigious Invitation Letter
Chapter 334 u2013 The Futureu2019s Number One Person
Chapter 335 u2013 Lewd Old Man
Chapter 336 u2013 Attracting Reward
Chapter 337 u2013 Beat You Up Even More Miserably
Chapter 338 u2013 Slight Mastery of Dragon Travelling
Chapter 339 u2013 Young Genius
Chapter 340 u2013 Royal Bloodline
Chapter 341 u2013 Breaking Past the Obstruction
Chapter 342 u2013 3rd Level of the Profound Realm
Chapter 343 u2013 Marriage Gathering
Chapter 344 u2013 Might of Elite Armaments
Chapter 345 u2013 Cultivation Exposed
Chapter 346 u2013 Archenemy
Chapter 347 u2013 Intimidation and Oppression
Chapter 348 u2013 Who Gave You That Confidence
Chapter 349 u2013 Beat You All Over The Place
Chapter 350 u2013 Returning Damage
Chapter 101 u2013 Arrival of Ill-Intent
Chapter 102 u2013 Helpers for All
Chapter 103 u2013 Spirit Formation
Chapter 104 u2013 Test
Chapter 105 u2013 The Background of the Gong Family
Chapter 106 u2013 World Spirit Space
Chapter 107 u2013 Undoing the Seal
Chapter 108 u2013 Two Monsters
Chapter 109 u2013 Iu2019m Really Strong
Chapter 110 u2013 Spirit Connection Contract
Chapter 111 u2013 Wan Wenpeng
Chapter 112 u2013 Face Contest
Chapter 113 u2013 Cheating
Chapter 114 u2013 Ancient Tomb
Chapter 115 u2013 Tomb Classification
Chapter 116 u2013 Su Rouu2019s Birth Mother?
Chapter 117 u2013 Land of the Evil Graveyard
Chapter 118 u2013 Endless Treasures
Chapter 119 u2013 A Worthwhile Journey
Chapter 120 u2013 Su Meiu2019s Fiancu00e9
Chapter 121 u2013 I Only Need One Strike
Chapter 122 u2013 A Real Genius
Chapter 123 u2013 Enjoying the Process
Chapter 124 u2013 Stepping Stone
Chapter 125 u2013 Pinnacle Confrontation
Chapter 126 u2013 Blackened-Gold Blade
Chapter 127 u2013 Murderous 7-Injuring Fists
Chapter 128 u2013 Extraordinary Genius
Chapter 129 u2013 Kiss of Deep Emotion
Chapter 130 u2013 The Su Familyu2019s Secret
Chapter 131 u2013 Emperor Tomb
Chapter 132 u2013 Roping Trap
Chapter 133 u2013 Poisoned
Chapter 134 u2013 Hungry Wolf Pouncing on the White Rabbit
Chapter 135 u2013 I Want Both Sisters
Chapter 136 u2013 Ferghana Horse
Chapter 137 u2013 Divine Body Bestowed by Heaven
Chapter 138 u2013 Special Ability
Chapter 139 u2013 Encountering a Surrounding Attack
Chapter 140 u2013 Running Towards an Impasse
Chapter 141 u2013 Life and Death on a Thread
Chapter 142 u2013 White Tiger Villa
Chapter 143 u2013 When You Should Attack, Go Attack
Chapter 144 u2013 Murong Xiaoyao
Chapter 145 u2013 Consciousness Guardian
Chapter 146 u2013 Assassins Within the Woods
Chapter 147 u2013 Displaying His Abilities
Chapter 148 u2013 Decisive Slaughtering
Chapter 149 u2013 Lifeline
Chapter 150 u2013 Returning to the Summit
Chapter 4800: Aligning the Testimonies
Chapter 4801: Breaking Yet Another Record
Chapter 4802: The Matchmaking Begins
Chapter 4803: Frustrated
Chapter 4804: A Strong Opponent
Chapter 4805: Exile?
Chapter 4806: Argument
Chapter 4807: A Difficult Opponent
Chapter 4808: Settle Our Scores
Chapter 4809: Hidden Dragon Life Tower
Chapter 4810: Challenge
Chapter 4811: A Secret Inside the Tower
Chapter 4812: I Miss You
Chapter 4813: Our Past
Chapter 4814: Fatheru2019s Means
Chapter 4815: Mysterious Expert
Chapter 4816: Failure?
Chapter 4817: ClenChapter in the Heart
Chapter 4818: A Chance
Chapter 4819: True Goal
Chapter 4820: The Happenings
Chapter 4821: Invitation
Chapter 4822: Intolerable
Chapter 4823: Woman With a White Skirt
Chapter 4824: Formidable Pill
Chapter 4825: Saving Once
Chapter 4826: Surprisingly Maddening
Chapter 4827: Chu Fengu2019s Means
Chapter 4828: Sect Members Killing One Another
Chapter 4829: A Terrifying Enemy
Chapter 4830: Massive Cauldron From the Ancient Era
Chapter 4831: Rank Two Martial Exalted
Chapter 4832: Mysterious Elder
Chapter 4833: The Bizarre Blood-red Ancient Tower
Chapter 4834: Before Breaking the Calamity
Chapter 4835: The Heartbroken Vice Sectmaster
Chapter 4836: Descent of a Heavenly God
Chapter 4837: Paying the Price
Chapter 4838: Protective Barrier
Chapter 4839: The Vice Sectmasteru2019s Crime
Chapter 4840: Disappearance
Chapter 4841: Mysterious Existence
Chapter 4842: Look of Terror
Chapter 4843: All-encompassing Net
Chapter 4844: Brightmoon Spirit Tower
Chapter 4845: Pity
Chapter 4846: A Young Ladyu2019s Voice
Chapter 4847: Cultivation Treasure
Chapter 4848: Long Xiaoxiaou2019s Affair
Chapter 4849: The Sectmasteru2019s Take
Chapter 4950
Chapter 4951
Chapter 4952
Chapter 4953
Chapter 4954
Chapter 4955
Chapter 4956
Chapter 4957
Chapter 4958
Chapter 4959
Chapter 4960
Chapter 4961
Chapter 4962
Chapter 4963
Chapter 4964
Chapter 4965
Chapter 4966
Chapter 4967
Chapter 4968
Chapter 4969
Chapter 4970
Chapter 4971
Chapter 4972
Chapter 4973
Chapter 4974
Chapter 4975
Chapter 4976
Chapter 4977
Chapter 4978
Chapter 4979
Chapter 4980
Chapter 4981
Chapter 4982
Chapter 4983
Chapter 4984
Chapter 4985
Chapter 4986
Chapter 4987
Chapter 4988
Chapter 4989
Chapter 4990
Chapter 4991
Chapter 4992
Chapter 4993
Chapter 4994
Chapter 4995
Chapter 4996
Chapter 4997
Chapter 4998
Chapter 4999
Chapter 4750: Linked Portals
Chapter 4751: The Cleansing
Chapter 4752: The Emergence of the Hellking
Chapter 4753: The Legendary Vicious Beast
Chapter 4754: Chu Feng Makes a Move
Chapter 4755: Utterly Shameless
Chapter 4756: The Real King
Chapter 4757: Just a Paper Tiger
Chapter 4758: Are You Intending to Harm Me?
Chapter 4759: A Choice of Life and Death
Chapter 4760: Returning From the Dead
Chapter 4661: Rank Nine Utmost Exalted
Chapter 4662: Xia Yan Comes Out of Closed-door Training
Chapter 4663: This Is a Misunderstanding
Chapter 4764: Xia Yan is Xia Yan
Chapter 4765: A Chat By the Riverside
Chapter 4766: Xia Yanu2019s Tolerance
Chapter 4767: Lost the Bet?
Chapter 4768: I Call the Shots
Chapter 4769: Hidden Dragon Elders Joins the Fray
Chapter 4770: Lord Sectmaster
Chapter 4771: Punishment!
Chapter 4772: Grandmau2019s Doting
Chapter 4773: Death Sentence
Chapter 4774: Disappointment
Chapter 4775: Opportunity Amidst Risk
Chapter 4776: False Testimony
Chapter 4777: Acquittal
Chapter 4778: Song Xiu2019s Plight
Chapter 4779: Remorse
Chapter 4780: A Fate Worse Than Him
Chapter 4781: The Infuriated Grandmother
Chapter 4782: Shocking the Crowd
Chapter 4783: Hidden Dragon Chief
Chapter 4784: The Sectmasteru2019s Past
Chapter 4785: The Elder Hidden in the Seven Realms Galaxy
Chapter 4786: The Sect Founderu2019s Tomb
Chapter 4787: Mysterious Coffin
Chapter 4788: Yinyang Withered Well Realm
Chapter 4789: A Monster We Have to Face
Chapter 4790: Above Chu Feng
Chapter 4791: Milord
Chapter 4792: Massacre
Chapter 4793: An Opportunity
Chapter 4794: That Is a Tombstone!
Chapter 4795: World Spirits That Almost Reached the Level of a God
Chapter 4796: Someone Who Had Reached the Peak
Chapter 4797: Massacre Forbidden Art
Chapter 4798: Bonus Reward
Chapter 4799: Rank One Martial Exalted
Chapter 4700: Brothers
Chapter 4701: Youu2019re Chu Feng?
Chapter 4702: Senior Song
Chapter 4703: Song Xiu2019s Experiences
Chapter 4704: Iu2019ll Be the One to Protect You
Chapter 4705: Successfully Nurturing the Life Soul
Chapter 4706: Fight Over the Spirit Waterfall
Chapter 4707: Allow Me
Chapter 4708: Provocation
Chapter 4709: Aptitude
Chapter 4710: Spirit Power Battle
Chapter 4711: Have Some Self-Respect
Chapter 4712: Destroying Relationships
Chapter 4713: Slots
Chapter 4714: Dugu Lingtian
Chapter 4715: Sect Founder
Chapter 4716: The Humble North Tortoise Hall
Chapter 4717: Underhanded Methods
Chapter 4718: Chief Protector
Chapter 4719: Regaining Cultivation
Chapter 4720: Chu Feng Enters
Chapter 4721: Song Xi Breaking Out in Tears
Chapter 4722: Xia Ranu2019s Backing
Chapter 4723: Teaching Chu Feng a Lesson
Chapter 4724: Snowdomain Divine Palace?
Chapter 4725: Lies? Impersonation?
Chapter 4726: Unqualified
Chapter 4727: Chu Fengu2019s Might
Chapter 4728: Righting Chu Fengu2019s Name
Chapter 4729: Assassination
Chapter 4730: Scouting for News
Chapter 4731: Hidden Dragon Disciple
Chapter 4732: Hidden Dragon
Chapter 4733: Can Only Be Mine
Chapter 4734: Fighting for Zi Ling
Chapter 4735: Cannot Be Bullied
Chapter 4736: Kneel Down and Beg for Mercy
Chapter 4737: The Founderu2019s Means
Chapter 4738: The One Who Mocked
Chapter 4739: Doubt
Chapter 4740: Failure
Chapter 4741: Successful Forging
Chapter 4742: Another Level
Chapter 4743: Rank Seven Utmost Exalted Level
Chapter 4744: Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Quarters
Chapter 4745: Top of the Personal Disciples
Chapter 4746: The Arrogant Nangong Yuliu
Chapter 4747: Acknowledgment
Chapter 4748: Challenging With My Life
Chapter 4749: Harmed
Chapter 4850: Ruined Face
Chapter 4851: This Kind of Father
Chapter 4852: Extreme Shock
Chapter 4853: I Want You to Suffer a Fate Worse Than Death!
Chapter 4854: A Long-awaited Smile
Chapter 4855: Evil Motive
Chapter 4856: An Unworthy Father
Chapter 4857: The Disappeared Undying Starfield
Chapter 4858: Netherworld Sect
Chapter 4859: Forbidden Landu2019s Cultivation Formation
Chapter 4860: Impact
Chapter 4861: So This Is a Prodigy?
Chapter 4862: Chu Fengu2019s Intention
Chapter 4863: Causing Mayhem
Chapter 4864: Shengguang Jiahao
Chapter 4865: The Marriage Will Proceed As Agreed
Chapter 4866: Shatter Your Honor
Chapter 4867: Outside the City Gate
Chapter 4868: Ploy
Chapter 4869: Backing?
Chapter 4870: Little Demon Lord
Chapter 4871: Daoist Niantian
Chapter 4872: The Arrogant Niantian
Chapter 4873: Chu Feng Makes a Move
Chapter 4874: Unbelievable Means
Chapter 4875: Advice
Chapter 4876: The Origin of the HolyValley
Chapter 4877: Full Bloom
Chapter 4878: Warped Truth
Chapter 4879: Entitled
Chapter 4880: Predator Spotting Its Prey
Chapter 4881: Scent of Danger
Chapter 4882: Embrace
Chapter 4883: Deception
Chapter 4884: Baimeiu2019s Granddaughter?
Chapter 4885: Invasion of a Powerful Enemy
Chapter 4886: Scared Out of Wits
Chapter 4887: Explosive Temper
Chapter 4888: A Chance
Chapter 4889: Bizarre Black Gate
Chapter 4890: Duped Again?
Chapter 4891: Change in Situation
Chapter 4892: Who Do You Think I, Chu Feng, Am?
Chapter 4893: Too Terrifying
Chapter 4894: Are You Able to Control a Man Like That?
Chapter 4895: Settling the Scores
Chapter 4896: No Match
Chapter 4897: Something is Very Wrong
Chapter 4898: Whatu2019s Going On?
Chapter 4899: Two Hours
Chapter 401 u2013 Him or None Other
Chapter 402 u2013 Who Dares to Touch Her
Chapter 403 u2013 5th Level of the Profound Realm
Chapter 404 u2013 Bald Big Man Telling a Story
Chapter 405 u2013 Disciple of the Yuangang School
Chapter 406 u2013 Heu2019s Actually Chu Feng
Chapter 407 u2013 Gift a Huge Present
Chapter 408 u2013 Battling Song Qingfeng
Chapter 409 u2013 Manmade Elite Armament
Chapter 410 u2013 The Body of the Heaven Realm
Chapter 411 u2013 Blood-Coloured Forbidden Medicine
Chapter 412 u2013 Despicable and Shameless
Chapter 413 u2013 Enemy or Friend
Chapter 414 u2013 Hundred-faced Old Man
Chapter 415 u2013 Begging Old Beggar
Chapter 416 u2013 Mad Murdering Demon
Chapter 417 u2013 Battle of Wits
Chapter 418 u2013 Bet Everything
Chapter 419 u2013 Illusion Method
Chapter 420 u2013 Arrival of Li Zing
Chapter 421 u2013 Magical Mask
Chapter 422 u2013 Exquisite Chariot
Chapter 423 u2013 Luring the Snake out of the Cave
Chapter 424 u2013 Divine Body
Chapter 425 u2013 Eastern Sea Region
Chapter 426 u2013 Returning to the Fire God School
Chapter 427 u2013 Opening the Tomb
Chapter 428 u2013 Inherited Bloodline
Chapter 429 u2013 Very Understandable
Chapter 430 u2013 Old Ancestor of the Fire God School
Chapter 431 u2013 Shocking the Nine Provinces
Chapter 432 u2013 Honestly Explaining
Chapter 433 u2013 This is Called a Spiritual Bead
Chapter 434 u2013 Elder Sister Goddess
Chapter 435 u2013 Yan Yangtian
Chapter 436 u2013 The Killing God Arrives
Chapter 437 u2013 Starting the Massacre
Chapter 438 u2013 Difficult to Differentiate Good and Evil
Chapter 439 u2013 Jiang Yini
Chapter 440 u2013 Pulse Searching Method
Chapter 441 u2013 Zi Lingu2019s Hidden Troubles
Chapter 442 u2013 Stirred Up Fury
Chapter 443 u2013 Zhang Tianyi
Chapter 444 u2013 Divine Body?
Chapter 445 u2013 Forbidden Mysterious Technique
Chapter 446 u2013 Everyone Meeting Everyone
Chapter 447 u2013 Forward to the Sword God Valley
Chapter 448 u2013 Geniuses Arrive
Chapter 449 u2013 The Great Battle Begins
Chapter 450 u2013 Sword God Formation
Chapter 351 u2013 Itu2019s Time To End This
Chapter 352 u2013 Beauties Arrive
Chapter 353 u2013 Distant from the Beauty of Females
Chapter 354 u2013 Zi Ling
Chapter 355 u2013 Special Event
Chapter 356 u2013 Prepare to Start the Battle
Chapter 357 u2013 Beautiful Woman Paying a Visit
Chapter 358 u2013 Igniting the Flames of War
Chapter 359 u2013 Public Enemy of Males
Chapter 360 u2013 Unfathomable
Chapter 361 u2013 Leader
Chapter 362 u2013 Xia Leu2019r
Chapter 363 u2013 Entrapping Success
Chapter 364 u2013 Come Chase After Your Grandfather
Chapter 365 u2013 Horrifying Force
Chapter 366 u2013 Sudden Change
Chapter 367 u2013 Taking a Risk to Save People
Chapter 368 u2013 Entering Deep into the Enemyu2019s Territory
Chapter 369 u2013 Play a Game
Chapter 370 u2013 Sacrifice Self to Save Others
Chapter 371 u2013 Truth Exposed
Chapter 372 u2013 If You Can, Come At Me
Chapter 373 u2013 The Airs of a King
Chapter 374 u2013 Retreat
Chapter 375 u2013 Location of Treasure
Chapter 376 u2013 Last Chance
Chapter 377 u2013 Cooperation
Chapter 378 u2013 World Spirit from the Fairy Spirit World
Chapter 379 u2013 You Cannot Save Him
Chapter 380 u2013 Broken Walls
Chapter 381 u2013 Gold-cloak World Spiritist
Chapter 382 u2013 Risking Oneu2019s Own Life to Save
Chapter 383 u2013 Treasure the Person in Front of You
Chapter 384 u2013 Thereu2019s Something Hidden
Chapter 385 u2013 Unexpectedly, There is a Elite Armament
Chapter 386 u2013 Asura Ghost Axe
Chapter 387 u2013 Recognize Me As Master
Chapter 388 u2013 King of Elite Armaments
Chapter 389 u2013 Return
Chapter 390 u2013 Change Starting
Chapter 391 u2013 Conditions
Chapter 392 u2013 Want Money But Not Life
Chapter 393 u2013 Insane Young Person
Chapter 394 u2013 Might of the Asura Ghost Axe
Chapter 395 u2013 Breaking Formations
Chapter 396 u2013 Chief Jie Xingpeng
Chapter 397 u2013 A Simple Palm
Chapter 398 u2013 Entrusted By Zi Ling
Chapter 399 u2013 United Wanted Poster
Chapter 400 u2013 Zi Ling Appears
Chapter 451 u2013 Expert Revives
Chapter 452 u2013 Greatest Sword God
Chapter 453 u2013 Torturing Zi Ling
Chapter 454 u2013 The Furious Chu Feng
Chapter 455 u2013 Shocking Huge Explosion
Chapter 456 u2013 This is a Natural Disaster
Chapter 457 u2013 Absolutely Do Not Harm Her
Chapter 458 u2013 Call Me Milady Queen
Chapter 459 u2013 Eggyu2019s Thoughts
Chapter 460 u2013 Within Danger
Chapter 461 u2013 Growth That Defies Reason
Chapter 462 u2013 The Strongest Person in the Young Generation
Chapter 463 u2013 Ancestor Save Me
Chapter 464 u2013 Ten Thousand Hand Immortal Capturing Formation
Chapter 465 u2013 Gu Tianchen
Chapter 466 u2013 The Young Generation Has Died
Chapter 467 u2013 Morale Greatly Increases
Chapter 468 u2013 Seeing the Mysterious Monstrous Beast Again
Chapter 469 u2013 Chu Fengu2019s Request
Chapter 470 u2013 The Person Who Wants to Kill You
Chapter 471 u2013 The Monstrous Monkey King Appears
Chapter 472 u2013 Leave None
Chapter 473 u2013 Emperor
Chapter 474 u2013 Asking for an Exorbitant Price
Chapter 475 u2013 Young Hero Chu Feng
Chapter 476 u2013 Emperor Bloodline
Chapter 477 u2013 Four Seas Academy
Chapter 478 u2013 The Monkey Kingu2019s Present
Chapter 479 u2013 The Guesses of the Jiang Dynastyu2019s Old Ancestor
Chapter 480 u2013 The Horrifying Ice and Fire Pearls
Chapter 481 u2013 Chu Fengu2019s Decision
Chapter 482 u2013 The Outcome is Set
Chapter 483 u2013 Rebuilding the Azure Dragon School
Chapter 484 u2013 Glory Reappearing
Chapter 485 u2013 The Void School In Trouble
Chapter 486 u2013 Just Like A God
Chapter 487 u2013 Alliance
Chapter 488 u2013 Gazes of Admiration
Chapter 489 u2013 A Worthy Trip
Chapter 490 u2013 Flames That Cover the Sky
Chapter 491 u2013 What Exactly Is It?
Chapter 492 u2013 Black-clothed Old Man
Chapter 493 u2013 Terrifying Huge Bird
Chapter 494 u2013 A Secret
Chapter 495 u2013 Astonishing Truth
Chapter 496 u2013 Refusal
Chapter 497 u2013 Iu2019ll Go Back With You
Chapter 498 u2013 Crippling Night Demon Sect
Chapter 499 u2013 The Current Chance
Chapter 500 u2013 Returning to the Emperor Tomb
Chapter 4900: Not Embarrassing
Chapter 4901: Holy Light Ancient Formation
Chapter 4902: Is He Dead?
Chapter 4903: Rank Three Martial Exalted Level
Chapter 4904: I Want All Three
Chapter 4905
Chapter 4906
Chapter 4907
Chapter 4908
Chapter 4909
Chapter 4910
Chapter 4911
Chapter 4912
Chapter 4913
Chapter 4914
Chapter 4915
Chapter 4916
Chapter 4917
Chapter 4918
Chapter 4919
Chapter 4920
Chapter 4921
Chapter 4922
Chapter 4923
Chapter 4924
Chapter 4925
Chapter 4926
Chapter 4927
Chapter 4928
Chapter 4929
Chapter 4930
Chapter 4931
Chapter 4932
Chapter 4933
Chapter 4934
Chapter 4935
Chapter 4936
Chapter 4937
Chapter 4938
Chapter 4939
Chapter 4940
Chapter 4941
Chapter 4942
Chapter 4943
Chapter 4944
Chapter 4945
Chapter 4946
Chapter 4947
Chapter 4948
Chapter 4949
Chapter 4550: The Start of the Gamble
Chapter 4551: Differentiation of Ranking
Chapter 4552: Who Is Chu Feng?
Chapter 4553: A Shocking Action
Chapter 4554: Bias
Chapter 4555: The Overbearing Shengguang Yu
Chapter 4556: The Phenomenon of the Gambling Formation
Chapter 4557: Destined For Greatness
Chapter 4558: Black-robed Young Man
Chapter 4559: The Strongest Expert in the Galaxy
Chapter 4560: Entering the Stone Doors
Chapter 4561: Wufeishijiedenger
Chapter 4562: A Purgatory
Chapter 4563: Hidden Mystery
Chapter 4564: Stopping the Calamity
Chapter 4565: Breaking the Formation!
Chapter 4566: The Arrogant Black-robed Man
Chapter 4567: The Enraged Long Xiaoxiao
Chapter 4568: A Challenger From the Outside
Chapter 4569: Represent the Galaxy In a Battle
Chapter 4570: A Disparity In Prowess
Chapter 4571: Who Hurt You?
Chapter 4572: The Strength of the Strongest Prodigy
Chapter 4573: Battle of Martial Profoundness
Chapter 4574: Monster Amongst Prodigies
Chapter 4575: Enough
Chapter 4576: The Conclusion of the Tournament
Chapter 4577: The Final Ranking
Chapter 4578: The Formation Inside the Body
Chapter 4579: Interested In Long Xiaoxiao
Chapter 4580: It All Depends On You
Chapter 4581: Screams in the Forbidden Ground
Chapter 4582: The Selfish King
Chapter 4583: Failure!
Chapter 4584: The Mysterious Elder
Chapter 4585: A Trap
Chapter 4586: The Carrot and the Stick
Chapter 4587: Knocking On Your Doorstep
Chapter 4588: Iu2019ll Decimate Your Clan
Chapter 4589: Public Execution
Chapter 4590: Itu2019s Only a Matter of Time Before the Sky Changes
Chapter 4591: Spurting Blood From Fury!
Chapter 4592: Iu2019m Going to Die
Chapter 4593: Asura Graveyard
Chapter 4594: Obtaining a Slot?
Chapter 4595: Thereu2019s Still a Long Road Ahead
Chapter 4596: Little Demon King
Chapter 4597: Iu2019m From Ancestral Martial Galaxy
Chapter 4598: Come Here And Grab It
Chapter 4599: Iu2019ll Be Taking This Treasure
Chapter 551 u2013 Luxurious Tavern
Chapter 552 u2013 Tianyiu2019s Secret
Chapter 553 u2013 The Arrogant Shentu Lang
Chapter 554 u2013 Taking On Elite Armaments Barehanded
Chapter 555 u2013 What Are You Planning
Chapter 556 u2013 A Person Beyond A Person
Chapter 557 u2013 Aberrant Treatment
Chapter 558 u2013 Ten Divine Instructors
Chapter 559 u2013 Congratulatory Gifts
Chapter 560 u2013 Auction
Chapter 561 u2013 Selling
Chapter 562 u2013 Provocation
Chapter 563 u2013 Bidding
Chapter 564 u2013 Son of Magma
Chapter 565 u2013 A Heavenly Great Deal
Chapter 566 u2013 Moon Festival
Chapter 567 u2013 Sleeping Together With You
Chapter 568 u2013 Beneath The Round Moon
Chapter 569 u2013 Road of Death
Chapter 570 u2013 Brothers Meeting
Chapter 571 u2013 Who?
Chapter 572 u2013 The Queer Taikou
Chapter 573 u2013 Sacred Entities
Chapter 574 u2013 Wolf Ivory Mountain
Chapter 575 u2013 Deciding to Interfere
Chapter 576 u2013 Odd
Chapter 577 u2013 Ploy
Chapter 578 u2013 The Specific Events
Chapter 579 u2013 Success
Chapter 580 u2013 Best Treatment
Chapter 581 u2013 Purple-coloured Spirit Formation Power
Chapter 582 u2013 Son of a Martial Emperor
Chapter 583 u2013 Black and White Rakshasa
Chapter 584 u2013 Exploitation
Chapter 585 u2013 Spirit Formation Technique Contest
Chapter 586 u2013 Chu Feng Enters the Stage
Chapter 587 u2013 The Domineering Chu Feng